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  Potassium Name:PotassiumSymbol: K (from Neo-Latin kalium  ) Atomic Number: 19 Atomic Mass:39.0983 atomic mass unitsDensity:.862 grams per cubic centimetreNormal Phase: SolidFamily: Alkali MetalsPeriod: 4 Number of Protons :19 Number of Neutrons  : 20 Number of Electrons :19 Freezing Point :63.38 C Melting Point : 336.7 K (63.5 °C, 146.3 °F) Boiling Point :1032K (759 C,1398 F)   Potassium is metallic and silvery white. It is soft, waxy and can easilybe cut with a knife. Potassium hasa lilac colored flame and burns when in contact with water. It reactswith oxygen to form potassium superoxide (KO2) and with water to formpotassium hydroxide (KOH), hydrogen gas and heat. Enough heat isproduced to ignite the hydrogen gas. Origin of Name :From the English word potash  , meaning pot ashes,and the Arabic word qali  , meaning alkali. Thesymbol K comes from the Latin word kalium  ,meaning alkali.   Date and Place of Discovery In 1807 in London, England    Discovered by Sir Humphry Davy Common Uses  Soaps  Glassware  Explosives  Matches  Heat-transfer System  Helps human metabolism   Interesting Facts  It was the first metal to be isolated using electrolysis.  It catches fire when exposed to water.  It burns with a violet flame.  It is found in all living plant and animal cell  The human body uses it to promote regular heartbeat, help build muscles, regulate blood pressure, and control the water balances in body tissues and cells.   A diet low in potassium and high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure.   Who knew?  Low potassium in the body is called hypokalemia. Symptoms include muscle cramps, weakness and irregular heartbeat, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. High potassium, called hyperkalemia, causes similar symptoms.  Sounds fun: According to Humphry Davy's lab assistant, the scienst reacted with glee when he discovered his new element. I have been told by Mr. Edmund Davy, his relave and assistant … that when he saw the minute globules of potassium burst through the crust of potash, and take re as they entered the atmosphere [Humphry Davy] could not contain his joy — he actually danced about the room in ecstac delight, John Davy wrote in his of the life of Sir Humphry Davy .     East or WestPotassium is the Best Common Uses .Soap.Glassware.Explosive.Matches.Heat-transfer System   Potassium Vitamins RichFoodsPotassium pearls (inparaffin oil)


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