Optical Fiber Systems

BSNL Optical Fiber Communication and Systems By OFC FACULTY ALTTC, Gzb. OF Comm&s OFC Faculty 1 BSNL CONTENTS Optical fiber concept &type Fiber characteri stics Fiber classification Optical communication advantages Transmission windows Transmission challenges OF Comm&s OFC Faculty 2 BSNL Optical Principle (Internal reflection theory) Ray Theory: A number of optic phenomena are adequately explained by considering light as narrow rays. The theory based on this approach is called geometrica
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  BSNL OF Comm&s OFC Faculty1 Optical Fiber CommunicationandSystems ByOFC FACULTYALTTC, Gzb.  BSNL OF Comm&s OFC Faculty2 CONTENTS Optical fiber concept &typeFiber characteristicsFiber classificationOptical communication advantagesTransmission windowsTransmission challenges  BSNL OF Comm&s OFC Faculty3 Ray Theory:A number of optic phenomena are adequately explained byconsidering light as narrow rays.The theory based on this approach is called geometrical optics.These rays obey a few simple rules:1.In a vacuum, rays travel at a velocity of c =3x10 8 m/s. In anyother medium, rays travel at a slower speed, given byv = c/n n =refractive index of the medium.2. Rays travel straight paths, unless deflected by some change inmedium.3. If any power crosses the boundary, the transmitted ray directionis given by Snells law:n1 sin Øi = n2 sin Ør   Optical Principle(Internal reflection theory)  BSNL OF Comm&s OFC Faculty4 INCIDENT RAYS 1 REFLECTED RAYS REFRACTED RAYS113223N2 cladding¢r¢i (Principle of total internal reflection) n1 = 1.48n2 = 1.46N1 core


Sep 8, 2017
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