Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8_gasal

Materi ajar ini dikompilasi dari berbagai sumber, terutama BSE yang telah disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan siswa kelas VIII di sekolah kami.
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   - 1 - MODULE ONE Describing things and animals In this module, you will learn how to: ã read and understand short and simple descriptive in the form of monologues and dialogues about things and animals. ã write short and simple descriptive about things and animals. ã  understand short and simple transactional and interpersonal texts involving asking for help, offering help and refusing help.. ã  Practice to speak about things and animals. Let’s build our knowledge  Section One A bucket A chair A comb A dustbin A helmet A wardrobe   - 2 - Describe the following objects. Look at the example.   - 3 -   - 4 - Section 2 Find the meanings of these words in Indonesian. Use the dictionary to help you. 1. mushroom (n) 2. eel (n) 3. orchid (n) 4. caterpillar (n) 5. toad (n) 6. eagle (n) 7. cockatoo (n) 8. owl (n) 9. raven (n) 10. shark (n) Put the words in task 1 into these sentences. 1. A …  grows into a beautiful butterfly. 2. The …  lives in a land but breeds in water. 3. The … usually grows in a dead tree. 4. The … is a predator bird. It hunts for fish or chickens. 5. A …  is a bird that can imitate words. 6. An …  is a very beautiful flower. 7. The sound of a …  is very annoying. 8. There is a big fish called a …  living in the sea. 9. I see an … in that tree. 10. An …  is a snake-like animal that lives in the mud. Complete the dialogue with suitable adjectives provided in the box. Then  practice with your friend.
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