Pharmacy Daily for Fri 13 Jun 2014 - Scope inquiry to look at reg, COAG health report card, NZ funds $78m research, Events Calendar and much more

Friday 13 Jun 2014 PHARMACYDAILY.COM.AU Pharmacy Daily Friday 13th June 2014 t 1300 799 220 w page 1 Scope inquiry to look at reg THE Victorian Legislatve Council has moved that the Legal and Social Issues Legislaton Commitee inquire and report on the role and opportunites for community pharmacy in primary and preventatve care in Victoria. The Victorian Minister for Health David Davis tabled the moton at the end of May and said there was an opportunity for
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  Friday 13 Jun 2014  PHARMACYDAILY.COM.AU Pharmacy Daily Friday 13th June 2014 t 1300 799 220 w page 1 Scope inquiry to look at reg THE Vc L Cuc h  h h L  Sc Iu L C inquire and report on the role  ppu f cuy pharmacy in primary and p c  Vc.Th Vc M f Hh D D b h   h  f My   h w  ppuy f cuy pharmacists to play a wider role.“In a sense, this process would k   f huh h   h is any impediment to, or other c , phc   fy    ppch   cp   f wy h wu b c wh h  qu and rules.” D  phc cu p  p c  c f  Vc  k f hp , cc  p c  f to ease pressure on hospitals and emergency departments. Th pp  wh    pp h ,  w “hy cbb” h,   kp h c buy u h c w c.Phcy B f Au ch  Vc Phcy Auhy registrar Stephen Marty said the Auhy h c h quy c  bh   h B wu k ub.H  hu c f ch b  by h quy, h wu   b cu bu hw  ppy h   y c   h c bw   territories did not occur.The Board might need to look at whether new guidelines would   b p, hu uch ch b c, h .Bh h Phcy Gu f Au  h Phcuc Scy f Au Vc bch p wc h inquiry ( PD  12 Jun).To read the transcript, CLICK HERE . Pharmacy “Essential Financial Skills” Brisbane 19-20th AugustLast Workshop for 2014 “With the PBS changes, this workshop has empowered me to analyse my business and put strategies in place to reduce the impact. Geoff is a vibrant presenter.”    Fiona Mann, Mannum Chemplus Click here for detailed brochure Pharmacy Accredited  A1403FMRC1Thiscoursehasbeenaccreditedfor 28group2CPDcreditsand10group1CPDcreditsfor inclusiononapharmacist’sCPDRecord. Participantscanconvert the10group1CPDcreditsinto20group2CPDcreditsbycompletinganoptional assessment within3months. PHARMACY PRACTICE INCENTIVES (PPI) Funded by the Australian Department of Health as part of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement. Claiming for PPI will only be available on the 5CPA portal from1 – 14 June 2014 CLAIM DUE NZ funds $78m research NEW Zealand Science and I M S Jyc  Hh M Ty Ry uc h wk   f NZ$78  hh ch fu  p f h 2014 Hh Rch Cuc f NZ’ fu u.A Exp G f NZ$150,000 w w  Pf Gy Ck f h Uy f O  k   bc  cb uu- pathogens. D Jk  Zy f h W Dc Hh B’  f 100 Nw Z p c pu  pcb to determine whether therapy to lower uric acid could slow the p f chc ky ,  h c, c NZ$990,685  fu.Th fu w c by  $18 f  y u  h  f fu f u contracts, Joyce said. DDS drives bottom line DISCOUNT Drug Stores announced an enhanced Mc M P  php wh PhE   w php wh DAA packing company MPS at its N Cfc.Th p wu w  cu f  p support programs, it said.The MPS partnership would manage community Dose A A,  .DDS  Du Kukpf-D  h  wu  h w ub f ch   phcy    w    bck  p  ch wh. EMA upholds position THE Eup Mc Acy (EMA) M B h c   pcy  h pubc f cc  .Th EMA     c access to this data and it had c “y c” u h cu ph.Au  h pcy included that it would encourage uf cc u f  u f h EU  k ch   h .Th EMA    by  c, f  pu remarks that it would help increase ccy f p,  h h,   h  was a compromise approach which wu, f ,    “ufu cpy ” h f w cc  u  fc f My 2016. The +ve and -ve of vit E RECENT ch h  h w f f  E h cc c  py fuc,  b pc  h h p u   wy hypp.Th wk, u f Chc’ Fb Sch f Mc, x bh h α-cph f f  E  h f γ-cph   y f 4,526 u  h ‘Cy Ay Rk Dp  Yu Au’ (CARDIA) u-c ch wh b py and tocopherol data. Pubh  h ju Respiratory Research , the study fw up p f 20 y  hhh h  f  E   -x. CLICK HERE  to read the paper. RB KY acquisition THE Au Cp  Cu C (ACCC)  c  pp f Rck Bck B L (RB) h  buy h K-Y b f McN-PPC Ic.,  uby f Jh & Johnson. Th ACCC  p-cqu, RB wu w h w hh  p ubc b  Au, K-Y  Dux.A c uc  xpc u 17 Ju.  Friday 13 Jun 2014  PHARMACYDAILY.COM.AU Pharmacy Daily is a publicaon for health professionals of Pharmacy Daily Pty Ltd ABN 97 124 094 604. All content fully protected by copyright. Please obtain wrien permission from the editor to reproduce any material. While every care has been taken in the preparaon of Pharmacy Daily no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions. Informaon is published in good faith to smulate independent invesgaon of the maers canvassed. 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If yu h yu phcy  y, h’ h h’ k yu f  h wpk - Thq Abh h u f hh ch  Sacramento at age 10.  Associated Press  reported that Abh j M   fu  w h ch, u wh  4.0  p  - h xu pb  qu  c  A  y cu, u b sources at Wikipedia tell us. A f x p,  f u h w, buy Abh w k c courses and said he wanted to  c ch   b p (? T yu),  AP  reported. POSSIBLE u-c.Yu y h h h ph ‘h f h ’ wh  yu h  bc   bh phcy, chc making and staging a one person -k f S W, bu    Az h b  f literally trying to shoot the moon. Pc Vy pc p   c f  w wh  h byf w h k bu  Hy’ C   h u f h ww f h h,  Associated Press reported. Th  h b bk  j  upc f uwfu ch f    u h ch, h pubc reported. AND I would Poland. D yu h  u y  your pharmacy that occasionally py ‘I’ G B (500 M)’?W, f yu’  y w ju wh h wu h  h Pc, cartographer Kenneth Field calculated it would take them f Lh  Fc  H f h 500 M  P  h Czch Rpubc f h fu 1,000, the Telegraph  reported. Pharmacy training? We have you covered.   pharmacistclub pharmacyclub WIN A CANCER COUNCIL PACK This week Pharmacy Daily   is giving four readers the chance to win a Cancer Council BB Crème & Body Lotion, valued at $33.90.Cancer Council BB Crème is a 3 in 1 formula that corrects skin tone and offers SPF 30 protection. The crème is made with ingredients including; grape seed extract to help reduce signs of ageing, vitamin E to increase moisture, mushroom extract to fight bacteria build up and mica to help reflect light, giving skin a flawless finish. The BB Crème is available in light and medium tint.Cancer Council Body Moisturiser with SPF 30 is a rich crème with aloe vera to soothe dry skin, and vitamin E to nourish, hydrate and protect skin. To win, be first to send in the correct answer to the question to: Cancer Council Body Moisturiser contains which vitamin to hydrate skin? Congratulations to yesterday’s winner, Emily Keleher  from Good Price Pharmacy. COAG health report card THE p  h Cuc Of Au G (COAG)  hhc f fu   12 Au y      pcp u  c.COAG Rf Cuc ch Jh Buby  COAG  c p   y, cu h Au h  h  f xpcc by, p cy p w   f k .Hw, h p fu  2012-13, 8.5% f Au y      pcp f h GP bcu f c,   h   , h w 12.4%, wc h  fu  h     6%.Th w, hw,  f f 2010-11’  f 9.8% ( 8.5%).F Iu Au, h w 34.6% bu h p  h hu  b cy cp wh u cu f  Au u    cc h.Au Mc Ac p Ac Pf B Ow  h p hhh h  f p GP c-py  c c-py f PBS c.“Rch hw h  c  p h f c c  cy c wh  decrease in adherence. “Th  f   cp  h COAG p c b xpc  c cy wh c c-py f PBS medicines.” Buby   f cc cu h  63% f Au u w wh  b    25 Au u f yp 2 b.Th p   qu f pp wh yp 2 b f   h c appropriately. Hp  f cc-pb c jup 16%  h  y p. To access the report, CLICK HERE. Medicinewise awards NPS MedicineWise has presented h Uy f Syy Fcuy f Phcy   w f h wy p  f p f ch wh A Dc Hypcy D  ‘Dp f  qu pp  f p  c f ch  wh -c/hypcy ’.
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