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Birla Sun Life Insurance Saral Health Plan A plan that offers a comprehensive cover for all medical expenses In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder. You have always wanted a plan that offers a comprehensive health cover for all types of medical expenses but may have found the process of buying one to be cumbersome and lengthy. With Birla Sun Life Insurance Saral Solutions, this could be a thing of the past. Introducing BSLI Saral Health Pl
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  Saral Health Plan Birla Sun Life Insurance A plan that offers a comprehensive coverfor all medical expenses  In this policy, the investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by thepolicyholder.  You have always wanted a plan that offers a comprehensive health cover for all typesof medical expenses but may have found the process of buying one to becumbersome and lengthy. With Birla Sun Life Insurance Saral Solutions, this could bea thing of the past.Introducing BSLI Saral Health Plan, a comprehensive health insurance plan that givescover across – hospitalization expenses, surgical expenses, critical illness and routinehealth care expenses. This is a whole life plan which provides you a fixed cash benefit to coverhospitalization expenses for both surgical and non-surgical events. And, if you arediagnosed with a critical illness you also receive a lump sum amount in addition tothe hospitalization cash benefits You pay minimum policy premium to cover hospitalisation benefit and healthreimbursement benefit, which you can use to cover your routine health andmedical related expenses such as dental care, pathology expenses and othersimilar costs in the long run You may choose to pay additional premium towards enhancement of healthreimbursement benefit And you get all this without having to undergo any medical tests. You only haveto fill up a simple application form and reply to four questions related to yourmedical history You are in theHowever, if you do not find this plan suitable our advisors will be happy to recommendalternate solutions from our wide range of BSLI Health and Wellness solutions or youcould visit our website to explore all the options on your own. The BSLI Saral Health Plan is a non-participating, unit linked health insurance plan. Allunit linked health insurance plans are different from traditional insurance plans and aresubject to different risk factors. The name of the investment funds and that of this plando not in any way indicate the quality of the plan or future returns.In this plan, the investment risk in the investment options chosen by you is borne byyou. Investment funds are subject to investment risks and unit prices may go up ordown reflecting the market value of the underlying assets. Past performance is noguarantee of future results. You can buy this plan in 2 simple and convenient steps THE SALIENT BENEFITS IN THIS PLAN ARE: This plan is meant for you if: THINGS YOU SHOULD KEEP IN MINDTHE SARAL PROCESS ããããããage group of 18 to 50 years today Your replies to the questions relating to your medical history are favorable  1. Choose your pay term and health insurance benefit   term  You have an option to choose from 10 pay / 10 term, 10 pay / 20 term,20 pay / 20 term.2. Choose your additional premium (if any)  You choose your additional premium to enhance your health reimbursementbenefit to take care of your future Health & Medical related expenses. Your healthinsurance benefit is fixed at Rs. 10 Lacs. Above all, you don't go through the trouble of any medical test. Your Health Insurance Benefit is for a sum assured of Rs. 10 Lacs. You can claim yourbenefit in case of Hospitalization and/or in case of Critical   Illness during healthinsurance benefit term.In case of Hospitalization – every time you are hospitalized for a period of at least48 hours and for medically necessary treatment of any illness or injury, you will receivefor each day hospitalized (starting from the first day):(a)Rs. 2,000 if you had no surgical procedure during your hospitalization; or(b)Rs. 4,000 if you had any surgery during your hospitalization; or(c)Rs. 8,000 if surgery directly involved your brain, heart (including coronary arteries),liver or lung.With regards to (b) only, the Rs. 4,000 claim is limited to 10 days per policy year.For any excess days hospitalized in this category, you will receive Rs. 2,000 per day.In case of Critical Illness – should you ever suffer from one of the four covered criticalillnesses – Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke and Major Organ Transplant – then you willreceive a lump sum equal to Rs. 20,000 times the policy year in which the criticalillness occurred. The Critical Illness benefit is payable only once during the health insurance benefitterm and the life insured must survive at least 30 days from the date of diagnosisbefore the claim is eligible. BENEFITS OF BSLI SARAL HEALTH PLAN  Health Insurance Benefit Sample Case (a)Sample Case (b)Sample Case (c) Hospitalization withoutHospitalization forHospitalization forsurgery 12 days any surgeryheart surgeryin hospital12 days in hospital12 days in hospital Total Benefit = Rs. 24,000Total Benefit = Rs. 44,000Total Benefit = Rs. 96,00012 days in hospital10 days in hospital12 days in hospital@ 2000 each@ 4000 each +2 days@ 8000 eachin hospital @ 2000 each Heart Attack in policy year123...10and so on  Total Benefit = Rs.20,00040,00060,000200,00020,000 xyear   The maximum amount that can be claimed under the Health Insurance Benefit isRs. 2 Lacs per policy year in case of Hospitalization and Rs. 10 Lacs over the healthinsurance benefit term in case of both Hospitalization and Critical Illness combined. Your policy premium is used to create a unit-linked fund which will take care of yourfuture Health & Medical related expenses – such as:General practitioners fees, medicines and drugsPathology and diagnostics expensesDental treatment Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment Any health related expense not covered under medical insurance This benefit can be claimed after the completion of 5 policy years to an extent of 100%  of the Fund Value. Simply produce bills or proof of expense and we will reimburse suchexpenses by reducing the Fund Value by the same. You can claim reimbursements 4 times a year free of charge subject to a minimumclaim amount of Rs. 2000. Additional claims within a policy year will be subject toRs. 250 claims charge. At the end of the health insurance benefit term, your Fund Value will be augmentedby a Guaranteed Addition, if all premiums are paid. The Guaranteed Addition isaccording to the following schedule: At the end of the health insurance benefit term, your Health Insurance Benefit willcease but any Fund Value balance will continue indefinitely until you have fully claimedHealth Reimbursement Benefits against it. After the health insurance benefit term, only the fund management charge will bededucted from the Fund Value.In the unfortunate event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or condition, you canclaim the full Fund Value without submission of bills. This is to ensure you are notburdened with medical expenses in times of crisis.In the unfortunate event of your demise, the nominee will receive the Fund Value. The policy offers tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. UnderSection 80D, premiums up to Rs. 15,000 are allowed as a deduction from your taxableincome each year.  Health Reimbursement BenefitGuaranteed AdditionTerminal Illness and Death BenefitCurrent Tax Benefits ããããã 10 pay/10 term10 pay/20 term20 pay/20 term Minimum Guaranteed AdditionRs. 3,000Rs. 8,000Rs. 10,000Plus per Rs. 1,000 AdditionalRs. 300Rs. 800Rs. 1,000Premium
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