Odometer Correction for W168 a-Class, W202 C-Class, W140 S-Class, W210 E-Class, W461 G-Class, W208 CLK, W220 S-Class, W163 ML

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  Odometer correction for W168 A-Class, W202 C-Class, W140 S-Class, W210 E-Class, W461 G-Class, W208 CLK, W220 S-Class, W16 !L In this manual is described how to change the odometer in the following vehicles:-  A-Class W168 1997-1999 -  A-Class W168 2000-2004 - C-Class W202 1996-2000 - S-Class W140 1996-1998 -E-Class W210 1996-2002--Class W!61 1996-2000 -C # W20$ 1996-2001 - W220 S-Class 1999-2002 -W16% & 1996-2004 In all these vehicles the odometer is stored onl' in the Instrument Cluster( In the EE)*+& of the Instrument Cluster information is stored about the main odometer of the car ,the mileage that is disla'ed in the dashboard. and the service histor' information ,also /nown as 3.( 1 !odif#in$ t%e !ain Odometer  +en the ecial 4unctions tab and select the aroriate vehicle model( It is not a roblem if 'ou are not sure e5actl' which model 'ou have to select( 4or e5amle if 'ou are not sure whether to select -Class W16$ ,before 'ear 2000.7 or -Class W16$ ,after 'ear 2000.7 'ou can tr' the first otion first and if the main odometer is not changed8 'ou can tr' the second otion(  ttention: +nl' for W220 -Class the odometer can not be changed b' + ; Instead8 the EE)*+& of the dashboard must be read with a rogrammer and then the odometer should be modified b' using the um 3ool7 secial function( 2 !odif#in$ t%e ASS&S' Ser(ice )istor# *ecords 3o modif' the ss'st ervice <istor' *ecords there are 2 otions: 2.1 Modifying Assyst service history by K-Line +en the ecial 4unctions tab and under ss'st ervice <istor' *ecords78 select the first otion as shown in the ne5t screenshot:  fter 'ou ress the button +#7 'ou will see another screen from where 'ou can et and et the service histor' records8 which are currentl' stored in the dashboard(3his otion wor/s onl' for some of the vehicle models8 which this document describes( If this otion does not wor/ 'ou should use the second otion( 2.2 Modifying Assyst service history by EEPROM dump ou can read the EE)*+& of the dashboard b' using the secial function EE)*+& *ead=Write7 and then 'ou can edit the service histor' records in the saved dum8 b' selecting the seconds otion under 3 ervice histor' records7( fter 'ou finish editing the dum > save the modified dum and again use the secial function EE)*+& *ead=Write7 to rogram the modified dum bac/ in the dashboard( fter 'ou have finished this oeration 'ou should verif' the result b' connecting to the dashboard and ressing the button ctual ?alues7(3his otion will not wor/ for W-16$ -Class and W220 -Class( <owever8 it wor/s for the earl' W20% C-Class and W!6% -Class vehicles(
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