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During a catastrophic storm, Greg tells a story to his fearful son, but runs into a bit of writers' block.
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  Screenplay  INT. BEACH HOME - DAYGREG, a father, and Joshua, his 5 year old son stare outtheir glassed back door. Hard, heavy raindrops threaten topuncture, a large palm tree hangs by it’s last root, aboutto be taken by the harsh winds, four arcs of lightningstrike just at the shore mere yards away from them.The television in the living room sputters a report:TELEVISION...large...wave headed to MonroeCounty...half of Florida expect tobe under advised to stayin your homes...nothing to worryabout...I promise.Greg turns the television off. His son looks at him, fear inhis face.JOSHUAWhat’s wrong, Daddy?The house creaks loudly. The wooden floor shifts, tilts afew degrees, cracks, and Joshua trips and hits his knee hardon a splintered piece of wood. The wood punctures his kneeand goes through the back of his leg.The cacophony the storm creates overpowers Joshua’s cry ofpain.Greg screams as well, takes Joshua in his arms and runs tothe nearest bathroom. He places Joshua gingerly into thetub.He runs into Joshua’s bedroom, grabs his twin sized mattressand runs to the bathroom.He grabs a flashlight on his way back.In the bathroom, he gets in the tub and places the mattressover their heads.Joshua cries in pain still, this time we can hear it loudand clear, due to the mattress covering up many sounds fromthe storm.He turns the flashlight on.GREGJosh. Josh. We’ll be fine. We justhave to wait until the storm isover.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 2.JOSHUAThe TV said we’ll be under water!It was Antarctica and the icebergswasn’t it?GREGNo. No. That’s too far away.Something melted at least...Greg realizes he’s supposed to be the comforter in therelationship.GREGBut that’s not going to happen.Antarctica isn’t really a continent and icebergs don’treally melt .JOSHUAYes they do!Joshua cries even louder.GREGHey, hey. Calm down.(a beat)Do you want me to tell you a story?Those always make you feel better,right? Right?JOSHUAI guess.GREGYeah, I’m the natural raconteur inthe house, right?JOSHUAI don’t know what that means.GREGThat’s okay. I’ve done it plenty oftimes.A beat.GREG (CONT.)Okay. So...Another beat.(CONTINUED)  CONTINUED: 3.GREG (CONT.)I tell a story every night. Don’tI?JOSHUAYeah.Another beat.GREGOkay, so, like...They hear a wall of the house tear down. Joshua screams.GREG (CONT.)(yelling)So there’s these two people, right?And, like, one of them is reallysmart, and, so, the other one is,like super dumb. Like so dumb.Joshua looks at Greg confused.GREG (CONT.)And so, you know...ah! Okay so thesmart one makes this invention can make...brownies! YouLOVE those, don’t you? Yum! It’slike a box that just pops outbrownies everywhere!JOSHUALike an oven.A beat.GREGNo. But...well, no. This one isdifferent, trust me and like...They hear another wall tear down. The mattress shakes abovethem. Greg holds on to it to keep it from flying away.Joshua screams.GREG (CONT.)(yelling even louder)And so the dumb one says nu uh that’s a stupid invention and thesmart one is all fine then, youdon’t get any brownies. (CONTINUED)
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