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  Questions: S3P1 Sites, Rigs, Derricks & Mast. Candidate (print name)Received by mentor: Name (print)Signature & dateChen zhiyong 1)  Name the major components of a drilling rig.1.Derrick or mast and substructure2.Hositing equipment3. Pipe-handing equipment4.Drilling fluid system5. Well control equipment6. Prime movers and power transmissions7. Instrumentation Marking: 2) The load capacity, the available power and the pressure rating of the equipment are primary considerations governing the choice of a drilling rig. Name two other physical properties which are of over-riding importance.1. Well control equipment2. the derrick and mast rating Marking: 3) Given a choice of rigs which are similar with respect to the aspects mentioned in the previous question, name one other important technical criterion which could be used?The mobility of the land rig Marking: 4) Name three other criteria that are used in making the choice of rig once the technical requirements are satisfied ?1.HSE record of the rig2.crew familiarity of the operating area.3. Staff development record Marking: 5) Why, in principle, can a smaller location be used for a rig with a standard derrick than for a rig with a mast?A derrick stands four legs of its own, during the rig up, which occupy less space. A mast is placed on substructure, which is required more space on ground during R/U and R/D.. Marking: 6) What is the advantage of a dual drainage system on a land location? - 1 – 440687721.doc  Questions: S3P1 Sites, Rigs, Derricks & Mast. Candidate (print name)Received by mentor: Name (print)Signature & dateChen zhiyong The dual drainage system separates the flow of non-contaminated water from the contaminated water. The fresh water could be disposed directly. This system could protect the operating area while minimizing the wastewater storage pit. Marking: 7) Give three reasons why a foundation is required for an onshore drilling provide a stable, level base for the rig-up. Including the mast support the derrick or mast under the most extreme conditions of high hook loads and the maximum amount of pipe racked in the derrick provide support for heavy vibrating equipment. Marking: 8) The basic purpose of the cellar is to lower the wellhead relative to ground level. Give three reasons why that has practical advantages.1. I f a high BOP stack is required it can be accommodated without having to use an abnormally high sub-structure2.During the production phase the Christmas tree is at a level which can easily be reached.3. For workovers a low production hoist will fit over the wellhead. Marking: 9) From the rig where you work at present find out the following and provide evidence of certification.  Make & Max Rating Derrick. BAOJI JJ450/45-K5 Capacity:450MT  Make & Max Rating Substructure Baoji/dz450/10.5-S4 450MT  Make & Rating Crown block . Baoji/tc7-450 450MT  Make & Rating Travelling block. BAOJI/YC-450 450MT  Make & Rating Hook. LANSHI/DG450 450MT  Make & Rating Swivel and its max WP. LANSHI450-11 53/35 MPa  Max number lines which can be run . 12  Maximum drilling line size., type and its Breaking Strength . 38.1 6  19   IPS IWRC  Make & Max HP rating Draw works . BAIJI, CHINA/JC-70D4 1470KW  Max Drilling Depth . 7000m  Make & Max HP rating Mud pumps . BAOJI F-1600 800KW  Active Tank and Reserve Tank capacities . 306M3  If working on a land operation, Number of Rig move loads, specify heaviest load,  widest load and the highest load. - 2 – 440687721.doc  Questions: S3P1 Sites, Rigs, Derricks & Mast. Candidate (print name)Received by mentor: Name (print)Signature & dateChen zhiyong 10) What is the Inspection Interval of above and when has the last Inspection taken place?We can get all the answer from API 8C. API8B. API 16CThe average inspection frequency is about 1-4 years. According to the different equipment, they have different requirement.Drilling mast, rotary table, substructure: 4 yearsCrown block, traveling block, drilling hook: 3 yearsSwivels: 2 yearsMud pumps: 2 years11) Give three strength and capacity considerations which have to be taken into account to avoid overloading the derrick or mast.1. Static hook load2. Dynamic hook load3. Shock load Marking: 12) What is the static derrick load if the string weight is 100 kilodecaNewtons (kdaN), the weight of the  block is 15 kdaN and there are ten lines strung?Static load=    N  N   2 hook load=   1012 (15+100)=138 kdaN Marking: 13) How can shock loads be minimised?The inertial force should be reduced as far as possible when the rig is handling heavy loads by braking and picking up the string with care. Marking: 14) Why must telescopic masts always have guy lines installed?Since the applied load is normally outside the base of a telescopic mast it must be used with guy lines. Marking: 15) How do you know if the guy lines have been tensioned correctly?Depending on the size and construction of the mast, a correct tension of the guy lines need to be fastenedcan be found in the instruction manual. Marking 16) What three things should a drilling crew never do to the structural members of a derrick or mast? - 3 – 440687721.doc  Questions: S3P1 Sites, Rigs, Derricks & Mast. Candidate (print name)Received by mentor: Name (print)Signature & dateChen zhiyong 1. omit any parts f the derrick2. Improperly place any members3. Force any member into place Marking: 17) On a DC rig with 600 V - 520 kW (700 HP) generators the rotary ammeter reading is 385 A. How muchtorque is applied by the rotary to the drill string if it is rotating at100 rpm?The torque applied to the string is= 10010009549385600  =22058 N.m Marking: 18) While pulling a drill string on the same rig as in the previous question the weight indicator reads 133.6 kdaN. What will be the maximum lifting speed, assuming. that other equipment is not in use and that the overall efficiency is 90% ?Units conversion: 133.6 kdaN=1336KNThe power=520KWThe lifting speed=520  0.98  60  /1336=21 m/min Marking: 19) How much power must an engine supply to a mud pump if the pressure gauge indicates 20,000 kPa andthe circulating rate is 25 litres/sec? The volumetric pump efficiency = 95 %. and the mechanical efficiency = 85 %.Power=20000  100025  95.01  85.01 =619.2 KW Marking: 20) On your present rig, what is the DFE?10.5m Marking: 21) What is the remaining length of the bell nipple when the full set of BOP's are installed on the THS? Provide sketch with accurate dimensions of your stack up on graph paper.2.7m, Please see attached picture - 4 – 440687721.doc
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