Mh Cet Biology 1999 Que Paper

UPADHYE CLASSES (BIOLOGY) MH-CET Biology Paper 1999 1. If the sequence of bases in DNA is TAG, what will be the base sequence of the anticodon of tRNA during protein synthesis a) UAC b) ATC c) ATG d) UAG The egg apparatus includes. a) Egg cells on synergids b) Egg cells and secondary nucleus c) Egg cell, synergids, secondary nucleus and antipodal cells. d) Egg cells and antipodal cells. According to Mendel’s law, for a given character the gamete is always a) Homozygous b) Heterozygous c) Pure d)
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  UPADHYE CLASSES (BIOLOGY) MH-CETBiology Paper 1999 1.If the sequence of bases in DNA is TAG, what will be the base sequence of the anticodonof tRNA during protein synthesisa) UACb) ATCc) ATGd) UAG2.The egg apparatus includes.a) Egg cells on synergidsb) Egg cells and secondarynucleusc) Egg cell, synergids, secondary nucleus and antipodal cells.d) Egg cellsand antipodal cells.3.According to Mendel’s law, for a given character the gamete is alwaysa) Homozygousb) Heterozygousc) Pured) Hybrid4.If genes are exchanged between two different population, it is called asa) Gene pollb) Gene frequencyc) Gene flow d) Genetic code5.Acid rain occurs mainly due toa) Industries emitting nitrogen and sulphur oxideb) Spraying pesticidesc) Burning coal and oild) Paper pulp industries.6.Blood pressure in normal, healthy, human adultisa) 120/80 mm Hgb) 100/50 mm Hgc) 150/90 mm Hg d) 130/70 mm Hg7.Biochemical nature of genes was first established bya) Avery, Mac Leod and Mac Cartyb) Watson and Crickc) H. Khuranad) Griffith8.Which of the following is called connecting linka) Labeob) Archeopteryx c) Penguin d) Salamander 9.Genes are composed of a) DNA onlyb) RNA onlyc) DNA or RNA d) DNA as well as RNA10.Movement of shoulder muscels is controlled bya) Facial nerveb) Hypoglossal nervec) Spinal accessory nerved) Vagus nerves11.A tall red flowered plant suspected to be heterozygous is crossed with a homozygous short,white flowered plant. This cross can be approximately called.a) Monohybridb) dihybridc) Test crossd) Back cross12.Which one of the following was the connecting link between Apes and man?a) Dryopithecusb) Homo erectusc) Ramapithecusd) Homo neanderthalensis13.The animal sex is determined by the external environment or by nongenertically ina) Bonoliab) hermit crabc) Nereisd) Aplysia14.Tricuspid valve is located betweena) left auricle and left ventricle b) left auricle and right ventriclec) right auricle and right ventricle d) right ventricle and left auricle15.The silk moth Bombyx mori belong to order a) Hymenopterab) Heteropterac) Dipterad) Lepidoptera16.Every year World’s AIDS day I observed ona) 5 th Juneb) 5 th Septemberc) 1 th Decemberd) 31 th may17.Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics wasa) An Austrian Monkb) A Syrian Monkc) A German Botanistd) An Italian Philosopher 18.Structure of a sessile flower of Jowar shows from periphery to the center  a) Glume → lemma → Palea → Carpel → Stamen  b) b) Glume → lemma → Palea Iodicules → Stamen → Carpel  c) Glume → lemma → Iodicules → Stamens → Carpel Palea.d)None of the above.19.DNA and RNA both have similarity with respect toa) Similar sugarb) Similar purinesc) Similar Pyrimidinesd) none of the above20.Production of haploid plant through anther culture was reported for the first time bya) Skoof and Millerb) Avary et. al.c) Guha and Maheshwarid) White and Gautheret 21. Germinating pollen grains of cycus isa) One celledb) Two celledc) Three celledd) Four celled.22.In which of the following accumulation of malic acid takes place at night by carboxylationprocess?a) CAMb) C-4 Cyclec) Calvin Cycled) EMP23.The cell of Eukaryotic cells consist of following stages.a)Gl-S-G2- Karyokinesis-Cytokinesisb) S-Gl-C2-Karyokinesis-Cytokinesisc) Gl-G2-S-Cytokinesis-Karyokinesis-Gl-G2-S-Cytokinesis.d) Karyokinesis – Gl-G2-S-Cytokinesis.24.The precise biochemical reaction with atmospheric oxygen in respiratory mechanism isa) EMP pathwayb) Kerb’s Cyclec) Biosynthesis of Acetyl CoA d) Terminal oxidation of Cytochrome a 3 25.The neck of archegonium of Nephrolepis containsa) Four neck canal cellb) Three neck canal cellc) Two neck canal celld) One neck canal cell26.The mature sporangium of Nephrolepis hasa) 32 sporesb) 64 sporesc) 16 sporesd) 8 spores27.Which one of the following is not a taxon but is a category?a) Angisopermb) divisionc) Hibiscus d) none of the above28.In Hibiscus, the dual nature of flowor stalk consist of a) Branch and pedicelb) Peduncle and thalamusc) Peuncle and pediceld) Pedicel and thalamus29.When the pairing at the third base position of codon and anticodon is not precise it indicatesthat the genetic cod isa) known to exhibit wobble phenomenab) Commalessc) Degenerated) none of the above30.The correct sequence of the substages of Prophase – I Meiosis isa) Leptotene → Pachytene → Diplotene → Zygotene → Diakenesisb) Diplotene → Leptotene → Zygotene → Diakenesisc) Leptotene → Zygotene → Pachytene → Diakenesis → Diplotene → Pachytene d) Leptotene → Zygotene → Pachytene → Diplotene → Diakenesis31.The first myco-herbicide effective on the milkweed growing in the citrus orchad was based ona) Mucor sp.b) Saccharomyces cereviciaec) Phytopthora palmivorad) Agaricus32.The disease Serum hepatitis is caused bya) HBVb) HAVc) HNANBd) HIV33.The ability of a cell to divide and regenerate a whole plant isa) Regenerationb) Recombinationc) Parthenogenesisd) Totipotency34.The chemical extracted from Neem plant, which acts as insect repellent isa) Pyrethroidb) Azadirachtinc) Thiocarbamated) Allethrin35.Mycrrhiza is the symboitic association of a) Fungi with roots of gymnospermb) Fungi with Angiosperms leaf c) Fungi with fruits of leguminous plant d) Fungi and Gymnospermous stem.36.Nitrogen fixation is isa)Assimilation of Nitrate  b)Utilisation of nitrogen gasc) Conversion of organic nitrogen into proteind) Conversion of organic nitrogen into ammonia37.Radioactive wastes are responsible for a) Gene mutationb) Hypertensionc) fluorisis d) Respiratory disease38.Acetyl chlorine isa) Pituitary hormoneb) Salivary gland hormonec)Neurotransmitterd) Vitamin.39.In normal healthy human, the cardiac cycle last for a) 0.4 seconds b) 0.8 seconds c) 0.3 seconds d) 0.1 seconds.40.Which one of the following is different?a) Rohub) Mackerelc) Mrigald) Catla41.Harmones are secreted bya) Spleenb) Lungsc) Heartd) Testis42.The center for homeostatis in brain is situated ina) hypothalamusb) thalamusc) cerebellum d)diencephalon43.Minute liquid or solid particles suspended in atmosphere are called asa) Fogb) Sootc) Aerosolsd) Smog44.The Odontoid process is found ina) Sacrumb) Thoracic vertebrac) Cervical vertebrad) Axis vertebra45.Testosterone is secreted bya) Sertolib) Thoracic vertebrac) Cervical vertebrad) Axis vertebra46.The fish Labeo is classified asa)Gnathostomata-Pisces-Osteichthyesb)Agnatha-Piscces-Osteichythyesc)Gnathostomata-Pisces-Chondrichthyesd)Agnatha-Pisces-Teleostomi47.Carinoma is the term applied to cancer of a) Blood cellsb) Epithelial cellsc) Bone cellsd) Connective tissue48.Which one of the following reduces heart beats?a) Acetycholineb) Adrenalinec) Thyroxined) Calcitonin49.Tranquilizer and Sedatives are also termed asa) Pain killerb) Depressorsc) Stimulantsd) Hallucinogens50.Corpus luteum secretsa) Estrogenb) Progesteronec) LHd) FSH
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