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  1) Which of the following is considered a broad bandcommunicationchannel ? a.coaxial cableb.fiber opticscablec.microwave circuitsd.all of above Answer = D2) Which of the following does not allow multiple uses or devices to shareonecommunicationline? a.doubleplexerb.multiplexerc.concentratord.controller Answer = A3) Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers ? a.communicationssoftwareb.protocolc.communicationhardwared.all of above including access totransmissionmedium Answer =D4) Whichof the following is an advantage to usingfiber opticsdatatransmission? a.resistance to data datatransmissionratec.low noise leveld.all of above 5) Theinteractivetransmissionof data within atime sharingsystem may be best suited to ? a.simplex linesb.half-duplex linesc.full duplex linesd.biflex-lines Answer = B6) The optical fiber trans-Atlantic cable TAT-14 includes a section from Bude, Cornwall toTucker ton, New Jersey. Determine the propagation delay if the route length is 6,254 km. ? a.31.98 msb.3.198 ms.c.31.27 msd.312.7 ms Answer = C7) Manchester encoding is principally designed to ? a.ensure that the line remains unbalanced.b.have more than onesymbol per bit period.  c.increase the bandwidth of a signal transmitted on the mediumd.ensure that a transition occurs in the center of each bit period. Answer = D8) A router ? a.forwards a packet to all outgoing links.b.forwards a packet to all outgoing links, except the link upon which the packet originatedc.forwards a packet to the next free outgoing linkd.determines on which outgoing link a packet is to be forwarded. Answer = D9) Telephone systems may be classified as ? a.simplex and symmetrical.b.duplex andasymmetrical.c.simplex and asymmetrical.d.duplex and symmetrical. Answer = D10) Which of the following signal is not standard RS-232-C signal ? a.VDRb.RTSc.CTSd.DSR Answer =A1) Which of the following is not a type ofComputer Network? a.Local Area Network(LAN)b.Personal Area Network (PAN)c.Remote Area Network (RAN)d.Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Answer = cExplanation: TheTypes ofComputer Networksare LAN, MAN, PAN, WAN, CAN but RANRemote Area Network is not a type of CN.2) Full Form of NIC? a.NewInternet Connectionb.Network Interface Cardc.Network Interface Connectiond.Net Interface Card Answer =BExplanation: NIC isNetwork Interface CardWhich is Used to Connect Computer to a Network.  3) Which of the following are type of Twisted Pair Cable? a.Coaxial Cableb.Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)c.Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)d.Only B and C Answer = DExplanation:STP and UTP are type of Twisted Pair Cable which are mostly used in all Networks.4) _________ Supports Data Rate Upto1000 Mbps Gigabyte Ethernet. a.CAT 1b.Thinnetc.CAT 5d.CAT 5e Answer = DExplanation: CAT 5eis also Know As 1000 Mbps Gigabyte Ethernet andSupports Data RateUpto 1000 Mbps.5) Which Color Coding of Cable isusedto Connect Similar Devices? a.StraightCableb.Cross Over Cablec.Serial Cabled.All of Above. Answer = BExplanation: Cross Over Color Coding of UTP Cable is Used to connect Similar Devices like HUBto HUB, PC to PC, Switch To Switch.6) HUB is a _________ Device and Switch is a ________ Device. a.Unicast, Multicastb.Malticast, Unicastc.Broadcast, Unicastd.None of Above Answer = CExplanation: Hub is a Broadcasting Device and Switch is a Unicasting Device because Switchhave Memory Element to Store MAC Address.7) Switch is a Device of _________Layer of OSI Model. a.Network Layerb.Data LinkLayerc.ApplicationLayerd.Session Layer Answer = BExplanation: Switches Operate OnTheSecond Layer of OSI Model That isData LinkLayer.  8) Star Topology is Based On a Central Device that can be __________ ? a.HUBb.Switchc.Only Ad.Both A and B Answer = DExplanation: HUB and Switch are used in Star Type Networks.9) TCP/IP is also well known as _______. a.OSI Modelb.TCP Modelc.DOD Modeld.Network Model Answer = CExplanation: TCP/IP Model is also known as DODmodel.10) IPX/SPX is used in ______________. a.Novell's Netware Networkb.Mac-Macintoshc.Appled.Microsoft Answer = AExplanation: IPX/SPX-Internet PacketExchanger/SequencedPackageExchangeris used inNovell's Netware Network.
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