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Parklift //Combilift // Combiparker // Slimparker // Crossparker // Parking Platforms // Parksafe // Car Display Tower // Level Parker // Multiparker PRODUCT RANGE Otto Wöhr GmbH Auto-Parksysteme we compact parking space Parklift up to 200% more parking spaces 1 driving level = 2 or 3 parking levels = cost savings independent parking high level of operational and functional safety (German TÜV tested/CE certified) proven, low wear hydraulics low maintenance cost double platform units available:
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  Parklift  // Combilift  // Combiparker  // Slimparker  // Crossparker  // Parking Platforms  // Parksafe  // Car Display Tower  // Level Parker  // Multiparker PRODUCT RANGE Otto Wöhr GmbH Auto-Parksysteme we compact parking space  Park lift up to 200% more parking spaces1 driving level= 2 or 3 parking levels= cost savingsindependent parkinghigh level of operational and functional safety (German TÜV tested/CE certified)proven, low wear hydraulicslow maintenance costdouble platform units available: 4 parking spaces (430, 440)6 parking spaces (403, 413) 2, 4, 6 parking spaces (461, 462, 463) Park lift 430 The Wöhr Parklift 430 is a modular variable mechanical parking systemwhich enables the purchaser to adjusthis parking system to different carheights.The advantage of Wöhr Parklift 430:It in cludes the three most commonParklift types 340, 402 and 440 for pit depths from 150–200cm and al-lows car heights from 150–195 cm. The adjustment is offered by our localpartners. Wöhr Parklift 430 is an inter-esting solution where ownership of onesystem –single or double for 2 or 4 cars– remains in the same hand. Park lift 440 The most comfortable Parklift with horizontal platforms provides easy access and exit and also makes it easier to get in and out of the car. Ifoverall headroom is available, systemswith higher clearances between platforms (1,65/1,80/2,05 m) can besupplied for extra us er comfort. Largecars up to 2,6 t (e.g. Mercedes S-classor SUVs) can be parked on special systems. Park lift 403/413 Three cars can park above each otheron a little more than the footprint ofone parking space. A cost saving solution with one driving level andthree parking levels. The upper parkingspace is horizontal whereas the two lower platforms are inclined (Parklift403). With only a little more headroomParklift 413 offers three horizontal parking spaces. Park lift 461/462/463 The invisible solution for 1, 2 or 3 carsabove each other with horizontal platforms. The upper platform is evenand can be integrated to the surroun-ding surface with different coverings (plastering , marble or greens). Doubleunits for 2, 4 or 6 cars are possible. Double units for 4 or 6 cars with wider platforms are available. They offer more comfortable space for getting in and outof the car and for easier parking and exiting. They need less construction width than 2 single units and are more com-fortable and economical. Single unit for 2 carsDouble unit for 4 cars  Park lift up to 200% more parking spaces1 driving level = 2 or 3 parking levelsdependent parkinghigh level of operational and functional safety (German TÜV tested/CE certified)proven, low wear hydraulicslow maintenance costdouble platform units available for 4 parking places with 411platform load 2,0 t (401, 411, 421) or 2,6 t (411, 421) Park box 401/Park lift 411 Dependent parking systems for retro-fitting to increase existing parking space. Where height is available Park-lift 411 with horizontal platforms can beused, the system can be installed inopen space. Where height of at least3,30 m is not available Parkbox 401 is suitable with an inclined platform. Park lift 421 Make 3 on 1 – the Wöhr Parklift 421 offers 200% more parking space on thesurface of only one parking place. Thismeans dependent parking spaces on 3levels without pit.A compact solution where ever for re-trofit additional car parking places arerequired and the parked cars can bemanoeuvred. The parking system has 2platforms. First the upper one is used,then the lower one and then, once bothplatforms have been lifted, the cars areparked on the floor surface.Platform widths up to 2,70 m, parkingheights up to 1,80 m and platformweights up to 2,6 t are available, suffi-cient for SUVs and bigger sedan cars.Multiple Parklift 421 systems can be arranged next or behind each other. Parking Platforms maximum use of driving lanes or space behind columns and in cornerslow wear proven technology, low maintenance cost low noise operation high level of functional safety (TÜV tested and CE certified) independent parking Parking Platform 501 Laterally shifting parking platforms reduce the driving areas in favour ofparking areas. The platform runs onrails in front of conventional parkingplaces in 2 or 3 row arrangements. Oneemptyspace per row enables the access to the selected space. Parking Platform 503 Longitudinally shifting platforms createadditional parking space in driving lanes.The platforms run on rails cross-wise in front of the conventional placesand offer independent use of all spaces.Occupied platforms are simply movedaside, empty ones can easily be drivenover. Turn table 505 In areas where turning manoeuvres arerestricted or difficult the car can simplybe turned around into the required direction. For narrow and limited access360° rotation right/leftload up to 2,5 t Parklift 421 for 3 vehicles above each other.Before lowering the platforms, the car on theentrance level must be removed.Before lowering the upper platform, the car on the lower platform has to be removed. Function of Parklift 421 Surface treatment 2011 Metal sheets, drive on sheets and protection sheet: hot-dip galvanized with a zinc layer of approx. 45 µm(similar to DIN EN ISO 1461). Side beams: hot-dip galvanized acc. to DIN EN ISO 1461 with a zinc layer of approx. 55 µm. Middle beams (of double units): galvanized acc. to DIN EN 10326 with 275 g/m² with a zinc layer of approx. 20 µm, additionally powder coated at the upper side with a layer of approx. 60-80 µmstonegrey (RAL 7030).  Combi lift a combination of stacking and moving cars closer togethercompact parking on 2 to 3 levels with just one driving lanevariable arrangement of 2 to 10 grids beside one anotherindependent parkinghigh level of operating and functional safety (German TÜV tested/CE certified)easy operation with several control optionslow-wear, proven hydraulic systems high level of »user-friendliness«platform load 2,0 t or 2,6 t Combi lift 551 System with 2 parking levels withoutpit. There is always one empty spaceon the entrance level which allows thedirect access to the required parkingspace at any position. To lower a parking space of the upperlevel, the parking spaces on the en-trance level are horizontally shifted inorder to position the empty spaceunder the selected parking space. Combi lift 552 This system can be arranged in 2 rowsbehind each other. A smart com bi na-tion is to put in a Combilift 551 systembehind a Combilift 552. The empty space in the first row will be positioned in such a way that it ispossible to drive through to reach theselected parking space, located in therear row. For the 2 row arrangement, platform widths of at least 2,50 m shallbe considered. Combi lift 542 With a height of 2,20 m as for conven-tional garages this variant offers 2 parking levels with a pit. Space enoughto accomodate SUVs or cars with railings on the upper level. The lower level platform is lifted if the empty space is available above it. The cars areparked safely behind doors. Combi lift 543 The most compact space saving combilift for parking on 3 levels. Theentry is always on the entrance level.As with Combilift 542 the cars are parked safely behind sliding doorswhich can only be opened once the requested parking place has reachedthe required position. Combilift 552/551 arranged behind each other 12354 The vehicle on parking place 4 is requested. 12354 The parking places along the entrance level are shifted to the left. 12354 Parking place 4 is lowered down to the entrance level, the vehicle is now ready for exit. Function of Combilift 551Function of Combilift 543 OGEGUGULELLL 136471025891311121214 The vehicle on UL place 69 is requested. OGEGUGULELLL 1364710258913111214 UL place 12 is vertically lifted. OGEGUGULELLL 1364710258913111214 EL place 13 and 10 are horizontally shifted in sequences of a second until they havereached their neutral position. OGEGUGULELLL 13147625891011121314 UL place 6 is lowered into the empty spaceon EL level; the vehicle is ready for exit.

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