Military Resistance 12E10 Chosen Memories Day

Day after day, Ukraine plunges deeper into civil war. The Ukrainian far-right militias and the pro-Russian militias have between the two of them taken the population hostage, made worse by the Ukrainian army’s operations. Where is this deadly cycle leading? Toward punitive actions against those who don’t speak the “right language” or who raise the “wrong” national flag? Toward dividing up Ukraine by drawing a border across the country, separating cities, families, and friends? Toward a total bloodbath, like what happened in yugoslavia twenty years ago? The population of Ukraine has everything to lose by tearing itself apart in these nationalist clashes......
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  Military Resistance: 5.24.14 Print it out: color best. Pass it on.   Military Resistance 12E10   [Thanks to SSG N (ret’d) who sent this in with caption. She writes: “This just about sums up our ‘patriotism.’”] Chosen Memories Day From: Dennis Serdel To: Military Resistance Newsletter Sent: May 23, 2014 Subject: Chosen Memories Day Written by Dennis Serdel, Vietnam 1967-68 (one tour) Light Infantry, Americal Div. 11th Brigade; United Auto Workers GM Retiree **************************************************************** Chosen Memories Day  After some close fighting the Captain pulled us back to an open space & says “This is where we will stay tonight.”  A Pfc says, “Captain, what about that unexploded B-52 Bomb in the middle?”  “Jesus Christ,” said the Captain. Standing in line, The Buck Sarge said, Where is your duffle bag with all your shit?” The Soldier hands him a paper from Headquarters that saying everything was destroyed by mortars & what you see is what your get. The Soldier stood there in a dirty t-shirt, ripped pants, worn out jungle boots, his helmet, his M-16 & he laughs. Sitting on the open ledge of a chopper in the air on another assault the chopper suddenly tilts so the Soldiers are looking at the ground, one grabs a hand rail to hold him & when they land “I’m glad I grabbed that rail” & the other says, “I know it, but when we leveled off, I looked behind me & I was holding onto the handle of my entrenching tool,” & we laughed. The Platoon has been hit so many times with the enemy on high ground & the Platoon on the low ground that the Ltn. & the squad leader who have been together for 11 months & are hit again, the Ltn says to the squad leader “What are we going to do now?” then they look at each other & start laughing. In from the Boonies, back to the base camp, sitting in the Mortars hooch, smoking & joking, they had a record player playing “Magical Mystery Tour,” then they are hungry at 2:30 in the morning, hump to the Mess hall breaking the lock, grabbing some long bread, cheese & leftover roast beef & chocolate milk in a big floppy plastic container & a big can of peaches that took one man to carry it back to the hooch, eating & laughing, the peaches are the best part. The replacement is a black kid who shoots off his trigger finger, sending him to a Hospital Ship patching him up, goes back to Headquarters where he is CM-ed & flys back home to be DD-ed from the Army. When the guys find out, one says,  “I can’t do that,”another says, “Why? Can’t you pound your pud with one finger off?” then everybody starts laughing. Walking on a jungle path with a limb sticking out, the guy ahead pulls the branch back & hits the guy behind him hard right in the face. He yells, “You dirty cocksuckers, if anybody does that again, I’m going to shoot them,” then everybody starts laughing. Back at Base Camp, a grunt is in a big tent, trying to get some sleep with a big light on where five other guys are playing cards & won’t quit. So he takes his 16 & unloads on the light, shooting it out. When the guys in the morning find out, they think it is funny & then one guy says, “The best part is, the cunts in the back here thought they were being attacked.” & they all start laughing. Effy went to church every sunday back in the States, he is so fragile everybody thinks he will be killed but now Effy is sitting on some sandbags with a joint in one hand & a bottle of whiskey in the other. One of the guys walks up & says, “Effy, how are you doing?” Effy inhales on the joint then takes a a slug of whiskey and says “I’m doing great” & then they start laughing. Tom went into Duc Pho & bought a watch for the next day in the boonies. The next day in the jungle the guys were heating up Ham & Motherfuckers, Beef Stew & others with C-4 & Tom’s watch stopped. He took it apart & found part of a Bud beer can & the guys start laughing. written by Dennis Serdel for Military Resistance MORE: Fixin’ To Die Rag: 1969   [And Two More At No Extra Charge] Fortunate Son:  We Gotta Get Out Of This Place:   AFGHANISTAN WAR REPORTS Jessica Lynch Rescuer, Martin Barreras, Dies In Afghan Attack Command Sgt. Maj. Martin R. Barreras. U.S. Army May 17, 2014 Associated Press Tucson, Ariz.  A U.S. Army soldier from Tucson has died from wounds suffered during an attack in  Afghanistan, the Department of Defense announced Thursday. Command Sgt. Maj. Martin R. Barreras died Tuesday in San Antonio Military Medical Center, officials said. He had suffered wounds earlier this month when his unit was attacked in Herat Province, Afghanistan, the Department of Defense said.
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