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  C AREER  P OINT , CP Tower, IPIA, Road No.1, Kota (Raj.), Ph: 0744-3040000 IMMUNITY AND DISEASE  168 CAREER POINT Q.1 Who discovered vaccine against small pox - [NCERT 90] (1) Flemming(2) Pasteur (3) Koch(4) Jenner  Q.2 Head quarter of world Health Organisation(WHO) -  [AFMC 85] (1) New York(2) Geneva(2) London(4) Paris Q.3  Antiviral substances produced by manyvertebrates in response to viral infection for esisting the multiplication of virus is knownas -(1) Virion(2) Interferon(3) Antivirin(4) Antigen Q.4 Mamography is -(1) C.T. scan of breast(2) Study of breast cancer (3) X-ray of breats(4) Breast feeding Q.5 Now a days Cornea transplant is very populer.The reason is that -(1) Is easy to preserve(2) Is transplants very easily(3) It can be easily obtained(4) Cornea is avasculer  Q.6 Surgical removal of thymus of a new born shallresult in failure to produce -(1) Monocytes(2) B-lymphocytes(3) T-lymphocytes(4) Basophils Q.7 First line of defence of body is -(1) Skin and Mucous membrane(2) Neutraphils and Monocytes(3) Fever (4) Interferon Q.8  Antigen is -(1) Substances which stimulates the productionof venom(2) Vaccine(3) An tibody production stimulating agent(4) Part of the body deence system Q.9 Substances that regulate or cordinate other,Leukocyte cells are called -(1) Interferon(2) Interleukin(3) Phagocytic chemical(4) Enzyme Q.10 Which is correct sequence of events of inflammation or phogocytosis -(1) Vasodilation   Diapedesis   Adhesion   Chemotaxis   Phogoxcytosis(2) Vasodilation   Adhesion   Emigration   Chemotaxis   Phagocytosis(3) Adhesion   Vasodilation   Diapedesis   Chemotaxis   Phagocytosis(4) Vasodilation   Adhesion   Chemotaxis   Diapedesis   Phogocytosis Q.11 Immune system retain the memory of whichresponse in vaccination process -(1) Passive immunization response(2) Primary immune response(3) Secondary immune respone(4) All the above Q.12 D.P.T. vaccine in a example of -(1) Passive immunity(2) Active immunity(3) Both(4) Interferon Q.13 Cell mediated immunity is provided by -(1) B-lymphocytes(2) Plasma cells(3) C-lymphocytes(4) Thymus cells or Thmocytes  C AREER  P OINT , CP Tower, IPIA, Road No.1, Kota (Raj.), Ph: 0744-3040000 IMMUNITY AND DISEASE  169 CAREER POINT Q.14 Which is a primary lymphoid organ -(1) Bone marrow and spleen(2) Spleen and thymus(3) Bone-marrow and tonsils(4) thymus gland and bone marrow Q.15 Clonal selection is -(1) Change in gene frequency(2) Proliferation of T and B-cell(3) Formation of dolly sheep(4) Allergy Q.16 Number of polypeptide chain present in amolecule of antibody -(1) 2 (2) 4(3) 6 (4) 8 Q.17 Which is a circulating antibodies or protectthe body fluid -(1) I g D(2) I g Z(3) I g G(4) I g  A Q.18 Which of the following group can be consideredimmune disorder -(1) A.I.D.S. and Cholera(2) S.C.I.D and diptheria(3) S.C.I.D. and A.I.D.S Q.19 Nobel prize for passive immunity was awardedto -(1) Edward Jenner(2) Von Behring(3) Wakmen(4) A. Fleming Q.20 Which antibody is called secretery antibodies-(1) I g E(2) I g  A(2) I g G(4) I g M Q.21  At the time of birth presence of which antibodyindicates the infection of foetus (Intrauterineinfection) -(1) I g G(2) I g D(3) I g M(4) I g  A Q.22 Vaccination is a part of -(1) Treatment of disease(2) Etiology(3) Cow(4) Prophylaxis Q.23 Vaccine is -(1) Live oral pathogen(2) Inactivated antigen(3) Inactivated pathogen(4) Complete pathogen Q.24 Which is a sever allergic reaction -(1) Hay fever (2) Asthma(3) Anaphylactic shock(4) A.I.D.S Q.25  Autoimmunity against the synovial membraneat joint is called -(1) Multiple sclerosts(2) I.D.D.M.(3) Hashimoto disease(4) Rheumatoid arthritis Q.26 Cause of immunodeficiency is -(1) Mutation(2) Nutritional deficiency(3) Infection of HTLV-III(4) All Q.27 Immunisation is based on -(1) Memory of individuals(2) Pathogenic power (3) Phagocytosis(4) Memory of immune system Q.28 Second generation vaccine is -(1) small pox vaccine(2) D.P.T. vaccine(3) Hepatitis-B vaccine(4) Polio vaccine Q.29 Clostrum, the first milk secretion of mammarygland is rich in immunoglobin -(1) I g E(2) I g  M(3) I g  A(4) I g  G Q.30 Cyto toxic cells are -(1) T-Cells(2) B-Cells(3) Memory cells(4) Mast cells  C AREER  P OINT , CP Tower, IPIA, Road No.1, Kota (Raj.), Ph: 0744-3040000 IMMUNITY AND DISEASE  170 CAREER POINT Q.31 Which is a Air Born disease -(1) A.I.D.S.(2) Asthma(3) Jacob syndrome(4) Thalassemia Q.32 Interferon is -(1) Kill the vrius in virus infected cell(2) Kill the virus and destroy cancerous cell(3) Stimulates the T.I.P. (Translation Inhibitingprotein)(4) None of the above Q.33 Congential diseases are -(1) Diseases present at birth(2) Deficiency diseases(3) Spread from one individual to another (4) Occur during life Q.34 Genes involved in cancer are -(1) Cancer genes(2) Oncogenes(3) Tumour genes(4) Regulator genes Q.35 Which vaccine is used in pulse polio programe-(1) Liver vaccine(2) Killed vaccine(3) Recombinant D.N.A. vaccine(4) Third generation vaccine Q.36  Arthritis is a disease of the inflammationof -(1) Joint(2) Blood vessel(3) Brain(4) Intestine Q.37 Myasthenia gravis due to -(1) Interferon(2) Autoantigen(3) Antigen(4) Toxins Q.38 The disease in which high level of uric acidin blood are characteristic is -(1) Arthritis(2) Rheumatism(3) Gout(4) Rheumatic heart Q.39 Sarcoma is cancer of -  [AIPMT 94] (1) Epithelial tissue(2) Mesodermal tissue(3) Blood(4) Endodermal tissues Q.40 Which is not cancer -  [MPPMT 95] (1) Leukaemia(2) Glaucoma(3) Carcinoma(4) Sarcoma Q.41 Blood cancer is -  [MPPMT 95] (1) Leukemia(2) Thrombosis(3) Haemophilia(4) Hemolysis Q.42 Which is carsinogen and pathogen -(1) Mycobacterium(2) LAV (Lymphadenopathy Associated virus)(3) Herpes zoster virus(4) Cancero bacterium virus Q.43 Radiation is health hazard because itcause -(1) Hemophilia(2) Leucopenia(3) Pneumonia(4) Leukaemia Q.44 Which is Cancerous turnour -(1) Benign tumour (2) Malignant Tumour (3) Lipoma(4) All the above Q.45 Most common type of Tumour in World(male) -(1) Oral cancer (2) Breast cancer (3) Blood cancer (4) Pulmonery cancer  Q.46 Causative factor of cancer is called -(1) Oncogenes(2) Radiogens(3) Estrogens(4) Carcinogens Q.47 Treatment of cancer is -(1) Surgery(2) Radiation(3) Chemotherapy(4) All Q.48 During injury mast cell secrete : [AIPMT-99] (1) Histamine(2) Heparin(3) Prothrombin(4) Antibodies  C AREER  P OINT , CP Tower, IPIA, Road No.1, Kota (Raj.), Ph: 0744-3040000 IMMUNITY AND DISEASE  171 CAREER POINT Q.49  Agglutination occurs in blood present in atest tube :  [AIPMT-99] (1) Antibodies are present in plasma(2) Antigens are present on R.B.C(3) Antigens are present in plasma(4) Antibodies are present on R.B.C Q.50 Which of the following is used in the treatmentof Thyroid cancer -  [AIPMT-2002] (1) I 131 (2) U 238 (3) Ra 224 (4) C 14 Q.51 Cancerous cells can easily be destroyed byradiations due to -  [AIPMT-2002] (1) Rapid cell div.(2) Lack of nutrition(3) Fast mutation(4) Lack of oxygen Q.52 Carcinoma refers to :  [AIPMT-2003] (1) Malignant tumours of the connective tissue(2) Malignant tumours of the skin or mucousmembrane(3) Malignant tumours of the colon(4) Benign tumours of the connective tissue Q.53 Short-lived immunity acquired from mother tofoetus across placenta of through mother’s milkto the infant is categorised as -  [AIPMT-2003] (1) Active immunity(2) Passive immunity(3) Cellular immunity(4) Innate non-specific immunity Q.54 What is true about T-lymphocytes in mammals : [AIPMT-2003] (1) There are three main types-cytotoxic T-cells,helper T-cells and suppressor T-cells(2) These srcinate in secondary lymphoid tissues(3) They scavenge damaged cells and cellular debris (4) These are produced in thyroid Q.55 Cancer cells are more easily damaged byradiation than normal cell because they are – [AIPMT-2004] (1) Undergoing rapid division(2) Different in structure(3) Non-dividing(4) Starved of mutation Q.56 Molecular weight of IgG antibody is – [RPMT-2000] (1) 146,000(2) 160,000(3) 190,000(4) 200,000 Q.57 Membrane attack complex (Mac) associatedwith -  [RPMT-2000] (1) B-lymphocytes(2) Complimentery system(3) Macrophages(4) T-lymphocytes Q.58  Antibodies are the macromolecule of : [RPMT-2004] (1) Fats(2) Protein(3) Carbohydrate(4) Nucleic acid Q.59 Damage to thymus in child may lead to : [AIPMT-2005] (1) a reduction in hemoglobin content of blood(2) a reduction in stem cell production(3) loss of antibody mediated immunity(4) loss of cell mediated immunity Q.60 Electron beam therapy is a kind of radiationtherapy to treat  [AIIMS-2004] (1) Enlarged prostate gland(2) Gall bladder stones by breaking them(3) Certain types of cancer (4) Kidney stones Q.61 The treatment of snake-bite by antivenine isan example of   [AIIMS-2004] (1) Artificially acquired active immunity(2) Artificially acquired passive immunity(3) Naturally acquired passive immunity(4) Specific natural immunity
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