McCormack, Amanda, Modernism and The Great Gatsby

1. Modernism & The Great GatsbyIntended for Grade: 11 Amanda McCormack 2.  Before reading The Great Gatsby, or any other novel, it is imperative to understand the…
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  • 1. Modernism & The Great GatsbyIntended for Grade: 11 Amanda McCormack
  • 2.  Before reading The Great Gatsby, or any other novel, it is imperative to understand the literary and historical context in which the novel lives in. Some students glaze over the historical context, simply because they don’t understand the material. By showing videos of what was happening in the time period, students will be able to fully grasp the context and apply it to the novel.  Since we live in a generation of technology, students will be more engaged  Since this unit will end in a research paper, it is important to start using online resources to better prepare students to conduct their own research RATIONALE FOR TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION
  • 3. RATIONALE FOR TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION (CONTINUED)  Having experiences make for better understanding; however, no one who is currently reading The Great Gatsby in a high school classroom has lived through the Roaring 20s. By watching videos on the 20s, students will feel the experience and make for better understanding.  Through videos, pictures, applications, online resources, book audio clips, and other teaching materials, students will be able to apply knowledge in new ways.
  • 4. INTERNET CONTENT All websites are designed for and related to English, The Great Gatsby, Modernism, or teaching as a whole All sites are reputable, safe, and verified sources from government or university approved sources All links are sited in the notes section of this presentation
  • 5. BLOG BlogSpot (Click here!)  Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs; developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003  This blog shows the themes, symbols, and motifs of The Great Gatsby  This will help be when teaching the novel by reading about the most important aspects of the novel
  • 6. PODCAST NEA Big Read (Click Here!)  The Great Gatsby podcast / audio book is available on iTunes and also available through the website  This site also offers teachers lesson plans, essay topics, and includes learning standards
  • 7. YOUTUBE VIDEO • YouTube Clip (Click Here!)  CrashCourse is a YouTube verified account ran by Hank Green. These serious of videos use humor to educate the viewers on complicated content, such as the Roaring 20s, used in the video linked above.  Hank Green relates the information to fit the needs of students and takes into consideration what they already know. He uses that information to build on new material and relates it to everyday information in humorous student-friendly ways.
  • 8. INTERNET RESOURCES  Kids Konnect (Click here!) provides teachers and students with educational materials, printable worksheets, and resources to use in the classroom. The link will connect you to a fact sheet on the Roaring 20s and has a downloadable worksheet as a review.  National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)(Click here!) includes credible and high quality classroom resources such as lesson plans and publications that you can filter by grade level and English content .  One Stop English is a teacher resource site, part of Macmillan Education, one of the world’s leading publishers of English language teaching materials.
  • 9. INSPIRATION Inspiration (Click Here!)  This site is perfect for outlining key points in The Great Gatsby as well as the literary period.  Using a graphic organizer is great for mapping out characters and relationships in the novel, especially since there are many characters and many different connections.  All of these integrate learning for students who are visual learners.
  • 11. TEACHING MATERIALS Puzzle Maker (Click here!)  With novels, comes vocabulary quizzes and tests. With PuzzleMaker, I am able to engage students in activities that make vocabulary fun and interesting. Vocabulary List (Click here!)  This site, similar to Quizlet, allows students to interactively learn vocabulary from each chapter of The Great Gatsby. Each word is provided with a definition and the sentence, and how the character is using the word in the novel. Additionally, there are assignments and games.
  • 12. TEACHING MATERIALS Character Cell Phones Activity (TpT) (Click here!)  This is an easy to use worksheet where students will choose a character from the novel and fill his/her fictional cell phone with email messages, playlist entries, and wallpaper images. Character Film/Novel Analysis (TpT) (Click here!)  This chart allows students to make character analysis’ between the film and the novel.
  • 13. SUBJECT SPECIFIC MATERIAL Read, Write, Think (Click here!)  Read Write Think allows teachers to look for grade specific English activities. This site includes podcasts, organizing and summary tools, writing and publishing, critical thinking strategies, etc.  I can use this while teaching Modernism & The Great Gatsby by having students access these tools. This is also a great resource for teachers, as there is a professional development tab that includes: strategy guides, professional library, and online access tools.  This site also provides parent resources and after school activities.
  • 14. COLLABORATIVE APPLICATION Emodo (Click here!)  Edmodo is a global education network that connects teachers with learners and parents through collaboration with technology  Teachers can create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, manage progress, and create a digital classroom
  • 15. COLLABORATIVE APPLICATIONLive Binder (Click here!)  Livebinders helps teachers stay organized with all of their digital information, including cloud documents, website links, and desktop documents. This service also helps with accessing, sharing, and updating information.  Students can look at LiveBinders to access teacher resources and assignments.  This is great for teachers who are new to technology or are new to the teaching subject. This service allows teachers to view other teacher’s binders as well as their own.
  • 16. SLIDESHARE  This powerpoint is also available for viewing at:  Thanks for watching!
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