Results reported below were retrieved with a Lucene based web serach engine for the BNC SlopeQ developed by Piotr Pezik.

Temporal and spatial prepositions in representation of anchored (static) distance Jacek Tadeusz Walinski Institute of English Studies Al. Kosciuszki 65, Lodz, Poland Listing of queries and retrieved
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Temporal and spatial prepositions in representation of anchored (static) distance Jacek Tadeusz Walinski Institute of English Studies Al. Kosciuszki 65, Lodz, Poland Listing of queries and retrieved language samples from the British National Corpus (BNC) Available from Oxford University Computing Services at: Results reported below were retrieved with a Lucene based web serach engine for the BNC SlopeQ developed by Piotr Pezik. Explanation for corpus query listings A single asterisk (*) replaces any number of characters. A vertical bar symbol ( ) indicates logical OR. PELCRA concordancer supports an underlying Polish morphological dictionary which enables searching for all inflectional forms with double asterisk (**). Each query is presented with the value of SLOP factor and PRESERVE ORDER. For explanations, see: Bernard, E., & Griffin, J. (2009). Understanding Lucene s query syntax. In E. Bernard & J. Griffin, Hibernate Search in Action (pp ). Greenwich, CT: Manning Publications. Opublikowane poniżej dane zostały zebrane na potrzeby relizacji projektu PERCEPCJA CZASU JAKO KATEGORII JĘZYKOWEJ , decyzja Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego UMO-2011/01/M/HS2/ Corpus queries are marked in yellow. Accepted examples are marked in green. Excluded examples are marked in blue. For ALL the following queries SLOP FACTOR=0, PRESERVE ORDER=Yes TEMPORAL across CRD a an few many several some minute* hour* day days across BNC I would catch a bus on my regular weekend pilgrimage to my Pop's house, an hour across the city. CA9 Over a period of 150 days across five counties The Fox had preyed on women and some men in what was CS1 reached agreement in principle on introducing a maximum working week of 48 hours across the EC although the number of months over which the 48-hour limit should HLL 3. Capline System, a 3-metre diameter line that carries about barrels a day across the centre of the country. ANX 5. with the twelve ton roller accellerating fast to nearly six miles an hour across the field K1U 6. 7. called Ashworth, he were bit of a coal merchant, I remember him shouting one day across to somebody, I backed a winner. AP7 Poured on to the plane, alone, Burton was humped for thirteen hours across the Atlantic, assuaged by alcohol; stopped over for a few drinks in CL2 ahead CRD a an few many several some minute* hour* day days ahead 11. Less than a minute ahead,he muttered With any luck, I should overtake him this time. FSR 1. Support it is now 10 minutes ahead. G3K 2. Book 14 days ahead and stay over a Saturday night. AHU 3. without using a mathematical model based on observations from all around Thus no meteorologist would attempt to forecast the weather 2 or 3 days ahead the B1G 4. Mr Cockett said warning of high tides were available 36 hours ahead. E9N 5. Your EAT is now 8 minutes ahead. G3K 6. This can be done a day ahead. A7D 7. A spicy lifesaver, it is especially delicious if made a day ahead and reheated next day. A7D 8. If preferred the lemon treacle tart can be completely cooked a day ahead and reheated gently just before serving. A7D 9. I've been awake all night and I've got a hell of a day ahead, meetings from morning till night. G0Y 10. My favourite jam is rhubarb and ginger, which needs to be started a day ahead. G2D 12. such as many hours ahead as er Austra Au Australia, I mean, they're eleven hours ahead. KP8 13. could never expect things to last, after all, could not plan more than a few days ahead. AD1 14. But that time must yet remain a few days ahead, while everywhere lay in the throes of a natural disaster the HGS 15. in one second, and it still takes minutes to produce a forecast for a few days ahead. KRG 16. as weatherare extraordinarily difficult to predict in detail, more than a few hours ahead. AMS 17. When I arrived ten minutes before her at one stop advance means a few minutes ahead as well as two monthsi found that two ladies in wheelchairs had ADK 18. Passengers must book five days ahead. AHU 19. found a Hampshire petrol station selling sandwiches with an eat-bydate four days ahead. CH1 20. Because it's about the afternoon there you see, it's not such as many hours ahead as er Austra Au Australia, I mean, they're eleven hours ahead. KP8 21. not a success as I had forgotten to resent for French time one hour ahead many comments about my parentage. HRT 22. correlated with the aftershocks from the quake, predicting the shocks several hours ahead. B7G 23. Rally Of Indonesia after four days and 400 kilometres they were six minutes ahead at the end K1T 24. to a festival, the Spartans could not march before the full moon, still some days ahead. G3C 25. Ten minutes ahead on the clock, Short castled on the queenside and began a pawn advance AKM 26. I cook rice two or three hours ahead and, to reheat it, pour a kettle of boiling water over the rice in a ED9 27. Quinn set off fifteen minutes before me but arrived in Kensington three minutes ahead. CAM 28. There were probably as good as two hours ahead when he would be among company, among conversation, in the throng, the H9G along CRD a an few many several some minute* hour* day days along 1. the coast on The Trembler is Ile Rousse, a more manageable town than Half an hour along Calvi CH1 9. Just five minutes along the main road from Cadenabbia, to the rear, the hotel has pretty ECF 3. They had been driving northwards from Copenhagen for half an hour along the beach road when Rune posed the question. HA5 10. Many can be reached only by walking, for several days along precarious footpaths and they may be cut off half the year by snow. JNF 2. a ribbon of uninterrupted concrete; the next, to the wide-eyed amusement One second I had been speeding at fifty miles an hour along of CJD 4. by a crowded express train from Paddington travelling at a hundred miles an hour along the Great Western line near Swindon. K1U 5. was fined a hundred and twenty pounds for speeding at a hundred miles an hour along the M5. K22 6. So if you were caught speeding at 90 miles an hour along the M4 in Wiltshire your fine would calculate something like this K22 7. has been filmed driving at speeds of more than a hundred and fifty miles an hour along a motorway. K25 8. for the coast and on calmer days when the wind abated he would spend a few hours along the shore. FP3 11. LITTERBUGS: 15,600 plastic six-pack beer rings were found in three hours along 300 miles of Texas shoreline. AA1 12. On Sunday I spent three hours along working on my putting. K4C apart CRD a an few many several some minute* hour* day days apart I say I do I don't mind I just think what the bloody hell, you know we're only 17. just like two minutes apart! KDK the travel firm handling the offer has now told them the dates must be 30 days apart and to three different destinations. CBF They earned 15 corners, by my calculation, to Thistle's two which were 79 minutes apart. K5A Back in the 'twenties, Sunday at our was a day apart and, as far as was possible, the Sabbath had to be kept as ordered in the B22 organisations uphold the traditional principle that Sunday should be kept as a day apart, for religious observance and for rest; they receive support from trade FC6 and Princess of Wales last night stepped out on the town together after a day apart on separate engagements in the South Korean capital of Seoul. K97 6. in his mind's eye since that night no two rememberings had been more than a minute apart but even the most basic sketch eluded his hand. CRE but, during such a dynamic phase of morphogenetic change, embryos only 7. a few hours apart in age may be significantly different in their developmental state. EV6 8. They fall in a pattern, a few minutes apart, marching through the streets as the gunners zero in. CH5 9. Subjects were studied at the same time of day on four occasions at least seven days apart. FT1 10. on to say that the attacks each took place at about midnight and were twenty days apart. CS between the two murders which, incidentally, I gather took place twenty-four hours apart. I said earlier the crimes were committed twenty-four hours apart. CN3 CN3 13. Most cranes lay two heavily marked eggs which hatch two days apart, though usually only one chick survives. AM BELOW These chicks hatched two days apart when this picture was taken they were 29, 27 and 25 days old, but CHE Two documents written two days apart refer to actions of each family concerning the rights and inheritance of J1A of blood pressure and oxygen saturation were recorded on two occasions two minutes apart. HU3 away CRD a an few many several some minute* hour* day days away 1. I didn't live in the depths of Devon, as my nearest indoor school is 13 hours away, and Ferdi Eilberg my dressage trainer lives 31 miles away! BPB 4. Her is 10 minutes away, here in Cardiff. A99 5. Her is 10 minutes away, here in Cardiff. A9H 6. Woodbridge is 10 minutes away, several other courses within a short drive. C9E and bars nearby and The Hague's seaside resort of Scheveningen is just 10 minutes away. EBN The Hague city centre is only 10 minutes away and close to the hotel is the bustling promenade and boulevard with its EBN a ten minute walk from the Venus and the West End of San Antonio is about 15 minutes away. AM0 12. ready to show them off at some of Kos town's brilliant night-clubs, also 15 minutes away. AM0 13. Watersports: All watersports are available at Zell am See, 15 minutes away by bus. AMD are 25 minutes to the north; Rushmere and Waldringfield are no more than 15 minutes away, but closer still is Woodbridge, venue for the 1992 Amateur Seniors' C9E regularly to and from nearby Riva, five minutes away, or to Malcesine, 15 minutes away. ECF 16. in a meadow or dining on a terrace across the lake from Zell am See, 15 minutes away by Post Bus. G2W 17. hamlet and offers little in the way of nighttime activity but Mayrhofen, 15 minutes away, positively buzzes in the evening. G2W 18. great nightlife is within easy walking distance, approximately minutes away. AM0 19. Kitzbuhel itself is only 20 minutes away by rail or bus. AMD 20. Yet buzzing Bodrum is only 25 minutes away. G2B 21.. The M4 motorway reaches the district, with Bristol 1¾ hours, Cardiff 1¼ Full Intercity rail services are available, with London a mere 31 hours away hours and Swansea minutes away, EFC 23. Our nearest well was some 30 minutes away so that was an hour walking in all. EVS 24. aware that, off the north Devon coast, our search and rescue capacity is 30 minutes away at RAF HHV 25. St. Emilion is 30 minutes away, and the commercial and cultural centre, Bordeaux itself, can be reached HRT 26. It is not acceptable that the nearest emergency unit is in Middlesbrough, 35 minutes away. K4V 27. Bristol 13 hours, Cardiff 11 hours and Swansea minutes away, making that day visit very easy and manageable too! EFC 28. capital Ulan Bator to Irkutsk, described as the Paris of Siberia, some 36 hours away. AHK 29. The popular sea-side resort of Brighton is 40 minutes away. CJK 30. Evans, runs the Waterwheel nursery at Shirenewtown near Chepstow, only 40 minutes away. H India ONLY 9 HOURS AWAY. VISIT INDIA TOURISM YEAR 1991 CFV 32. wood and water and although the water's nearby, the firewood's half a day away. BNU 34. The guard will be on its mettle, with the king not a day away, and the sheriff alerted to expect him. HGG 36. No. 3 was directly opposite the palace, only a minute away, but he was stopped twice by tourists whose thick German accents he CJX 37. The Rothorn hut, only a minute away, promised drink, food, warmth and rest. ECG 39. The British territory is just an hour away by hydrofoil, and its newspapers, television, and radio carry frequent A1V 42. The hospital lay in the hills, about an hour away. C By car Hull is only half an hour away. C Ostrava, only an hour away, will also provide ample opportunity for shopping. CAA 45. : Merstham is convenient for Gatwick airport and London is just over half an hour away by train. CJK 46. The Lake District is only an hour away. CJK 47. the ideal destination for a quiet relaxing weekend and Amsterdam is only an hour away for a change of pace. EBN 48. This pretty island is only an hour away by ferry so you will have plenty of time to get a real feel for the island ECF 49. Gavarnie is a single-minded, ungainly village, bent on its one charge, of dispatching visitors, on foot, by donkey or on pony back along the track to the cirque, an hour away. FA2 51. row along the underground riverand Dhrogorati big enough for a concert half an hour away by taxi. G2B 52. People think of London, it's only across the water. It's only an hour away on the plane. HJ3 60. Golfing enthusiasts, there is the excellent BALLATER GOLF CLUB, just a few minutes away. CFR 61. A few minutes away is the historic port of Bideford with a fascinating waterfront. ECL 63. He says the victim was walking to her just a few minutes away along a very busy street. K1U 64. I mean you're you're not sort of right in the centre of town, but Right in but it's only a few minutes away. KB7 65. Easily Accessible : Of course, the best walks are on Dartmoor, fifteen minutes away by car. CJK 67. The beach is five minutes away, the nightlife in the new town is about the same, and the main shopping AM0 68. The beach is only about five minutes away. AM0 69. The station's only five minutes away along Waterloo Road. CHG 70. The police station was only five minutes away. CHG 71. Local buses run regularly to and from nearby Riva, five minutes away, or to Malcesine, 15 minutes away. ECF 72. The Wellenkuppe summit, a white notch against a blue sky, was only five minutes away up an easy snow slope, but almost everyone stopped at the top of the ECG 73. Raffles Hotel and Chinatown are just five minutes away, and the Satay Club, an open air food centre, is nearby. EET 75. Sorvino said, That's only five minutes away. Mercedes with a smashed-up door. G The station was only five minutes away ; more importantly, food was only five minutes away. G0A 77. The station was only five minutes away; more importantly, food was only five minutes away. G0A 78. so have I. We shall have to go in a convoy it's only five minutes away. Sunderland Road. G0Y 79. any complaints or accusations, he said, There's a riverside inn only five minutes away. HHA 80. The Croatian border is only five minutes away by jet and they've already had their defences tested. K1U 81. him in his pushchair, I says well you'll have to walk, I know it's only five minutes away. KB8 82. The beautiful historic city of Edinburgh is only forty minutes away by car, and Glasgow just a little further. CJK 83. In fact I must admit, I hinted to Dave if if linear will do consignment stock for, why shouldn't we if we're only forty minutes away. JTA 84. Yeah, but even then then we could have consignment stock here in effect cos they're only forty minutes away, we could throw 'em in the back of the car and have 'em delivered. JTA The beautiful city of York, forty-five minutes away, has a famous Minster and popular Yorvik VikingCentre. CJK Yesterday was the last possible day we could have on the tour that was near enough London to get up there easily, only about one hour away. HWM 91. Our journey was now planned as downhill all the way to Vietas, some six days away. A6T 92. Just six minutes away is the beautiful picturesque old village of Altea where a lovely old AM0 93. Planet Centram is only six minutes away in our spaceship. H9E 94. arrived to find that Ibrahim had recently departed and was at Rass, another ten days away in the very centre of the peninsula. GT4 96. The beach is about ten minutes away, with the main area of San Antonio being a fifteen minute stroll, so AM0 97. Easo and a relaxed atmosphere; ideally located, the night life is only ten minutes away, as is the fabulous Levante beach. AM0 99. of excitement when she saw that sign and knew that Riverstown was only ten minutes away. CDY 100. new zoning system means a cab in central London is usually no more than ten minutes away. CFV One showed an elderly couple in a tatty cafe with the caption: Springtime in 101. Stoke-on-Trent. Just an hour and ten minutes away. HJ4 50. The train was slow and the next stop was nearly an hour away. FSK 105. About then, word came from Salines, three hours away, to inform Nicholas that the Venetian sugar ship had reached Alexandria BP An Australian tour only requires a 25 or 26-man squad from New Zealand, with replacements only three hours away. CB climb mango trees and pick the fruit for his father to sell in the city three hours away. CCH 108. Avila was nowhere near the rescue base had we followed the consul's directions we would have ended up three hours away and within an hour he was driving us into the heart of the Sierra de Gredos. CL The swimming pool complex is three minutes away, and the village centre an easy five minute walk. AMD 110. They felt strongly about it, but er was only twelve minutes away, on the railway, quarter of an hour on the bus. FY The port of Dover, twenty minutes away, has a splendid castle, and a Roman painted house with well-preserved CJK 112. Accessible : The centre of London with myriad attractions is only twenty minutes away. CJK 113. Skipton, just twenty minutes away, has a castle and canal. CJK 114. The coastal resort of Morecambe is twenty minutes away and has all the amenities of a seaside resort including an open-air CJK 121. and I came to camp after twenty miles feeling strong, with Aulef only two hours away. AT Wickrithe was only two hours away by car, and every so often they drove down to spend an afternoon with F And the horses are blown but sound. They had remounts not two hours away ; that was no problem. HGG 124. The fifteen hundred men who had set off north from the Forth directly after the first struggle with Siward and who must be less than two hours away at this moment, marching up Strathallan by the way he had come himself, HRC 125. Less than two minutes away are the three pools which provide the daytime focus. AM I only live two minutes away. CC You're just two minutes away, aren't you? GYL 2. His oilseed rape is seven to 10 days away. ACR 3. This was the end of the first visit and a date, 10 days away, was arranged for the next visit. CGS 9., you'd have thought the players would have more pressing matters to With the play-offs just 11 days away attend K1L 10. Town drew 2-2 at Wycombe on saturday the season is just 12 days away K1V 22. only just signed, sources are saying that a further agreement may be only 30 days away on WOSE the Windows Open Systems Environment which perhaps CNY a difficult time for us to consider the situation with such an important match a day away. CEP your explanation when made the point about the visit for a weekend away, or a day away, and to involve the parishioners. HUT 38. as well and Sarah OK, Leisha and Sarah OK James can you just go away a minute, away you go KBW 40. come in closer but the wind was onshore and the storm couldn't be more than an hour away. AMU 41. Supper-time would be best; at least the noise would subside somewhat. But that was an hour away! Still, there was always the refreshment room. ANL 53. Linda felt better after an hour away and glad she'd made the effort to go across to Mrs Smythe. J2F 54. it just seemed a little bit of a dream, but that dream is now just eighty minutes away isn't it? KS7 55. It was bad enough that the anniversary of my David's death was only a few days away. CBF 56. The final decision was taken at the end of October, with victory only a few days away, and was announced with the publication of a letter from Lloyd George to EW1 57. had lasted long enough to make her accept his invitation to spend a few days away as a reward for all her hard work at the shop. JXU 58. Travis was really asking was if he could come round to her flat and chat a few hours away about Rosemary. JY1 59. Link Centre for most folk the start of the working week is st
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