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  CroMark    Croatian patent HR P20010731A DRAFT AND DISPLACEMENT SURVEY INSTRUCTIONS The procedure for ships with CroMark    draft marks OIL PRODUCT/CHEMICAL CARRIER m/t “STINICE” Figure 1.  The CroMark    draft marks Main Particulars: L oa =188,90 m, L  pp =180,00, B mld  =32,20 m, H  mld  =19,15 mT=11.20 m, T  scant  = 12,20 m, DWT= 40 398, DWT  scant  = 45 000 t Classification  ABS  The very first vessel on the world with CroMark     draft marks Built 2002 by: BRODOSPLIT – BRODOGRADILIŠTE d.o.o.SPLIT - CROATIA Yard No. 431 CroMark    draft marks CM  A  CM F CM L 13 m9 m  X  D    X  F  X   A  x  d   x  d   The basic CroMark   procedure The basic CroMark   procedure employs only two draft readings at positions where the observed drafts coincides with the equivalent drafts (Fig. 1.):  The CroMark   draft observed aft:  A CM   The CroMark   draft observed forward:  F  CM  .The CroMark   equivalent draft at the position  LCF   (Longitudinal Center of Flotation) is defined as: 2CM CM CM   F  A   .The CroMark   standard equivalent draft CM   at once provides the input draft for displacement calculation from standard hydrostatic data, accounting simultaneously for sensible hull hogging or sagging, as well as trim, as follows: )( CM total nt  Displacemetotal nt  Displaceme    Note that for intermediate data in the Table 1, linear interpolation can be applied. Example: The CroMark   draft readings aft and forward are m1512CM   A  .   and m8511CM   F   .  .The CroMark   standard equivalent draft directly follows as m0012285111512 CM   ...  .The displacement accounting simultaneously for hull hogging or sagging and trim from ship's hydrostatic data (Table 1), is obtained for CroMark   equivalent draft CM  as follows: t 56792m0012CM total nt  Displaceme    ).( . 2  The auxiliary CroMark    procedure for ships fitted with optional CroMark   draft at  LCF  The fitting of auxiliary CroMark   draft marks  L CM   at the position  LCF   (Longitudinal Center of Flotation) is optional, Fig. 1. If fitted, the draft reading on the  L CM   at once provides displacement assessment for negligible hogging or sagging, accounting for sensible trim corrections only, as: )(  L CM total nt  Displacemetotal nt  Displaceme   For excessive hull deflection, the Cro Mark   hogging or sagging CM  w  is defined by employing theobserved Cro Mark     L CM   draft and the equivalent draft CM  , both at the position  LCF  , as follows:  LCM   CM CM w   .The probable maximal hogging or sagging at the position of  LCF  , can be assessed by employing CM  w , the draft correction factor d  C   (Table 1) and the Cro Mark   deflection CM  w  as d CM  L C ww   .  Note CM  w  and  L w  are considered positive for hogging and negative for sagging condition.  Normally, the amidships deflection  M  w  does not differ significantly of the deflection  L w  at  LCF  , moreover, the difference even cannot be practically measured . The actual displacement of a deflected ship hull can be assessed by using the waterplane area wl   A and the specific gravity of the sea  sea    , as follows: wl  seaCM  L  AwCM total nt  Displacemetotal nt  Displaceme       )( . Note that for intermediate data in the Table 1, linear interpolation can be provided. Example: The auxiliary CroMark   draft reading observed at  LCF is m0512CM   L  .  .The CroMark   sagging CM  w  is obtained as m05005120012w CM   ...   .The CroMark   probably maximal sagging  L w  is assessed for 2680C  d   .   at draft  L CM   (Table 1)as m186 02680050w  L  ...  .The actual displacement of a deflected ship hull is assessed by using the waterplane area 2wl   m5165 A    (Table 1) and the specific gravity of the sea 3 sea  mt 0311  /.    , as follows: t 56792266 570585165031105057058total nt  Displaceme    .).( .For details see the attached CroMark     ‘Draft and Displacement Survey and Explanatory Notes’. 3  Additional CroMark   procedure for ships fitted with CroMark   draft marks The additional CroMark   calculations apply to trim and drafts, as well as to hogging or sagging relative to perpendiculars and amidships. The following data are required (Fig. 1, Table 1):The CroMark   longitudinal distance from the 1/4 between perpendiculars:  A  X  The CroMark   longitudinal distance from the 3/4 between perpendiculars:  F   X  The overall longitudinal distance between the aft and forward CroMark   draft marks:  D  X  . Calculations: The CroMark   trim in meters is defined as:  A F CM   CM CM trim   .The CroMark   angle of trim in radians is obtained as  DCM CM   X trimt    .The trim with respect to the perpendiculars in meters is obtained as follows:  ppCM  P  P   Lt trim   .. .  Note the positive trim is by bow, negative otherwise.The aft draft  A T    and the forward draft  F  T   at the perpendiculars accounting for the hull trim anddeflection, are calculated as follows: )()( d  L A ppCM  A A  C 1w X  4 Lt CM T      )()( d  L F  ppCM  F  F   C 1w X  4 Lt CM T    . The mean draft is 2T T T   F  A   .The amidships draft is calculated as. 2wl  LCM  L M   L LCF 2w LCF t CM T       .The amidships hogging or sagging  M  w  can be assessed as:      2wl  L M  M   L LCF 21wT T w .  Note  M  w  is positive for hogging and negative for sagging condition. Example: The CroMark   distance from the 1/4  between perpendiculars (Table 1): m046  X   A  .  .The CroMark   distance from the 3/4  between perpendiculars (Table 1): m281 X   F   .  .The longitudinal distance between the CroMark   draft marks (Table 1): m7594 X   D  .  .The CroMark   trim: )(...  sternbym30015128511trim CM    .The CroMark   angle of trim: deg).(. .. 18140radians003166 0 7594300t  CM    .The trim with respect to the perpendiculars: m57 0180003166 0trim  p p  .. ..   .The aft and forward drafts at the perpendiculars can be calculated as presented next: m1312140120151226801186 0046  4180003166 01512T   A  ....).().().().(.    m56 11140150851126801186 0281 4180003166 08511T   F   ....).().().().(.    .The mean draft is m8511256 111312 T   ...  .The calculated draft amidships is calculated next: m0351200030012005120016 0186 0703003166 00512T   M   .....).().().(.   .The amidships sagging, relative to perpendiculars, amounts to: m18500016 01186 0035128511w  M   .).)(.(..   .4


Oct 7, 2019
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