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  Comprehensive, Integrated Suite of Power System Software Modules fromModeling to Operation Products & Solutions Trusted Solution Established Quality Verified & Validated Software  Modeling & Visualization Core Module -   64 Bit ã Integrated 1Ф, 2Ф, 3Ф, & DC Systems ã One-Line Graphical View - OLV  ·Intelligent Electrical Diagram ·Auto-Build - Faster Layout & Design  ·Templates - One-Click Modeling  ·Datablocks - Info & Study Results  ·Voltage Propagation & Error Checking ·Unlimited Nested Networks ·Solve Unlimited Elements & Devices ·Protective Device & Panel Systems ·Theme, Data, Configuration Managersã 3-Dimensional Orthogonal Database  ·Base & Revision Data ·Switching Configurations ·Graphical Viewsã User-Access Control & Security ã Switching Device Interlock Enforcer ã Rule Books - Design Standards ã Libraries - 25+ Equipment Libraries ã Warehouse - Project Specific Library ã Study Scenario Wizards ã Power & Per Unit Calculators ã Cable Ampacity & Sizing Modules ã Cable & Line Impedance Calculation ã Schedule Reports - Cables, Transformers, Motor Datasheets, Bus & Load Tabulation ã Multi-Language Ed. - 8+ Localized Versions Geospatial Diagram ã Intelligent Electrical GIS View ã Incremental Import from ESRI® & Smallworld™ GIS ã Voltage Propagation & Error Checking ã Intelligent Circuit Tracing & Loop Detection NetPM™ ã Network Modeling & Project Management etapAPP™ ã Data Collection & Synchronization DataX™ - Data Exchange Interfaces ã Microsoft® Excel ã Project Merge ã Universal Mapping ã KML, OSM, CIM, MultiSpeak® ã Autodesk Revit® ã SmartPlant® Electrical ã AVEVA Electrical™ / Engineering ã Conversion from Legacy Software Cable Systems Ampacity & Sizing ã IEEE 399 ã NFPA 70 - NEC ã ICEA P-54-440 ã IEC 60364 ã IEC 60092 ã IEC 60502 ã BS 7671 ã NF C 15-100 Underground Cable Thermal Analysis ã Neher-McGrath ã IEC 60287 ã Transient Temperature Profile Cable Pulling ã Sidewall Pressure & Tension Evaluation ã 3-Dimensional Conduit Layout & Views Dynamics & Transients ã Transient Stability ã User-Defined Dynamic Model - UDM ã Dynamic Modeling  ·Frequency Dependent ·Generator, WTG, Motor, Load ·Governor, Exciter, PSS ·HVDC, SVC, FACTS ·Convertors, Energy Storage ·Automatic Relay & Switching Actions ·Unlimited System Disturbances   ã Generator Start-Up ã Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning - DPET ã Motor Parameter Estimation - MPE ã Electromagnetic Transients - EMTP ã Microgrid Controller Modeling Safety & Protection Protective Device Analysis ã Star ™ - Protection & Selectivity  ·Auto Evaluation - Rule-Based  ·Selectivity Zone & Path Detectionã StarZ ™ - T&D Protection & Selectivity  ·Distance Relay - Model Specific  ·R-X Characteristics Plots ·Sliding Fault & Line Loadability ·User-Editable Scheme Logicã Device Sequence-of-Operation ã Device Library - 1000+   Arc Flash Analysis ã AC Arc Flash · IEEE 1584-2018 · NFPA 70E  · D.8.12 BGI/GUV 5188E ã ArcFault™ -   High Voltage Arc Flash OSHA ã Arc-in-a-Box - 15 to 36 kV, IEEE 1584 ã DC Arc Flash - NFPA 70E, D.8.12 ã Arc Flash Caclulators ã Graphical Sequence-of-Operation ã Result Analyzer & Worst-Case Evaluation ã PPE Requirements Approval ã Customizable Work Permits ã Labels in Multiple Languages System Grounding & Earthing ã Ground Grid Systems  ·IEEE 80 Method ·Finite Element Methodã Protective Earthing Conductor Sizing ã Electric Shock Protection From Modeling &  Analysis Analysis & Optimization Network Analysis ã Load Flow & Voltage Drop ã Unbalanced Load Flow ã Unified Load Flow - AC, DC, Unbalanced ã Time Domain Load Flow ã Short Circuit - ANSI, IEC, GOST ã Motor Acceleration - Static, Dynamic ã Harmonics & Filter Sizing ã Contingency Analysis ã Reliability Assessment ã Load Allocation ã Transformer Sizing - ANSI, IEC Network Optimization ã Optimal Power Flow ã Optimal Capacitor Placement ã Unit Transformer Tap Optimization ã Switching Optimization DC Modeling & Analysis ã Battery Sizing ã Battery Discharge ã DC Load Flow ã DC Short Circuit . . . 2  to Real-Time Operation eSCADA™ Model-Driven Electrical SCADA ã Data Acquisition ã Human Machine Interface ã Web-Based Dashboard ã Supervisory Control ã Geographical Monitoring ã Historian - Information Storage & Retrieval ã Simplified Template-Driven Integrator ã Alarm Management ã Sequence-of-Event Management ã Graphical & Tabular Reporting ã Operator & Management Notifier ã Waveform Capture Dashboards ã Synchrophasor Measurements Views ã Redundant Architecture ã Control Inhibition ã Dynamic Network Coloring ã Analytical Alarming Native Communication Protocols ã IEC 61850 - GOOSE / MMS ã IEC 60870-5 - 101 / 104 ã ICCP ã Modbus ã DNP 3 ã OPC UA - Server / Client ADMS Distribution Management - DMS ã Network Connectivity Analysis ã Distribution State Estimation ã Load Forecasting - Short & Long-Term ã Asset Operation Monitoring ã Predictive Simulation ã Fault Detection & Identification ã Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration - FLISR ã Switching Order Management - SOM ã Volt/VAR Optimization - VVO ã Feeder Balancing & Loss Minimization ã Technical & Non-Technical Energy Losses Report Outage Management - OMS ã Crew Dispatch & Work Management ã Outage Analytics & Reporting ã Planned Outage Management ã Storm Assessment ã Trouble Call Management Automation & Control iSub™ - Intelligent Substation ã Substation Automation ã Switching Order Management - SOM ã Switching Sequence Validation ã Load Management ã Demand Side Management ILS™ - Intelligent Load Shedding ã Instantaneous Load Shedding ã Optimal Load Preservation ã Automated System Restoration ã Integrated Validation via Transient Stability ã Intelligent Automatic Subsystem Islanding ã Time-Based Load Priority Schedules Distribution Load Shedding ã Load Curtailment Management ã Automatic & Manual Outage Rollouts ã Optimized Rolling Outages ã Priority-Based Customer Restoration ã Interruption Minimization per Customer per Time Periods ã Under-Frequency & Overload Shedding Power Management Model-Driven PMS ã Energy Accounting ã Event Playback ã Intelligent Monitoring ã Load Forecasting ã Predictive Simulation ã State Estimation Energy Management Model-Driven EMS ã Network Security Analysis ã Equipment Maintenance Scheduling ã Automatic Generation Control ã Economic Dispatch ã Unit Commitment ã Interchange Scheduling ã Reserve Management Microgrid Microgrid Management System ã Generation Optimization ã Energy Storage Management ã Generation & Load Forecasting ã Demand Side Management ã Economic Dispatch ã Supervisory Control ã Unit Commitment ã Volt/VAR Optimization - VVO . . . iCE™ - Intelligent Control Enterprise ã Programmable Controller ã Remote Terminal Unit - RTU ã Data Acquisition & Control ã Secure Controller ã Integrated Fault Detector ã Fault Tolerant Hardware ã Built-in Redundancy ã Communication Protocols ã Wireless Communications 3 Powering Success Convergence of Power & Intelligence  Data Center CommercialTransportationTransmissionIndustrialDistributionGeneration Solutions From renewable to nuclear, majority of power generation plants rely on ETAP ã Grid Interconnection Studies ã Renewable Penetration Studies ã Design & Analyze Solar & Wind Farms ã Model Validation & Compliance Reports ã Dynamic Parameter Tuning ã Generation Protection ã Power Train, Auxiliary & Safety Systems ã Unit Commitment & Dispatch ã Microgrid Modeling, Design & Control ã Generation Management System Intelligently model, design, and operate oil & gas, mining & metals, manufacturing plants ã ‘What If’ Studies w/ Multiple Results of Load Flow, Faults & Arc Flash Studies ã System Loss Reduction & Reactive Compensation Studies ã Equipment Capacity Sizing ã Acceleration Studies w/ Adjustable Drives ã Protective Device Auto-Evaluation ã Harmonic Evaluation & Limit Compliance ã Fast Load Shedding & Bus Transfer ã Predictive Analysis, Control & Automation ã Power Management System Modeling, planning and operations of state and city-wide power distribution networks ã Planning & Optimization Studies ã Intelligent GIS & Logical Diagrams ã Substation & Feeder Diagrams ã Equipment Warehouse & Sizing ã Reliability Assessment & Indices ã Substation & Feeder Automation ã Smart Grid Management & Optimization ã Advanced Fault Detection & Location ã Automated Outage Restoration ã Demand Response & Load Shedding ã Integrated DMS & OMS Solution Integrated grid modeling, planning, protection and energy management solution ã Multi-Area System Planning ã Grid Interconnection Studies including Offshore Wind Parks ã HVDC Link & FACTS Models ã Overhead Line Distance Protection ã Line Constants & Coupling ã Outage Assessment & Sensitivity Analysis ã Electromagnetic Transients ã Substation Automation ã Substation Grounding Design & Analysis ã Security Constrained Optimization ã Energy Management System Design, analysis, and protection of low voltage installations and mission critical facilities ã Dedicated Data Center Dashboards ã Electrical Safety System Monitoring & Evaluation Redundancy Adequacy Assessment ã UPS Design, Monitoring & Control ã Critical Infrastructure Failure Mode & Effects Analysis ã Rule-Based Design per Industry Guidelines ã Panel Board Schedules ã Cable Sizing & Thermal Analysis ã System / Zone Protection & Selectivity ã Power Quality Analysis & Mitigation ã Interface w/ Revit & BIM Software AC & DC electrical system analysis for railways, marine and aerospace ã eTraX ™   - Rail Traction System  Solution for analysis and operation of HV & LV railway power and signaling systems ã Marine, Offshore & Shipbuilding Design, operate and maintain ship, platform, and port power systems safely, while improving critical uptime ã Airports & Aerospace Design, simulate, analyze and operate airport & aerospace unified AC & DC power systems © 2019 ETAP / Operation Technology, Inc. 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