On the Trail of Energy Suppression Exclusive Report Lives Threatened

A tale of energy suppression by the world banking system.
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    Exclusive report   More Inventor Lives Threatened   Somebody Who's Loaded with Cash, Doesn't Want SafeCheap Energy Anywhere If you have any leads with substance, please contact me at Leroy(at) commutefaster.comI have listed the only details I dare at this point below. Top Current Suspects  read details below for Why   1.   U  nidentified Government Official withabusive power over NSA, IRS,FTC and Military. How highwould this personhave to be? How low could it be?   2.   Nuclear Power industry   3.   Oil Industry   4.   Tony Blair's businessassociates tied to OM Energy Ltd.  5.   Tony Blair's businessassociates in thenuclear power industry    U pdate 11/29/2009   1) As I have neither met, nor worked directly with this inventor, I have to rely on the reporting of Sterling Allan at for details. Hydrogen electrolysis experimenter Bob Boyce has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, the same time a chip was discovered in his shoulder.Full Story here.2   ) Sorry I do not have the audio to play here as this computer is acting up this week, but economist Ben Fulford commented on the talk show this last week  11/  27   /  2009 that the Asian Mafias were told to pull back fromenergy suppression. This statement in itself implies they formerly were involved in energy suppression. Stories of other recent energy suppression have reached me, but until I obtain some solid evidence, I don't have anythingverifiable to report here.3  ) The FTC, under leadership by attorney Joshua Millard forcibly evicted Dennis Lee from his research facility sometimearound August this year, 2009, and caused the destruction of more than one million dollars of research materials and equipment. No compensation to either Lee, Dutchman, or anyone who invested in his research was offered. Find JoshMillard's controller and you found which government crooks are causing this.4  ) And this bulk e-mail below needs repeating here, as another fellow energy experimenter is undergoing enormousfraud and suppression by government.   From: Clive Boustred T o:  S ent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 7:00 PM   S ubject: [Coppercards] T rial S tarts Monday: Government Sh oots At Dad & C h ildren, OrdersDad Not T o T ell His S ons He Loves Th em.   <> U nder  Th e Color of Law Th e Government Ramps U p Nint h Malicious Case AgainstClive. Th ey h ave taken everyt h ing from h im, h is c h ildren, h is h ome, companies and career  .   <> Now t h ey want to sentence h im to life in prison .  C¶s extraordinary vision clearly s h ines t h e lig h t on t h e criminal nature of t h e courts .  Was it Clive¶s banking system, next-generation education system or new media t h att h reatened t h e criminal¶s control of our world and government?   <>  After s h ooting at Clive from a range of five to seven feet wit h   h is sons Ric h ards andWilliam in t h e direct line of fire, S anta Cruz California s h eriffs assault Clive and c h arge h im wit h ³assault wit h a deadly weapon´, ³c h ild endangerment´, ³resisting arrest´ and a³ve h icle code violation´ for driving at 27 mp h down a private road. Giving Clive a s h amtrial h e was sentenced to jail for six mont h s for driving at 27 miles per  h our down h isprivate road.    All h is appeals were denied and Clive was ordered not communicate in any way wit h   h issons Ric h ard and William Nine malicious false prosecutions later, after literally stealing h is h ome, t h e government is fig h ting to lock Clive up for life .   Going by t h e name ³C´, Clive is accused by t h e government of being a dangerouscriminal and a menace to society. Ninety one of C¶s Info T elesys satellites would h avecircled t h e eart h along wit h   h is ³ S tate of Peace´, h oused on t h e S pace S tation Mir w h ic h  t h e Russian government h ad h anded to C.   Th e press h as been strangely silent as t h is astonis h ing story unfolds. C's vision andplans are censored.   Having arc h itected t h e systems for some of t h e largest banking systems in t h e world,C¶s non-fiat-money banking system could not only h ave freed t h e world from t h ebankers fraud and repeated recessions and depressions, it would virtually move t h eseat of your transactions into space and out of t h e grasps of greedy taxes. Worse,Info T elesys was eliminating t h e means to fund wars.   Media, t h roug h Info T elesys¶ network, would be h ig h -definition on-demand, according toyour c h oice and not broadcast according to your Hollywood banksters selection.Per  h aps even more dangerous, Info T elesys¶ education systems were bringing h ig h  quality sc h ooling to every man, woman and c h ild around t h e world at a cost of free.    Now with access to engines that run on H2O not H2C, devices that suck energy from the atmosphere and heaters that utilize resonance and a trickle of electricity to kick them into action, C has solutions to eliminate pollution and bring cheap power to the people. Currently, C is working on engineering ahuman powered vehicle that exceeds 100 mph. Clearly C¶s clean-power isalso now a threat to the powers at large. C is indeed dangerous, as you cansee.   S o dangerous t h at t h e S tate deemed it necessary to order t h at Clive not in any waycommunicate wit h   h is son¶s, not even tell t h em h e loves t h em or send t h em a C h ristmasor birt h day card and absolutely no Th anksgiving.   Th e S tate literally stole Clive¶s estate as t h ey t h rew h im in jail for t h e sixt h time andordered h e not go wit h in one h undred yards of  h is h ome and office w h ic h t h ey stole. S elling h is h ome for a million and a h alf less t h an it¶s last valuation, t h ey h anded t h eremaining proceeds to h is adulterous ex-wife w h om Clive paid off for t h e h ome moret h an six year earlier. Th ey even ordered t h e clerk of t h e court to endorse Clive¶s c h eckss h e stole and h anded t h e money to h er.   Th ey h ave left C wit h out any currency and continue to setup armed ambus h es for  h im.   C¶s plans would eliminate funds for war; prevent banks from making money out of not h ing and buying judges, politicians, cops, companies and your  h ome and usinginterest to manipulate t h e economy for personal profit. C¶s plans would eliminate your mortgage and secure your  h ome, liberty and life w h ile doubling your income byeliminating tax and launc h ing t h e world into an economic ecologically clean poweredboom.   C¶s scientifically backed thesis of life, ³The Origins of Everything´ reads: Lovemanifests life manifests energy manifests matter, in time and space. - CLive.Live, Love Oppose Evil. C dedicated The Origins of Everything to his sons,whom the government has ordered that he not even tell he loves them. C clearly h as t h e vision and capability to c h anging t h e world, h owever, t h e bankers and t h eir government want to silence C.   Th is is neit h er fiction nor fantasy, all t h e facts are plain to touc h and see. W h ile internetsurvives, you can visit C¶s siteswww.infotelesys.comfor t h e satellite, communications,banking, media and education company;www.strategize.comfor C¶s consultancy;www.libertyforlife.comfor C¶s lessons in life and h istory along wit h   h is federal lawsuitsand irrefutable evidence of t h e government¶s assaults;www. h 2o2 h ot.comfor one of C'sclean power companies;www.coppercards.comfor C¶s solution for Americans, anorganization C formed to bring back t h e Constitution for t h e U nited S tates of America, Allodial T itle and Common Law for t h e common man w h ere community counts.    U nder t h e color of law, on Monday 30 t h November 2009, t h e government will startt h e s h am trial for t h e 9 t h malicious case t h ey h ave filed against C at t h e S uperior Courton One S econd S treet, Watsonville, California. Come along to witness t h isextraordinary story and h ow out of control t h e government really is.   Forward t h is email to everyone, t h e only way to save C is for t h e public to rise up anddemand public servants follow t h e law. Not h ing s h ort of a public outcry can s h ut downt h e governments continued criminal acts against C.   Come to court. Jury selection starts Monday, t h e trial will probably begin late Mondayor  T uesday. Look for t h e ³People vs. Clive Boustred´ case ± probably in Department B.It will be a s h ow to remember.   <> Liberty For Life   C.   U pdate 4-27-2009  
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