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brief on media laws
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  󰀱 MEDIA LAWS OF INDIA 󰁃󰁁 󰁒󰁡󰁪󰁫󰁵󰁭󰁡󰁲 󰁓. 󰁁󰁤󰁵󰁫󰁩󰁡 󰁂. 󰁃󰁯󰁭. (󰁈󰁯󰁮󰁳.), 󰁆󰁃󰁁, 󰁁󰁃󰁓, 󰁁󰁉󰁃󰁗󰁁, 󰁌󰁌.󰁂, 󰁄󰁩󰁰.󰁉󰁆󰁒 (󰁕󰁋), 󰁍󰁂󰁁, 󰁄󰁉󰁐󰁒, 󰁄󰁌󰁌&󰁌󰁐 󰁍󰁯󰁢󰁩󰁬󰁥 +󰀹1 󰀹󰀸200 6104󰀹/+󰀹1 󰀹3230 6104󰀹 󰁆󰁡󰁸 +󰀹1 22 2676557󰀹 󰁅󰁭󰁡󰁩󰁬 󰁲󰁡󰁪󰁫󰁵󰁭󰁡󰁲󰁦󰁣󰁡󰁀󰁧󰁭󰁡󰁩󰁬.󰁣󰁯󰁭 󰁷󰁷󰁷.󰁣󰁡󰁡󰁡.󰁩󰁮   󰀲 Index 1.   Introduction 2.   Media Industry 3.   History of Media Laws in India 4.   Media laws of India – an overview 5.   Laws applicable for Information 6.   Laws applicable for Broadcasting 7.   Laws applicable for Films 8.   Other laws applicable to media 8.1. FDI in media sector 8.2. Labour related legislations 8.3. IPR 8.4. Telegraph Act & Wireless Telegraphy Act 9.   Authorities regulating the media industry 10.   Case laws 11.   Professional opportunities in the media industry 12.   Useful websites 13.   About the Author  󰀳 1.   INTRODUCTION “One of the objects of a newspaper is to understand the popular feeling and give expression to it, another is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments, and the third is the fearlessness to expose popular defects.” – Mahatma Gandhi   Communication is the procedure, which we use to exchange information by various methods and media is the medium or instrument of storing or communicating information. ‘Media’ the popular term inter-alia used as ‘Press’ denotes the print & electronic information carriers –the News Papers & Magazines, Radio, Television and currently includes Internet as new Media. Hailed as the ‘Fourth Estate’, media is the watchdog of the public affairs, informing the society and vice versa, acts as the forum to advocate the views of the society at large to those at the helm of public affairs. The word medium comes from the Latin word medius  (middle). The word communication  is derived from the Latin root communicate.  Media law covers an area of law which involves media of all types (TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, internet & new media, etc.), and stretches over various legal fields, including but not limited to corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity and privacy. Media law is a legal field that refers to the following: ã   Advertising ã   Broadcasting ã   Censorship ã   Confidentiality ã   Contempt ã   Copyright  󰀴 ã   Corporate law ã   Defamation ã   Entertainment ã   Freedom of information ã   Internet ã   Information technology ã   Privacy ã   Telecommunications

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Jul 23, 2017
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