Science 8 - 1st Monthly Test

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  MIRIAM’S ACADEMY OF VALENZUELA, INC.   1 st  Monthly Test in SCIENCE 8 Name: _________________________________________________________________________Date: _____________________ Grade and Section: ________________________ Subject Teacher: ________________________ Score: ____________________ Read the directions carefully. Part I  –  MULTIPLE CHOICE A. Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the space provided before each number. USE CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY.  _____1. In science, a push or a pull of an object is called a(n)  A. Force C. Inertia B. Acceleration D. Friction  _____2. A net force (an unbalanced force that changes motion) causes an object to ____.  A. stay at the same speed C. Accelerate or decelerate B. not move D. None of these  _____3. Forces that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction are known as _____.  A. balanced forces C. friction forces B. net forces D. None of these  _____4. Two boys wearing in-line skates are standing on a smooth surface with the palms of their hands touching and their arms bent, as shown below. If Boy X pushes by straightening his arms out while Boy Y holds his arms in the srcinal position, what is the motion of the two boys? a. Boy X does not move and Boy Y moves backward. b. Boy Y does not move and Boy X moves backward. c. Boy X and Boy Y both move backward. The motion depends on how hard Boy X pushes. d. Both will not move.  _____5. The tendency of an object to resist change in its motion is known as _____.  A. Mass C. Force B. Inertia D. Motion  _____6. You are riding fast on a skateboard when your wheel suddenly gets stuck in a crack on the sidewalk. Why does your body go flying forward?  A. there is a net force pushing you off your skateboard B. your inertia keeps you moving forward C. someone pushed you D. none of these  _____7. The force that pulls falling objects toward Earth is called _____.  A. Gravity C. Inertia B. Free fall D. Acceleration  ______8.  According to Newton’s third law of motion, when a hammer strikes and exerts force on a nail, the nail ______.  A. creates a friction with the hammer. B. disappears into the wood. C. exerts an equal force back on the hammer. D. Nothing will happen  _____9. What is Newton’s First Law of Motion?   A. Law of Inertia C. Law of Interaction B. Law of Acceleration D. Law of Momentum  _____10. When can you say that the force applied is unbalanced?  A. if there is a change in direction B. if there is a change in momentum C. if there is a change in the speed D. if there are no changes happened  _____11. The Law of Inertia states that, “  An object at rest tends to stay at rest if the resultant force acting on the object is equal to  ___.”   A. 1 C. 0 B. -1 D. 100  _____12. How long will an object remain at rest, according to Newton ’ s First Law of Motion?  A. It can't rest. B. Until noon. C. Until an unbalanced force occurs. D. As long as there are unbalanced forces acting on it.  _____13. The direction of gravity is _____.  A. upward C. to the left B. downward D. to the right  _____ 14. Who postulated the “Three Laws of Motion”?   A. Sir Isac Newton C. Sir Esaac Newton B. Sir Esaak Newton D. Sir Isaac Newton  ____  _15. Law of Interaction states that, “For every action, there is ________.”   A. unequal and opposite reaction B. unequal and the same reaction  C. an equal and opposite reaction D. an equal and the same reaction  _____14. What is magnitude?  A. It refers to the distance traveled by a moving object. B. It refers to the weight of an object. C. It refers to the size or strength of the force. D. It refers to the mass of an object.  _____15. What is the standard unit for Force ?  A. kg C. F B. L D. N  _____16. Based on the illustration below, what is the Net Force?  A. 30 N East C. 30 N West B. 90 N East D. 90 N West  _____17. What is the Net Force based on the picture below?  A. 950 N East B. 950 N West C. 50 N West D. 50 N East  ______18. Why is it harder to push a van filled with bowling balls than it is to push van filled with basketballs?  A. The mass of the car is greater than the mass of the basketball. B. The mass of the bowling balls is greater than the mass of the basketballs. C. The van with the basketballs is bigger than the van with the bowling balls. D. It should be equally as hard to push the two vans.  ______19. Which ball will hit the ground first if dropped at the same time and at the same height in a perfect vacuum? a. Metal first, then plastic, then wood last b. Wood first , then plastic, then metal last c. They will all hit at the same time. d. There is no way to tell.  ______20. Robert works in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). He is one of the specialists there who is in-charge in making of spacecrafts and rockets. The launching of rocket is a perfect example of application of which laws of motion?  A. Law of Inertia C. Law of Acceleration B. Law of Interaction D. Universal Law B. Directions: Determine the law of motion involved in the following situations. Choose the answer from the box below. Write the corresponding NUMBER of your answer on the provided blank before each number.  _____21. Lifting a dumbbell  _____22. Doing a push-up  _____23. A scotch tape rolling on the floor  _____24. Juggling the balls  _____25. Releasing the air of an inflated balloon  _____26. Collision of two cars  _____27. Jumping from a boat to the shore  _____28. Kicking a Soccer Ball  _____29. Dribbling a Basketball  _____30. Jeepney suddenly stops Part II  –  MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE Directions: Write T if the statement is true. If false, find and underline the word/phrase that makes the statement wrong; write the correct word/phrase on the blank provided before each number.  _______________31. Sir Esaac Newton is the proponent of Three Laws of Motion.  _______________32. Law of Interaction states that : “F or every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. ”   _______________33. The unit of force “N”   stands for Newton.  _______________34. The concept “Force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration (F = ma) ” refers to the 3 rd  Law of Motion.  _______________35. Net force becomes zero when the forces in opposite direction are equal. 1. Law of Inertia 2. Law of Acceleration 3. Law of Interaction    Part III  –  PROBLEM SOLVING Directions: Illustrate the following situational problems. Then, calculate the Net Force. (5 pts. each) 36-40.  Justine and Khint push a heavy table together, at the same time with 10 units of force towards East. What is the net force acting on the object? Illustration (2 pts.) Solution (3 pts.) 41-45.  What if Justine and Khint pull the heavy table at the same time in opposite directions with 10 units and 5 units of force respectively, what will be the net force acting on the object? Will the object move? To what direction will it move? (Note: Justine is in the West; Khint is in the East) Illustration (2 pts.) Solution (3 pts.) 46-50.  Suppose Archie helps Khint to pull the heavy table having 5 units of force each of them against Justine with 10 units of force at the opposite side. What will be the net force acting on the object? Will the object move? Illustration (2 pts.) Solution (3 pts.) Net Force:_________________ Net Force:_________________ Will the object move? _______ To What direction will it move?__________ Net Force:_________________ Will the object move? _______ “GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS YOU”  

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