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  TQ PITCH INTRO   - Hello Good Morning/Afternoon….  This is ( your name ) calling from Global Source Management Limited . I’d like to speak with the Owner / Director  of ( mention the company name ) If the position you’re looking for not available ;   Well can I speak to the General Manager of the company ? is he available ? If you got the right person ; Excellent,  how are you doing today? Before I continue, may I know your name so I can address you properly ? (Wait for Response ) My name is __________ , calling from Global   Source Management,  the International Investment Research company in  Hong Kong  . What we do is we source clients for several investment companies that are actively growing their client base in your country (mention country name). Are you with me ? (Wait for response) IF YES or even IF CLIENT NOT INTERESTED: (First Name)…. This is  NOT a sales call so I have NOTHING  to offer you today! I am simply calling to ask, if you were to receive information on our current investment opportunity and you were confident that you would make a substantial Tax Free profit, I take it like most sensible  business people I spoken with, you would at least give the opportunity your serious consideration RIGHT?! (Wait for response)  IF NO : (FIRST NAME)  LET ME INFORM YOU, THAT WE CAN PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS UP TO 40% PROFIT RETURN WITHOUT ANY SINGLE TAX LAST YEAR, IF WE COULD PROVIDE YOU WITH THE SAME RECOMMENDATION, WOULD YOU BE OPEN MINDED TO KNOW MORE ? IF NO : Not a problem, thank you IF YES: Look (First Name)……a senior analyst flew in from New York recently…. Which means a new triple A recommendation may be announced shortly…now that could happen in a day or a week or not at all. However, if it does happen and I would like to arrange for you to receive a call back from one of our Senior Portfolio Manager, are you normally available in the mornings or afternoons?! (Wait  for    response) Ok GREAT, We also need your office or landline phone number and it would be ? (if the office number is listed on the database, just reconfirm)  Look (First Name), we would NEVER   disrespect you with an inappropriate  recommendation! So, may I just ask…. Have you ever try investing in any Stockmarket ? If YES:  Is it in local or international market? (Wait for    response) Do you have broker or you do it by yourself? (Wait for    response)  If NO:  Not a problem, since everything to the dot will be explain to you when they call you back next time. And id like to complete your short contact detail (Check all Contact details) 1.   Full Name “Your first name is… so may I know your last name/ surname” ?  2.   Company ( If you got it at the Introduction do not ask it again )  3.   Position ( If you got it at the Introduction do not ask it again )   And to make sure you’ll get the right recommendation, may I know your age this year ?   (Wait for    response) Ill take a note…  (First Name) the investment opportunity from the US Stock Market that we would like to offer is for you PERSONALLY ,and a new investment account would typically start around 20,000 USD ONLY IF   you are interested , do you think you can handle that amount? IF NO:  Ok, so how close to 20.000 USD that you can possibly handle at this point of time then? (If client still cant figure the number by himself) How about 5,000 - 10,000 USD can you handle that if you’re interested?   (If there’s no Specific answer) TIEDOWN   - It’s only hypothetically speaking,   if you’re convinced can you handle that amount ?   (IF YOU GOT THE CONFIRMATION OF THE LIQUIDITY) WONDERFUL/ EXCELENT/ FANTASTIC (First Name) … Have a great day and do listen out for the call from one of our Portfolio Managers. They are all top guys and their advice has allowed many clients to enjoy an early retirement with their tax free profits. They could do the same for you! Goodbye for now.  REBUTTALS 1.   CAN YOU SEND ME EMAIL ? Answer: Before we send you anything, Sir, I just would like to gain your interest to know more regarding this business opportunity, so could I interest you to know more? 2.   WHERE DID YOU GET MY NUMBER? Answer: We got your number from worldwide business directory, I hope you don’t mind.   3.   WHY IS IT TAX-FREE? Answer: The associate investment companies that we represent are dealing with US Stock Market, Sir. Since you are not the US citizen, so you are not listed in their taxation system.  4.   WHICH PART OF HONGKONG ARE YOU LOCATED? Answer: We’re located in Comet Commercial Centre, 16 th  floor 42A, Wing Hong Street. 5.   WHY DON’T YOU SOUND CHINESSE?  Answer: Just because I’m calling you from Hong Kong doesn’t mean that I’m a Hong Kong citizen, Sir. I am an expatriate and work here for quite sometimes already. 6.   WHY CAN’T I SEE YOUR NUMBER?  Answer: We are using VOIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol ) syste m, that’s why you can’t see my number, Sir.    7.   CAN I HAVE YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER? Answer: Since we’re talking about the company business, it is against our company policy to give out the personal information. But if you would like to call to our office, the number is +852 301 83346. 8.   WHAT IS GLOBAL SOURCE? Answer: We are an international marketing agency for some of the biggest investment companies in Asia that can show you a high profit tax free return, so could I interest you to know more? 9.   ARE YOU A WELL-ESTABLISHED COMPANY? Answer: Yes we are, we have total combine experience over than 50 years. 10.   DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE? Answer: Yes Sir, it is   11.   WHAT COMPANY WILL CALL ME BACK? Answer: As I mentioned, we represent many reputable investment companies in Asia. And the company who will contact you back is the one who has the strong and profitable recommendation from the market. 12.   WHEN WILL THE INVESTMENT COMPANY CALL ME? Answer: Basically stock market is based on good timing and good pricing, so when the time and the price is right one of our associates investment companies will contact you back to provide you with the best and the latest recommendation from the US Stock Market.
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