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Sample lesson plan for form 2
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  EXAMPLE LESSON PLAN 1 Date: 19 th  June 2012 Time: 1-2pmForm: 2 DedikasiNo. of Students: 34an!ua!e ro#$ien$%: &ntermediate Topi$: Da% &n Da% 'utan!ua!e &tem: Simp(e resent Tense )*rammar+ Curriculum Specifcations: )i+Ta(kin! a,out )des$ri,in!+ ones dai(% routines.)ii+skin! /uestions and makin! statements ith $orre$t intonation ord stress and senten$e rh%thm and pronoun$in! ords $(ear(% and $orre$t(%. General Objectives: t the end of the (esson students shou(d ,e a,(e to understand the use of resent Tense. Specifc Objectives: t the end of the (esson students shou(d ,e a,(e to:)i+nser 10 /uestions a,out simp(e present tense on the hite,oard usin! the $orre$t anser.)ii+rite don 10 /uestions on the hite,oard a,out simp(e present tenseand anser it $orre$t(%. Previous no!le #e:  Simp(e resent Tense $eac%in# Ai s:  *rammar ook Moral &alues:  n$oura!e the students to rite don their dai(% routines. Sta#e'$imeContent$eac%in# an Learnin#Activities(ationale &ntrodu$tion)10 minutes+ Tit(e: Simp(e resent TenseSki((s: istenin! and Speakin!5ode: ho(e $(ass Tea$hin! ids: - Tea$hers 6o(e:1.Tea$her !reets students.2.Tea$her e7p(ains the topi$ for the da%.Students i(( understand the topi$ ,ein! (earnt durin! the period. resentation)18 minutes+ Tit(e: Simp(e resent TenseSki((s: istenin! and Speakin!5ode: ho(e $(ass Tea$hin! ids: - Tea$hers 6o(e:1.Tea$her asks students on simp(e present tense2.Tea$her e7p(ains the use of simp(e present tenseStudents i(( remem,er hatthe% had understood a,out simp(e present tense ra$ti$eTit(e: Fi(( in the Tea$hers 6o(e:  )18minutes+,(anksSki((s: ritin!5ode: ho(e $(ass Tea$hin! ids: *rammar ,ook1.Tea$her i(( ask the students to take out their !rammar ,ook and rite 10/uestions a,out simp(e pasttense in their ,ook.Students 6o(e:2.Students $omp(ete the task !ien ,% usin! simp(e tense rodu$tion)10 minutes+ Tit(e: ets do it to!etherSki((s: ritin!5ode: ho(e $(ass Tea$hin! ids: - Tea$hers 6o(e:1.Tea$hers $a((s out students to $omp(ete the ,(anks ritten on the hite,oard.2.Tea$her $hooses students random(% to $omp(ete the taskStudents 6o(e:1.Students $ome to the front of the $(ass and $omp(ete the task !ien.(osure)8minutes+ Tit(e: 6emem,er a!ainSki((s: istenin!5ode: ho(e $(ass Tea$hin! ids: - Tea$hers 6o(e:1. Tea$her asks /uestions to the students a,out present tense.Students 6o(e:1.Students i(( (isten to tea$hers instru$tion and tea$her $on$(udes (esson.6e;e$tion: The (esson as $arried out su$$essfu((%. The students understood the usa!e of present tense. Students had fun (earnin! the a$tiities !ien.
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