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  THERMAL PROPERTIES OF PLASTIC TESTING -PRESENTED BY :-NEERAJ SAHU BE  – 5 th SEN PLASTIC ENGINEERING Roll number -160520123032  THERMAL PROPERTIES . Plays a vital role in evaluating the product performance s processibilty characteristic in polymer.. Thermal analtiycal methods monitor differences in some sample property as the temperatur increase, or differences in temperature betweeen a sample and a standard as a function of added heat. Thease methods are usually appliaed to solids to characterize the materials.  THERMAL PROPERTIES . Heat Deflection Temperature ( HDT). Vicat Softening point (VSP). Thermal Endurance. Thermal Conductivity. Thermal Expansion. Low Temperature Brittleness. Flammability . Melting Point, Tm and Glass Transition, Tg (DSC). Thermomechanical Analysis  Heat Deflection Temperature as the temperature at which a standard test bar (5 x ½ x ¼ inch )deflects 0.010 inch under a stated load of either 66 or 264 psi when heated at the rate system .SignificanceHDT Values are used to compare the elevated temperature performanc of the materials under load at the stated conditions .
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