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  Olimpiada de limba engleză clasa a VIII -a Faza locală 28 th January 2012 1. Use the words given in the capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. 15 points I came across an article in a magazine the other day which made (0) comparison  COMPARE  between people and animals. It seemed to come to the (1 ) ……… that in CONCLUDE most cases we are superior to animals and lead a more (2 ) … CONFORT Wild animals have much more (3 ) …….. that pets or animals in zoos, FREE  but even a lion or a tiger in the jungle could be killed by (4 ) ……at almost HUNT any time. For animals , life is generaly hard and (5 ) …  . Compared to the DANGER life led by people in large cities, where there is not onl y(6 ) … but also VARY the freedom to choose the kind of life you want to lead. 2.Fill the blanks with the suitable words. 15 points We are looking (1)... young people to help with our project in Huttingdon. You will (2) ….. working with some of the most deprived families in their inner city area. Your work will be varied: you will help decorate houses, do shopping (3 ) ……….. the elderly, organise outings for   children (4)… assist in office work for the project. You must be adaptable, enthusiastic and energetic, and you ( 5) ….. have a good knowledge (6)…..English.   3. Put the sentences in the right order. 10 points 1.   But soon they started to pick on me because I was too ”posh” . 2.   Last year we moved to a new town and I started at a new school. 3.   At first I was really happy about the school and I made friends with the popular girls in my year. 4.   Whenever I walked past them, they called me names or tripped me up and they sometimes hit me. 5.   I think they were jealous of me because I had nice clothes. 6.    Nobody did anything about it. 7.   They even wrote nasty things about me on the desk tops. 4. Put the verbs in brackets into the right tense. 10 points When I first met Nguyen, it (be) …. probably nine or ten weeks after he (arrive) … in Los Angeles, and he was feeling very lonely. He (can) …. Speak very little English and he was in culture shock. He (work) …. at the local greengrocer`s and was living with a friend, in a big house. I met him one day when he (have) …. a party to help people get to know others in the neighbourhood. I (like) … .him immediately but it was difficult (have)….. a conversation with him because he was still learning English. 5 . Put the verbs into the correct tense to express the condition. 10 points   1.If I were you, I (go)…………………………….   2. If you don`t have any money , (get) ……………………a job!   3. If I (own) ………… a car , I wouldn`t walk to job.   4. If he weren`t tired, he (go) ……………… to the party.  5. If you (not clo se) ………………… the door , the cat won`t escape.   6. If my brother (not hire) …………….. a car, I couldn`t have known how expensive it was.   7. If we had got to the cinema earlier, we (not miss) ………….. the start of the film.    6.   Circle the odd man out in each set of four words. 10 points 1.   complete, total, wholr, proper. 2.   clean, trust, tidy, vacuum. 3.   useful, soft, loud, quiet. 4.    prediction, equipment, view, opinion. 5.   sky, universe, chance, space. 6.   dead, empty, lifeless, torn. 7.   solution, distance, cure, improvement. 7.   Write a descriptive story in about 150-180 words which starts with the following sentence: 20 points ”  The little purple dwarf enters the rooms and starts looking for that special book which belonged to his ancestors. ... Notă: Timp de lucru –   3 ore din momentul distribui rii subiectelor; se acordă 10  puncte din oficiu.
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