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Veex Ethernet testers model mx100+ and 120+ instruction manual
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  MX100+/120+ e-Manual Please direct all questions to your local VeEX Sales Office, Representative or Distributor or contact VeEX technical support © Copyright 2010 VeEX Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this user manual may be reproduced, translated into a foreign language or be transmitted electronically without prior agreement and written consent of VeEX Incorporated as governed by International copyright laws. Information contained in thismanual is provided as is and is subject to change without notice. ™Trademarks of VeEX Incorporated have been identifiedwhere applicable, however the absence of such identification does not affect the legal status of any trademark. MX100+/120+ e-Manual D07-00-008 Rev A01Page 1 of 116  Table of Contents 1.0 Product Introduction2.0 About this User Manual3.0 Safety Information4.0 Basic Operation 4.1 Keypad4.2 Touch-Screen Display4.3 Battery4.4 Connectors and Panels 4.4.1 Test Ports4.4.2 Utility Ports 4.5 LEDs 5.0 Home Screen and Menu 5.1 Screen Layout5.2 Screen Icons5.3 Actions Menu 6.0 Setup 6.1 Port Setup6.2 Port Status6.3 Laser Activation6.4 Profiles6.5 Measurement Settings6.6 Dual Port Navigation 7.0 Test Applications 7.1 BERT 7.1.1 Setup Header Settings MX100+/120+ e-Manual D07-00-008 Rev A01Page 2 of 116 Traffic Settings7.1.1.3 Error Injection Settings7.1.1.4 Control Settings7.1.1.5 Starting/Stopping a BERT Measurement 7.1.2 Results Summary7.1.2.2 Errors7.1.2.3 Events7.1.2.4 Alarms7.1.2.5 Traffic7.1.2.6 Rates7.1.2.7 Delay7.1.2.8 Saving BERT Results 7.2 RFC2544 Conformance Testing 7.2.1 Setup Header Settings7.2.1.2 Frame Settings7.2.1.3 Threshold Settings7.2.1.4 Throughput, Latency, Frame Loss, and Burst Settings7.2.1.5 Control Settings7.2.1.6 Starting/Stopping a RFC2544 Measurement 7.2.2 Results Status and Events7.2.2.2 Throughput7.2.2.3 Latency7.2.2.4 Frame Loss7.2.2.5 Burstability7.2.2.6 Saving RFC Results 7.3 Thoughput Testing 7.3.1. Setup MX100+/120+ e-Manual D07-00-008 Rev A01Page 3 of 116 General Settings7.3.1.2 Control Settings7.3.1.3 Header Configurations (individual streams) Traffic Settings (individual streams) Error Injection Settings (individual streams) Starting/Stopping a Throughput Test 7.3.2 Results Viewing Results7.3.2.2 Global Results (multiple streams) Results (individual streams) Saving Throughput Results 7.4 Monitor (Pass-Through) Mode 7.4.1 Setup7.4.2 Results Errors7.4.2.2 Alarms7.4.2.3 Events and Status7.4.2.4 Traffic Distribution7.4.2.5 Delay and Rates7.4.2.6 Port Selection 7.5 Loopback Mode 8.0 IP Tools 8.1 IP Connection 8.1.1 IP Setup8.1.2 IP Status 8.2 Advanced IP Tests 8.2.1 Ping Test8.2.2 Trace Route8.2.3 FTP Test MX100+/120+ e-Manual D07-00-008 Rev A01Page 4 of 116
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