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  I.   War with People II.   War on Drugs III.   War on Terror I.   War with People A.   Civil Wars LIST OF CIVIL WARS I. Modern (1800-1945) (1)   South American wars of independence, 1808-1829 (2)   Argentine Civil Wars, 1814-1880 (3)   Zulu Civil War, 1817-1819 (4)   Greek civil wars of 1824-1825 (5)   Liberal Wars (Portuguese Civil War), 1828-1834. (6)   Chilean Civil War of 1829, 1829-1830 (7)   Ragamuffin War (Brazil), 1835-1845 (8)   Carlist Wars, 1833-1839, 1846-1849, and 1872-1876 in Spain (9)   Uruguayan Civil War, 1839-1851 (10)   Māori War (New Zealand), 1845 -1872 (11)   Sonderbund war (Switzerland), November 1847 (12)   Revolutions of 1848, numerous European countries, 1848-1849 (13)   Revolution of 1851 (Chile) (14)   Taiping Rebellion (China), 1851-1864 (15)   Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1858 (16)   Indian rebellion, 1857 (17)   War of Reform (Mexico), 1857-1861 (18)   American Civil War, 1861-1865 (19)   Klang War; also known as Selangor Civil War, 1867-1874 (20)   Boshin War (Japan), 1868-1869 (21)   Satsuma Rebellion (Japan), 1877 (22)    Jementah Civil War, 1878 (23)   The North-West Rebellion of 1885 in Canada (24)   1891 Chilean Civil War (25)   Boxer Rebellion, China, 1899-1901 (26)   Thousand Days War, 1899-1902 in Colombia (27)   Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920 (28)   Warlord Era; period of civil wars between regional, provincial, and private armies in China, 1912-1928 (29)   Russian Civil War, 1917-1921 (30)   Finnish Civil War, 1918 (31)   German Revolution, 1918-1919  (32)   Irish Civil War, 1922-1923 (33)   Nicaraguan civil war, 1926-1927 (34)   Cristero War (Mexico), 1926-1929 (35)   Chinese Civil War, 1927-1937, 1945-1949 (36)   Paulista War (Brazil), 1932 (37)   Austrian Civil War, February 12 to February 16, 1934 (38)   Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 II. Post-WWII (1945 to present) (39)   Greek Civil War, 1946-1949 (40)   Paraguayan Civil War, 1947 (41)   1947 – 48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine, 1947-1948 (42)   Costa Rican Civil War, 1948 (43)   La Violencia (Colombia), 1948-1958 (44)   Korean War, 1950-1953 (45)   Laotian Secret War 1953-1975 (46)   First Sudanese Civil War, 1955-1972 (47)   Vietnam War, 1955-1975 (48)   Guatemalan Civil War, 1960-1996 (49)   Congo Crisis, 1960-1966 (50)   North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970 (51)   Colombian conflict, 1964 – present (52)   Dominican Civil War, 1965 (53)   Rhodesian Bush War, 1965-1980 (54)   Cypriot Civil War, 1963-1967 (55)   Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970 (56)   The Troubles (Northern Ireland), 1969-1998, considered ongoing by extremist minority groups (57)   Cambodian Civil War 1970-1975 (58)   Bangladesh Liberation War (Pakistan), 1971 (However, the war is not an official civil war, only to the perspective to those who did not support the existence of the independent state of Bangladesh.) (59)   Lebanese Civil War, 1975-1990 (60)   Mozambican Civil War, 1975-1992 (61)   Angolan Civil War, 1975-2002 (62)   Afghan Civil War, 1978 – present (63)   Nicaraguan Civil War, 1979-1990 (64)   Salvadoran Civil War (El Salvador), 1979-1991 (65)   Internal Conflict in Peru 1980-ongoing (66)   Second Sudanese Civil War, 1983-2005 (67)   Sri Lankan Civil War, 1983-2009 (68)   South Yemen Civil War, 1986 (69)   First Liberian Civil War, 1989-1996 (70)   Rwandan Civil War, 1990-1993 (71)   Casamance Conflict (Senegal), 1990-2006  (72)   Yugoslav Wars, 1991-1995 (Ten day War, Croatian War of Independence, Bosnian War) (73)   Georgian Civil War, 1991-1993 (74)   Sierra Leone Civil War, 1991-2002 (75)   Algerian Civil War, 1991-2002, conflicts persist (76)   Civil war in Tajikistan, 1992-1997 (77)   Burundi Civil War, 1993-2005 (78)   1994 civil war in Yemen, 1994 (79)   First Chechen War, 1994-1996 (80)   Iraqi Kurdish Civil War, 1994-1997 (81)   First Congo War, 1996-1997 (82)   Clashes in Cambodia, 1997 (83)   Nepalese Civil War, 1996-2006 (84)   Rebellion in Albania, 1997 (85)   Republic of the Congo Civil War, 1997-1999 (86)   Guinea-Bissau Civil War, 1998-1999 (87)   Kosovo War (Yugoslavia), 1998-1999 (88)   Second Congo War, 1998-2003 (89)   Second Liberian Civil War, 1999-2003 (90)   Second Chechen War, 1999-2009 (91)   Islamist insurgency in Nigeria, 1999-present (92)   Albanian rebellion in Macedonia, 2001 (93)   Ivorian Civil War, 2002-2007 (94)   War in Darfur, 2003-2009 (95)   Fourth Chadian Civil War, 2005-2010 (96)   Civil War in Iraq, 2006-2007, a sub-conflict within the Iraq War (97)   Fatah-Hamas conflict (Palestine), 2006-2007, tensions ongoing (98)   Mexican Drug War, 2006 – present (99)   Second Ivorian Civil War, 2010-2011 (100)   Libyan Civil War, 2011 III. Present (101)   Syrian Civil War, 2011 – present (102)   Post-civil war violence in Libya, 2011 – present (103)   Iraqi insurgency (2011 – present), 2011 – present (104)   Azawadi War of Independence, 2012 (105)   Central African Republic conflict, 2012-present (106)   Northern Mali conflict, 2013-present (107)   South Sudanese Civil War, 2013-present   1.   American Civil War 1.1.   What is it? American Civil War, also called War Between the States, it was between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. ―Some historians emphasize that Civil War soldiers were driven by political ideology, holding firm beliefs about the importance of liberty, Union, or state rights, or about the need to protect or to destroy slavery. Others point to less overtly political reasons to fight, such as the defense of one's home and family, or the honor and brotherhood to be preserved when fighting alongside other men. Most historians agree that no matter what a soldier thought about when he went into the war, the experience of combat affected him profoundly and sometimes altered his reasons for continuing the fight.‖   1.2.   What caused it? 1.2.1.   Bulleted reasons Missouri Compromise –  According to the deal thought of by Henry Clay, if the southern states agreed to the admission of Maine as a free state, Missouri would be admitted as a slave state. In addition, all lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase north of 36° 30 ′  N latitude would be free. Nat Turner Rebellion –  This bloody rebellion led by a Virginia slave resulted in new laws forbidding the education of slaves, and further restricting their rights. Wilmot Proviso –  The passage of the Wilmot Proviso, which prevented the introduction of slavery into lands acquired after the Mexican-American War, further polarized northern and southern politicians on the issue of slavery. The Slavery Issue –  The practice of slavery threatened to destroy the United States. Northern voices called slavery barbaric, while Southern voices claimed slavery an economic necessity. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad –  For many years prior to the Civil War, Northerners helped Southern slaves escape captivity via a secret network of trails, tunnels, and caravans known as the Underground Railroad. Compromise of 1850/Fugitive Slave Law –  The Compromise of 1850, authored by Henry Clay, was a compromise in the true sense of the word. California became a free state, other territories would vote on the issue, and the Fugitive Slave Law was strengthened. Kansas Nebraska Act –  As the nation pushed close to war over the issues of states rights and slavery, the Kansas Nebraska Act resulted in mass violence in what came to be known as ―Bleeding Kansas.‖  Ostend Manifesto –  In a bungled attempt to annex Cuba from Spain, Northern abolitionists became suspicious of a conspiracy to extend the reach of slavery, which further soured relations between the North and South.


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