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  10/16/2014PRES 2 Past Papers - MEDICAL REGISTRATION EXAMS. for doctors PRES Level 2 MEDICAL REGISTRATION EXAMS. FORDOCTORS GYNAE / OBS 1: E.D.D.  L.M.P. more reliable than USG T  L.M.P. reliable even if periods are prolonged T  L.M.P. reliable when breast feeding T  L.M.P. when pregnancy due to pill failure T Calculated as 12 months minus 3 months plus 7 days T  2: TERM 40 weeks T >36 weeks F [37 to 42 wks]<42 weeks T 38-41 weeks T 37-42 weeks T  HOMEPRES 2 PAST PAPERSPRES 3 PAST PAPERS  10/16/2014PRES 2 Past Papers - MEDICAL REGISTRATION EXAMS. for doctors 3: TERM >42 weeks F [37 to 42 wks]40 weeks T >36 weeks F  4:INCREASED SERUM PROLACTIN LEVELS MAY RESULT FROM Stress T Chronic renal failure T  Infection with HIV T  Hypothyroidism T Sheehan’s syndrome F  5:: IN NORMAL PREGNANCY  Increase of 100kcal is required by the mother per day for normal development of the fetus F 300mg folic acid is required daily F  Iron absorption increases with meals F 10% of dietry iron is absorbed from the gut T  Hb falls by 1g/dl due to haemodilution F  6: IN NORMAL MENSES Secretory endometrium is associated with corpus leuteum T  After menarche the cycles are usually ovulatory F Ovulation occurs at the 7th day of the cycle F  LH peaks after ovulation F   10/16/2014PRES 2 Past Papers - MEDICAL REGISTRATION EXAMS. for doctors Secretory endometrium secretes estrogen F  7: IN THE LUTEAL PHASE OF THE CYCLE THE FOLLOWING ARE TRUE  Increased progesterone T  Increased LH F  Decreased body temperature Implantation T  Increased FSH F  8: IMPLANTATION Occurs before LH surge F Occurs 2 weeks after fertilization F  Fertilization occurs in the ampulla T  Fertilization occurs 48 hrs after ovulation F  9: IN IMPLANTATION  Fertilization occurs in the ampullary oviduct T  It occurs before LH surge F  It occurs 2 weeks after fertilization F  Fertilization occurs within 48 hrs of ovulation T  It occurs with watery mucous secretions F , [This is luteal phase so progesterone makes cervical mucus scanty,viscid,cellular,non stretchable and gives a negative fern test,where as in follicular phase oestrogen makes cervical mucus excessive ,watery ,cellur,clear and stringy {like raw egg white} and if allowed to dry on a slide produces ferning pattern due to its high salt content ]  10/16/2014PRES 2 Past Papers - MEDICAL REGISTRATION EXAMS. for doctors 10: PLACENTAL FORMATION Cytotrophoblast is in direct contact with the maternal blood F  Divided cells are formed from endometrial stroma F Sinusoidal spaces are in direct contact with the uterine artery F  Each cytotrophoblast is formed from a primary villous F  Each cotyledon is a separate primary villous stem T[Cotyledon is tree villus branches,there are 20 cotyledons in placenta]The placenta is attached to the myometrium F  Decidual cells are formed from the endometrial cells T  11: AMNIOTIC FLUID  Has the same protein content as maternal blood ?  Is formed by maternal filterate in the 2nd trimester F  A-fetoprotein increases through out pregnancy T [only till 30 wks] Bilirubin is highest in the last trimester ? Has high ureas than maternal blood T  12: THE FOLLOWING INCREASE IN NORMAL PREGNANCY  Fibrinogen T  Plasminogen activator T  Factor V F  Factor VIII T  Fibrinogen degradation products F 
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