OPTICAL FIBERS Andrea Raluy García 31/10/2017 Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Definition Optical fibers are long and flexible kinds of optical waveguides. They are essentially always based either on some glass or on polymers (plastic optical fibers). Among the glasses, fused silica (amorphous silicon dioxide, SiO2) is the strongly dominating material in fiber optics (particularly for optical fiber communications). The way optical fib
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  OPTICAL FIBERS Andrea Raluy García31/10/2017Maria Curie- Skłodowska  University  Definition Amongtheglasses,fusedsilica(amorphoussilicondioxide,SiO 2 )isthestronglydominatingmaterialinfiberoptics(particularlyforopticalfibercommunications).Opticalfibersare long and flexible kinds of opticalwaveguides. They are essentially always based either on some glass or on polymers (  plastic optical fibers ).  The way optical fibres work However,someofthelightsignaldegradeswithinthefibre,mostlyduetoimpuritiesintheglass.Theextentthatthesignaldegradesdependsonthepurityoftheglassandthewavelengthofthetransmittedlight..Thelightinafibre-opticcabletravelsthroughthecorebyconstantlybouncingfromthecladding(mirror-linedwalls),aprinciplecalledtotalinternalreflection.  Uses Communication - Telephone transmission method uses fibre-optic cables. Optical fibres transmit energy in the form of light pulses. Medical uses - Optical fibres are well suited for medical use. They can be made in extremely thin, flexible strands for insertion into the blood vessels, lungs, and other hollow parts of the body. Optical fibres are used in a number of instruments that enable doctors to view internal body parts without having to perform surgery. Simple uses - The simplest application of optical fibres is the transmission of light to locations otherwise hard to reach. Also, bundles of several thousand very thin fibres assembled precisely side by side and optically polished at their ends, can be used to transmit images.
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