News. Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour that Sunday before you go to bed. Upcoming events. In this Edition. November

News Do you have a question about jobs in the community, safety in the building, or upcoming events? Throughout the Arnold Center there are a number of bulletin boards, that just might have the answers
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News Do you have a question about jobs in the community, safety in the building, or upcoming events? Throughout the Arnold Center there are a number of bulletin boards, that just might have the answers you need. Check the bulletin boards for: Job leads Referrals to community resources Social calendars Information on your rights Safety policies and MIOSHA guidelines Photos of employees at work and play Employment and hiring tips Upcoming events In this Edition November 1 Customer Meeting 4 Day Light Savings Ends 17 Downtown Santa Parade Arnold Center CLOSED Midland DART CLOSED December 3 Customer Meeting 7 Holiday Party 21 First day of Winter 24 Arnold Center OPEN Midland DART CLOSED 25 Arnold Center CLOSED 31 New Years Eve Arnold Center OPEN 31 Midland DART CLOSED January 1 Arnold Center CLOSED 1 Midland DART CLOSED 2 Customer Meeting News You Can Use 1 Calendar of Events 1 Face & Places 2, 3 New Faces 4 Policy Review 5 Safety Review 5 Employee Meeting Minutes 6 Employment Tips 7 Featured Job 7 Thank You s 8, 9 Worker of the Month 10 Seasonal Safety 11 Activity Update 11 Birthdays 12 Mission Statement 12 Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour that Sunday before you go to bed. Faces & Places features individuals who are involved in activities in the community and have made strides to integrate into an inclusive setting. These activities range from employment, social recreation, and volunteering. Joy D. working to fill 100 bags with canned goods and grocery items for the Midland United Way Community Food Drive. Matt N. working with Cherie Coopersmith to deliver bags of food to the United Way office. Susan R. donating her time to deliver personal care items to Shelter House with the Aktion Club. Midland Aktion Club passing out t-shirts at the Crop Walk. The club raised over $ to help feed hungry people in our community and around the world! Cathy and Earl pause for a picture after picking up recycling from the Blue Ribbon Bakery. Matt checks out a Photography book. Toni assists Perry and Cheryl as they check out books from the Gladwin Library. Faces & Places features individuals who are involved in activities in the community and have made strides to integrate into an inclusive setting. These activities range from employment, social recreation, and volunteering. Perry P. enjoying himself on a gorgeous fall day at the local park! April M. visiting with a friend in the park. Danny working on a recycling crew in the community. Jamie P. and Cheryl M. working on Pop Tabs in the community! Cathy and Earl pause for a picture after a hard day of work. (Left) Linda D. checking out a book at the library. (Right) Arnold Center employees enjoying the nice weather at the Tridge. Eric and Steve enjoying a dinosaur display in Beaverton. To participate in any of the activities pictured above, or offer a suggestion for a Community Inclusion option you d like the Arnold Center to offer, see your Service Coordinator. New Faces features individuals who are new or returning to services in Midland or Gladwin. Some of the these individuals are experiencing work for the first time, trying a new job, or returning to the work force after periods of unemployment. Be sure to offer them some encouragement and a friendly greeting. Marty A. is returning to Access Midland after living in Mt. Pleasant. He enjoys movies, music, and visiting with friends and family. Welcome back, Marty! Heidi N. is new to Access Midland and is looks forward to learning new jobs at which she can excel. Heidi likes to ride her bike and shop. Heather N. returned to Access Midland and is excited to see so many familiar faces. Heather enjoys bowling, playing with her cat, and going to church. Katie L. is new to Access Midland, and is looking forward to learning new skills that can prepare her for a job in the community. Denise Bratcher - Denise is our new Support Staff for the AC Janitorial Crew and CMH Janitorial Crew. Denise brings to the Arnold Center many years of experience assisting individuals with barriers, volunteering and janitorial. Denise states that she has a wonderful husband, three grown children, 2 grandchildren, three horses and two dogs. Denise loves horseback riding, camping, and just enjoying life. The type of service you can expect from Denise is that she will help and support in anyway she can, plus have a little fun while doing it. We receive information about you when you enroll with us for services. It includes information such as your sex, religion, identification information, and other personal information. We also receive reports from your doctor and other data about your physical and mental health. We care about your privacy. The information we collect about you is private and is protected by two laws: the Michigan Mental Health Code and the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We are required to give you a notice of our privacy practices. Only people who have both the need and the legal right may see your information. Unless you give us permission in writing, we will only disclose your information for the purpose of treatment, payment, business operations or when we are required by law to do so. Shop safety rules are posted outside and throughout the manufacturing floor, and reviewed during the monthly meeting. These rules are also found in the Participant Handbook. An updated copy is kept on the bulletin board and can be found online at Be sure to wear the required Personal Protective Equipment. Failure to do so could lead to removal from your assigned job The following are some of the more conventional causes of slip and fall accidents: Floor surfaces, which are slick due to over waxing, mopping, etc. A puddle of water or liquid on the floor Worn carpets with holes or snags, or loose flooring or carpeting Walkways or stairs with damaged support rails Paved surfaces with uneven cracks and potholes Snow and ice on sidewalks and walkways Irregular surfaces, such as an uneven sidewalk Housekeeping neglect such as cords or clutter in walkways Please be careful when walking through the parking lot. *** Watch for the blue curbs and walk around them to help prevent the possibility of tripping. Customer Meetings take place at the beginning of the month, and are a sharing of information among employees and staff, in an effort to improve services, safety, and an individuals knowledge of things that are happening within the Arnold Center. Many different training topics are covered, and employees have the opportunity to provide feedback and comments towards improving services and efficiency. The Annual Meetings were very successful and everyone enjoyed the activities provided, like bingo and dunk tanks. Employees were reminded that drinks aren't permitted at their workstations unless special permission is granted, but there are drinking fountains stationed throughout the building for their use. Training topics recently covered were Confrontation Avoidance, De-escalation, and Personal Protective Equipment. Employees were reminded that talking calmly, listening, and using positive statements are all methods of de-escalating stressful situations. Staff provided further training on personal protective equipment and it s injury reducing benefits, and told employees to remain aware of their surroundings and report all unsafe situations immediately. The policy for making and receiving and phone calls was reviewed, and employees were reminded that only in cases of emergency should phone calls be made or received during their scheduled shift. Employees should also alert staff in their areas if they need to leave their assigned work areas for any reasons. Another topic reviewed was the agency s Workplace Violence Policy, and everyone was reminded that it is the goal of the Arnold Center to keep everyone safe, so any unwelcome namecalling, obscene language, or gestures that can be deemed a threat are not allowed. Everyone has a right to feel safe and it's the goal of the Arnold Center to keep everyone safe on the job. Being proactive can be the difference between being selected for a position or passed over for another candidate. The best way to be proactive in your employment is to keep a log of your applications, any correspondence, and follow up with potential employers. A notebook or calendar are good tools to use when tracking the steps to employment. Things to track include any correspondence from when you first apply, phone calls to or from the potential employer, or s you may receive. This will help you follow what positions you're still eligible for, who you have spoken with, and when it's appropriate to follow up. A well tracked employment process will help you put your best foot forward. By keeping track of when and where you apply, when you receive correspondence, and who you've communicated with, you can have a more productive and fruitful employment process. Dawn R. (Left) working on a Janitorial crew at Dendritech Labs with Randy R. (Right). For those who like to get up early, Northern Expresso has a fantastic position making deliveries to local businesses. Many people love to start their day with a cup of coffee, and your job would be to make deliveries around Gladwin county. Northern Expresso makes a variety of coffee drinks, hot chocolate, muffins, and bagels, all available for delivery. Orders placed before 8:30 am are delivered between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30. This job requires a high attention to detail, making sure orders are correct, and excellent cash counting skills when receiving payment. Deliveries are made on Wednesday & Fridays, and this position is staff assisted. Faces & Places features individuals who are involved in activities in the community and have made strides to integrate into an inclusive setting. These activities range from employment, social recreation, and volunteering. The Bay Valley Corvette club posing with Chris Chamberlain, Charlie Markey, and Earl S. Ron N. smiling big in the gold corvette. Bay Valley Corvette Club is a group of people whose enthusiasm for their Corvettes brought them together as a club in The club started with 5 members and now has over 160 members who own and drive all years and models of Corvettes. For many years, the BVCC has visited the Arnold Center and shared their enthusiasm with our employees, by allowing them to sit in and have a look at their great classic cars. The BVCC also has a history of graciously presenting the Arnold Center with a monetary donation, for which we are very grateful. Many thanks to all the club members who take the time and effort to make this visit so special for our employees! Hubert T. and Kolene C. riding with President Charlie Markey. Employees checking out over 10 different corvettes and visiting with the owners. Craig V. enjoying a red corvette. Rick B. visiting with a friend. Job Well Done! is a time for staff to give special thanks and appreciation to individuals who have accomplished a milestone, filled in on the job, or helped out in any way. Please take time to acknowledge your co-workers and peers for going the extra mile. Heather S. for your positive attitude at Rivershop! Thanks to Marlene H. for all of your hard work! Chris D. for picking up additional hours and being open to a new schedule! Ryan A. for your positive attitude! Thanks! Tim S. great attendance and having a positive work attitude! Tim D. for picking up extra hours and helping with janitorial duties! Thank you Chuck M. for filling in on janitorial crews. Joe D. for being so flexible to help out at job sites. Good job wearing your safety gloves, Harold H. Thanks to Sue F. for being so positive and always smiling! Thanks to Francine R. for being so considerate of others. Congratulations Jenny A. on getting your new job at MCV. Nominations for Worker of the Month are turned in by staff throughout the building, in recognition of an employees hard work. No matter how big or small, our employees are always recognized for excellence on the job. Mike R. was nominated by Cher Grunwell in recognition of his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the job is completed. Tim S. was nominated by Christie Heidger in recognition of his hard work on Apothecary Products. Matt N. was nominated by Amy Kramer for exemplifying a quality employee through his attitude and actions. Jennifer Bakos nominated Evie F. for her excellent attitude and hard work ethic. Jim M. was nominated by Stacie for his cooperation and team work. Mykel Demel nominated Nancy M. for her work on the janitorial crew, and being a fantastic team player. TO ALL OUR WINNERS AND NOMINEES! If you see a coworker doing something nice or exhibiting qualities you admire and would like to nominate them for Employee of the Month, ask a Support Staff or Service Coordinator for assistance in completing a nomination form. Completed forms are due before the Employee Monthly Meeting, when the winner will be announced. It is the policy of the Arnold Center to remain open during most periods of inclement weather; however, where extraordinary circumstances warrant, due to weather or other unforeseen business interruptions, the company reserves the right to close the facility. Employees are encouraged to listen to TV and/or radio broadcasts during periods of adverse weather to find out if the facility is open or closed on a given day. The Arnold Center s president and vice president will make a decision by 6:00 a.m. during periods of such inclement weather and shall communicate a closure to the local media including (TV 5, WMPX and 96.1). If the facility remains open on an inclement day it is ultimately up to each employee and/or their guardian/home care provider to determine if they can safely arrive to work under the conditions. If Dial-a-Ride is closed, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION to get to and from work. If you decide not to come in because of poor weather conditions, please notify your Service Coordinator. If you miss a day due to poor weather conditions and would like to make it up, your Service Coordinator will work with you to arrange a make-up date. With cold and flu season upon us and changes in temperature, it is important to wear appropriate clothing: wear a coat, gloves or mittens, and hat when necessary. Several exciting recreation opportunities are scheduled to start soon in Gladwin. The bowling season has officially kicked off and will continue until the summer. We have a new volunteer toy washing site on Thursday. BINGO lovers enjoy visiting Antler Arms and playing with the residents. Animal Shelter remains a popular selection as customers enjoy visiting with and helping care for the dogs and cats. We've expanded the number of weekly visits in order to increase availability. Coming soon is our coffee and news group. Enjoy a morning refreshment with your peers as we review the local news here in Gladwin. Yoga is a new opportunity for those looking to increase flexibility and overall physical fitness. To participate in any of the activities mentioned above, or offer a suggestion for a Community Inclusion option you d like the Arnold Center to offer, see your Service Coordinator. November Alice B. Renee K. Joe D. Eric D. Lesa R. Ken M. Katie L. Jessica M. Zeke C. Grace L. Ryan B. Laura L. Evan D. Jack H. Ted M. December Eric S. Jerry H. Randy R. Tony P. Mike B. Dec C. Kolene C. Elizabeth F. Karen F. Craig V. Wade F. Heather S. Vickie W. Matt S. Tim S. Harold H. Joe Z. Joy D. Royal B. Eugene K. Chris S. Dan R. Clint K. Chu Y. Rick O. Chris H. James C. January Vern U. James S. Gordon A. Jim T. Bill R. Rob K. Diane S. Cary R. November Jill R. Charles S. Irene T. Anne W. December Perry P. Dean S. January Linda D. Linda E. Eric K. Marie K. Waneta S. The mission of the Arnold Center is to promote improved quality of life for individuals with differing needs by encouraging and supporting personal growth and inclusion in the community through the development of vocational, social and life skills. Comments: If you have any ideas regarding how the Arnold Center can better fulfill our mission to serve you, please let us know in the space below. Feel free to ask staff for help with writing down your comments, and turn them in to the front desk. We really appreciate hearing from you!
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