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    20 THINGS EVERY DIGITAL MARKETER SHOULD KNOW Get Trained & Become Google AdWords Certified Professional Adonai Advertising & Media Pvt Ltd   20 THINGS EVERY DIGITAL MARKETER SHOULD KNOW 1.   INTERNET Internet has become undeniably the most important and ‘cant -live -without-it ‘element in our lives. Have you ever wondered about how it works? It is much more complex than just having a piece of wire connected to the computer. Internet was the brainchild of few smart computer experts in the year 1974. This invention was named as Internet Protocol Suite or TCP/IP. The main purpose of this design was to send information from one computer to the other. TCP/IP as any other language had a set of rules and regulations which could be understood by the computer. In short, it is a computer language. Internet sends and receives data using cables and fibres, as known to many of us. Now comes the unknown part! When sending the data, the internet splits the data into small nuggets called ‘packets’ . This is done to attain more efficiency. On receive the data, it is reassembled. This process is same even if you send a mail, watch a video on YouTube and everything else!! The most important character we always consider about the internet is the speed. Now, Speed is related to the ‘ bandwidth’ . Bandwidth literally means the amount of data sent over the internet per second. Just like the discharge of water, bandwidth is the discharge of data in a second. The higher the bandwidth, the faster is the transfer of data over the internet. This speed can be achieved by using better physical framework . Internet is the spine of the World Wide Web. With an internet connection, the  proliferating web pages and applications can be accessed. Just for an extra information, there are innumerable web pages available.   2.   CLOUD COMPUTING Tired of worrying about carrying a CD or a pen drive just to access your documents?? Well, that was all in the past. The modern computing techniques have overtaken almost every facet of life. The fear of losing data and the pain in carrying it along wherever you go has also been replaced by one of such techniques. After the invasion of internet in all disciplines, life has become even more enjoyable. Waiting in the line to pay the bill or book a movie ticket is no more acceptable. Everything can just be done by flicking some buttons on the internet. In practice, there are more than a thousand of computers working for you when you work on the internet. Cloud computing is an innovative technique by which we can save our documents, files, media and many more. This data that has been stored in the cloud can be viewed and accessed from any other computer with an internet connection. Isn’t that just wonderful!! Your data is literally crossing the horizons of your computer and travelling around the world!! So why fear? When cloud computing is here?? 3.   WEB APPS Web apps, as the name suggests, these are application (full form of apps) that can be used on a web browser. If you are an earnest enjoyer of videos on YouTube, a sincere e-shopper, a traveller on Google maps, a resident of face  book, then you have already conquered the realm of these web apps!! Web apps are smart folks that are fashioned to accomplish their only task. Yes! This simply means that these web apps are designed to perform only a single  task, unlike the traditional softwares. There are a variety of options that help in securing a particular task.  These web apps stand above other traditional applications because: 1.   Ease of access from any computer:  These web apps need no installation in the computer; they can simply be used through a web browser. This saves time and gives an ease to access these apps from any computer, may not be your own. 2.   These are safe:  As these apps need not be installed in the computer, there is no worry of virus, malware, and spyware attack on your computer. These apps have a different code than that of the computer’s code, and hence they do not intrude other operations of the system and therefore maintains its performance. 3.   Updates newer version on its own:  The best part of these web apps are that they update themselves. Every time you have the latest version ready to use. 4.   HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS & MORE  HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is the basis for all the web pages as all these web pages are written in HTML format. In other words, HTML is the elementary unit of a web page. The invention of a scripting language JavaScript, the concept of web pages has gone to the next level. JavaScripting has made the use of web pages more interactive and dynamic. These dynamic web pages have been boosted up with the influx of XHR (XMLHttpRequest). XHR is used to alter smaller units of each page without having the whole page loaded. This effectively increases the speed of response of the page. Further, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) have played a major role in beautifying the web  pages. Adding colours, borders, animations and gradients are the key features of CSS. The amalgamation of all these features JavaScript, XHR, CSS is called as


Jul 22, 2017
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