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    Dr.Sushil Vijay-Orthopaedics    #Orthorevision #Traumaweek 1.   Most common type of shoulder dislocation? 2. Patient with history of RTA, arm held adducted, not able to move the arm. Contour seems normal. X-Ray s/o no bony injury. Probable diagnosis? 3. Which is most common type of anterior dislocation of shoulder? 4. Most common complication of shoulder dislocation 5. Most common acute complication of shoulder dislocation 6. What is the common site of hill sach lesion and bankart lesion?. 7. What is Putti plat surgery 8. A patient with history of RTA presenting with fracture of proximal humerus now having difficulty in external rotation of arm, which nerve and muscle is involved? 9. Most common complication of fracture clavicle? 10. What is then best management for fracture clavicle? 11. A patient following RTA is not able to extend the wrist, what is the probable fracture? 12. Most common site of involvement of radial nerve in shaft of humerus fracture? (Upper, middle or lower 1/3) 13. Holstein lewis fracture is seen in which bone? 14. A patient after episode of seizure is not able to move his arm. Xray shows no bony injury. Probable type of dislocation 15. Electric bulb sign is seen in which dislocation? 1. It's anterior dislocation.   2. Pointing towards posterior dislocation as no bony injury suspected but arm is held in addiction. Point I wanted to highlight is the contour may remain normal in posterior dislocation.   3. It's subcoracoid 4. Recurrence 5. Axillary nerve injury. 6.hill sach on posterolateral aspect and bankart on anteroinferior aspect. 7. Putti platt is subscapularis is strengthened to prevent external rotation and abduction, attaching one end of tendon to glenoid and other to proximal end of anterior capsule. 8. Axillary nerve and teres minor. 9. Malunion 10. Conservative, triangular sling or figure of 8. 11. Probable fractures can he shaft of humerus and proximal radius leading yo radial nerve injury. 12. It's middle one third. 13. It's lower fracture of humerus. 14. Favouring posterior dislocation 15. Posterior dislocation .      Dr.Sushil Vijay-Orthopaedics    #Orthorevision #Traumaweek 1.   a.Most common type of supracondylar fracture of humerus? b.Most common nerve involved overall? c.Most common vascular injury associated? d.Most common complication and deformity associated? e. Status of three point relationship, Maintained or damaged or reversed? 2. A child aged 3 years was pulled by his sister holding him from his lower forearm. Now the child is keeping the elbow in extension and forearm in pronation. What is the diagnosis? 3. Which nerve may be associated with monteggia fracture? 4. What will be the status of interosseus membrane in galeazzi fracture? Intact or damages? 5. Essex lopresti is an injury to which structure? 6. What is terrible triad of elbow? 7. What is the status of three point relationship in postrior elbow dislocation? 8. A child presenting with claw of little finger for last 20 days.There is past history of injury around elbow 4 years back. What is your probable diagnosis? 9. What deformity is usually associated with fracture of lateral condyle of humerus? 10. Gun stock deformity will be seen usually in which fracture? 11. What should be the position of forearm in plaster if fracture has occured at middle one third of both bones forearm? 12. What is the most common complication of colles' fracture? 13. What deformity is seen after smith fracture? 14. Which tendon may be damaged in Colles' fracture? 15. What deformity is seen after colles' fracture? 16. Chauffeur is a fracture of ? 17. Tendon responsible for displacement of bennet's fracture? 18. What is skier's thumb? 19.What is jersey finger? 20. Where is no man's land located in hand? What is the site affected? 1.a.extension type.   b.AIN   c. Brachial artery d. Malunion and cubitus varus e. Maintained 2. Pulled elbow. 3. PIN 4. Damaged 5. Interosseus membran between radius and ulna. Other is radial head fracture with subluxation of distal ulna. 6.radial head with coronoid and elbow dislocation.    Dr.Sushil Vijay-Orthopaedics    7. Reversed 8. Non union fracture lateral condyle. 9. Cubitus valgus 10. Supracondylar humerus fracture. 11. Mid prone or neutral. 12. Stiffness of joints 13. Garden spade 14. EPL 15. Dinner fork deformity 16. Radial styloid. 17. APL 18. Injury to ulnar collateral ligaments of mcp of thumb. 19. Injury to FDP. 20. It is the zone 2 of hand located between the insertion of FDS and distal palmar crease.  #Orthorevision #Traumaweek 1.   Most common site of scaphoid fracture Waist 2. Most common site of AVN in scaphoid Proximal pole 3. Most common carpal to dislocate? Lunate 4. Difference in lunate and perilunate dislocation Only lunate dislocates in lunate dislocation, in perilunate all other carpal except lunate dislocated. 5. Investigation of choice for scaphoid fracture. MRI 6. Neurological abnormality is seen in around 70 to 80 percent of Jefferson fracture. True or false? False 7. Spondylotysthesis of c2 over c3 is know as? Hangman fracture 8. Clay shovellers is an avulsion fracture usually involves which structure. Usually C7 9. Most common mechanism of injury of spine? 10. Vertebroplasty is done for what type of vertebral Injury? Compression vertebral fracture 11. Cement used in vertebroplasty? PMMA 12. Most commonest type of disc prolapse.    Dr.Sushil Vijay-Orthopaedics    Paracentral 13. Patient having backache and weakness in distribution of L5. What is the site of disc prolapse. L4 -L5 14. Angle used to measure scoliosis? Cobbs angle 15. Best view to diagnose spondylolysis. Oblique view 16. Difference in spondylolysis, spondylitis, spondylosis and spondylolysthesis. 17. Cast/brace used for scoliosis in children and adults. Rissers in adult and Milwaukee in children 18. Use of Minerva cast? Cervicodorsal immobilization. 19. Use of Taylor's brace? Dorsolumbar immobilization 20. Sign seen in AP view of spondylolysthesis. Inverted Napoleon hat sign 21. Sign seen in spondylolysis Scotty dog sign #Orthorevision #traumaweek 1. Tile's classification is used for? Pelvic fractures 2. Fracture of pelvis anteriorly as well posteriorly on same hemipelvis is known as? Malgaigne fracture 3. Kocher Langenback approach is used for which fractures? Acetabular fracture(Posterior wall +column) 4. 2 days old Sub capital Fracture neck of femur in 35 years old male is best managed by? CC screw fixation 5. Meyer's pedicle graft is used in which fracture? Fracture neck of femur 6. Implant of choice in fracture shaft of femur? Intramedullary nail 7. PFN is an implant commonly used for which fractures? Intertrochantric fractures 8. Hoffa's fracture is?
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