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  Music questions: 1.   Who was “il Magnifico?” Lorenzo De Medici  2.   Besides Lorenzo, who was the other principal poet of the Florentine Renaissance? Poliziano 3.   Who did Lorenzo choose as private master of music in the Medici house? Heinrich Isaac 4.   What were included in Isaac’s duties? Organist and choirmaster at the Florence Cathedral. 5.   Who taught Lorenzo de Medici’s sons? Heinrich Isaac and Poliziano  6.   Who helped create the madrigal? Lorenzo and Heinrich Isaac 7.   What was a popular type of music during the Florentine Renaissance? Frottola 8.   What were Lorenzo’s song verses like? Balata  9.   What is a chanson? A song 10.   How was Lorenzo important outside of being a poet? He was also a banker, humanist, philosopher, patron of the arts, and advisor to artists 11.   How did Lorenzo differ from his father? He was a powerful leader rather than just a banker with intellectual or artistic tastes 12.   How did the arts change under Lorenzo’s leadership? The audiences became smaller and more elite and the art became more courtly 13.   Why wasn’t m usic written down often? It was mainly an art of performance 14.   Who was the household musician of the Medicis before Isaac? Squarcialupi 15.   Where was Heinrich Isaac from? Flanders 16.   How were Lorenzo and his circle unusual in their music taste? They preferred folk tunes 17.   Who was one of Lorenzo de Medici’s educators? Pico della Mirandola  18.   How was Lorenzo involved in leading and the community? He actively participated in the Florentine festivals. Art Questions: 1.   A commonly found style of masonry? Rusticated 2.   What is known as a four lobed pattern? Quatrefoil 3.   What material are the east doors of the Florence Baptistry made of? Bronze 4.   Donatello’s David is known for a more __________ and relaxed sense. Feminine  5.   Pollaivolo mastered __________ and ___________ in Hercules and Anataeus. Human form and movement 6.   Verrocchio’s David differs from Donatello’s in that it is a … proud, assured adolescent athlete 7.   Masaccio’s ____________ is known for its pastel colors and atmospheric perspective. Tribute money 8.   In Expulsion from the Garden, Masaccio invented a way to show what? Natural shadows 9.   Paolo uccello’s Battle of San Romano idealizes the _______ family. Medici  10.   Botticelli’s _____________ is one of the most eloquent and intricate or renaissance thought. La Primavera 11.   Botticelli’s Birth of venus is known as the Christian thought of _________. Rebirth  12.   What artist used botticelli’s style of linear perspective and Masaccio’s natural lighting and sculpturesque modeling? Leonardo da vinci  13.   Da vinci’s last supper is a __________. Fresco 14.   The use of __________ is the reduction in size of figures/ objects in direct ratio to their distance. Foreshortening 15.   Leonardo’s cartoon for Madonna is the first____________ portrait. Graphite  16.   Michelangelo’s David is known for an ________. Idealization 17.   Botticelli’s adoration of the Magi portrays the Medici family engaged with _________. Religious figures 18.   Filippo Lippi’s Adoration is focused on ___________ emphasis. Linear  
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