Secrets of Ascendants

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  ecretg   of  feceniang Ey Ashok   Upadhaya India. iliok   Upadliavia   s   an   astrologer   versed   in   different   ystems   of   astrology   nd   iolds   tlie view   tliat   every   system   lias   ts   strengtli,   wliicli   must   Le   incorporated   in   ones   reading   model.   is   oncepts   re   ifferent   o   lie   extent   f   itlier   Leing   ismissed   asily   or   Leing   called   revolutionary.   Well   known   for   liis   stunning   predictions   we   suggest   to   watcli   tliis   pace   n   lie   uture.   e   earnt   iis   astrology   rom   lie   egendary   lind   astrologer   f   esteryears   liri   wami.   He   Lows   o   iis   urus   ate   .S.Patel,   ate   P rakliakar   ongre,   ate   audit   P rakliasliankar Trivedi.   his   rite   p   mall   eys   o   ach   Ascendant   re   resented   ith   asic   principles   f   strology   hic h   ll   he   readers   f   Saptarishis   Astrology   re   ware   of,   ence   o   xplanation   or   ny   ogic   s   presented   o   each   erse   as   t   would   only   at   up   pace.   e   equest   you   o   memorize   &   test   hese   verses   although   t   has   been   ested   for   a   ong   ime   y   his   cribe.   Additionally,   whatever   s   written   elow   will   be   applicable   in   he   armonic   Navamsa)   oo,   .g.   f   Jupiter   aturn   re   ogether   n   y   9'   Harmonic )   or   n   ries   sc   nd   upiter   Saturn   o   ot   orm   elationship   n   i   i st   divisional)   but   form   relationship   n   D9   then   also   he   ules   ill   e   pplicable   nd   sometimes   the   results   will   be   more   intense.   Aries   Ascendant   When   Jupiter   Saturn   has   a   relationship   of   any   ind   he   erson   ecomes   ailure,   minimum   0   /0   of   the   horoscopes   power   is   reduced.   Ref   Laghu   Parasari   Shloka   No   2Z   yogaadhyaya.   Saturn   s   0L   karmesh)   and   Jupiter   s   9L   (Bhagyesh).   un   r   ars   as   ny   elation   ith   Venus,   ven   n   igns   f   Venus   heir   energies   will   not   be   focus   oriented.   V   Any   elation   f   Ven   ith   upiter   oes   not   give   good   results.   E.g.   Ven   n   Pisces   can   ive   ood   aterialistic   uccess   beautiful   wife   but   quality   of   marriage   ife   is   so-so   and   not   so   great.   f   Moon   s   with   paap   graha   t   gives   good   results.   Moon   Rahu   together   n   Trines   5,9   only)   gives   good   results   132    Moon   Mars   n   Trines   (5,9   only)   gives   good   results   Moon   Saturn   n   Trines   5,9   only)   t   imes   ives   ood   esults   but   hey   hould   ave   o   relationship   with   Jupiter.   Gajakeshari   Yoga   jup   moon   n   quadrant)   f   it   has   any   relationship   with   Saturn   then   t   does   not   give   results   at   all   of   the   Gajakeshari  yoga.   Guru   Venus   yoga   n   those   areas   of   ife   which   ave   o   dignity   or   depth   n   t,   his   yoga   will   give   glamour   but   at   the   same   time   gives   bad   name   (negative   publicity).   Guru   Venus   together   in   any   house   brings   hani   n   bhagya   i.e.   spoils   destiny.   Ven   Neptune   together   egreecal   or   even   3   eg   spect,   native   would   have   problems   of   asthma,   reathing   roblem,   uffocation,   irculation   roblems   n   ody,   ometimes   hey   pass   through   epilepsy   or   at   times   giddiness-   this   s   applicable   to   all   Ascendants.   If   Ven   s   2   deg   ess   than   Neptune   then   the   above   symptoms   will   be   more   visible.   Uranus   &   Ven   eing   egreecal   n   Kendra   o   ach   other,   hen   ex   candal   or   ives   ad   name   sometimes,   but   the   result   s   extreme.   Neptune   Ven   or   Uranus   Venus   relationship   one   would   often   find   in   charts   of   fil m   stars.   Uranus   nd   Ven   n   Kendra   quadrant)   o   ach   other   gives   bnormal   exual   ife   or   ll   Ascendants   but   affect   more   in   Aries   Ascendant.   Neptune   Venus   elationship   ometimes   gives   death   n   water   or   fire   which   means   due   to   non   availability   of   air,   basically   gives   different   kind   of   death   at   times.   Taurus   Ascendant   Saturn   s   the   major   planet   n   this   horoscope,   Saturn   Mer   or   Saturn   Ven   having   any   type   of   relationship   then   the   native   becomes   a   great   success.   Any   elation   of  Jupiter   with   Venus   r   Jupiter   with   Saturn   r   Jupiter   with   Mer,   ives   short   ime   ame   ame   success)   ut   hey   o   ot   et   ermanent   ame   success).   The   negative   results   will   be   seen   n   Jupiter s   antardasa.   Native   should   never   cheat   his   siblings   (co-borns),   or   even   blood   relatives,   if  he   cheats   he   will   get   destroyed   n   ife   and   the   result   of   this   Sin   papa)   will   e   experienced   n   the   z nd   generation.   He   should   manage   extreme   distance   from   his   wife s   sister   and   from   widows,   f  not   then   full   generation   will   get   destroyed.   Gemini   Ascendant   Any   type   of   relationship   of   Saturn   bhagyesh)   nd   Guru   karmesh)   he   native   can   be   a   failure   in   ife   as   compared   to   his   srcinal   potential.   Native s   wife   takes   ot   of   care   of   Mother   in   aw   but   her   mother   n   aw   will   not   respect   his   wife.   Relationship   with   father   in   aw   will   be   cordial   and   caring.   If   Jup   n   H   hen   t   ives   npredictable   esults,   0   /0   egative   esults   but   strologer   should   be   extra   cautious   while   predicting   about   2H   matters   and   even   houses   that   Jupiter   Lords.   This   Jupiter   will   ehave   bnormally.   t   as   een   een   t   times   hat   this   Jupiter   gives   extreme   problems   of   the   2H   matters.   IfJupiter   is   deposited   in   5H   then   it   is   more   powerful   than   Jupiter   exalted   in   Cancer.   Native   hould   lways   give   respect   to   people   who   are   elderly   to   him   nd   o   people   who   have   knowledge   otherwise   he   would   get   destroyed.   If   a   Gemini   native   ascendant   s   facing   troubles   n   ife   then   he   should   go   and   help   elderly   or   learned   people   and   n   10   days   he   would   get   relief.   133      ative   hould   ever   sexua Hy   exploit   women   who   are   younger   to   him;   this   becomes   the   reason   for   his   downfall.   Cancer   Ascendant   ajakeshari   up   uadrant   with   oon)   oga   combination)   s   lways   eneficial   ut   Moon   should   be   ahead   of Jupiter   n   the   4^   from   Guru,   2 ''   priority   Jup   Moon   together,   3^   priority   Jupiter   s   n   4   rom   Moon   &   4   riority   Jup   Moon   opposition.   In   trikona   Mars   Rahu   together   or   Guru   Rahu   together   n   Kendra   then   t   s   a   great   success   and   fame   giving   combination.   un   n   h is   Cancer   Ascendant   gives   result   of   house   where   e   sits   and   not   ased   on   is   lordship.   If   he   s   with   some   planet   then   based   on   that   planet   he   will   give   results.   Basica Hy   Sun   here   does   not   give   results   based   on   his   lordship   ative   will   be   a   workaholic   and   will   not   care   about   his   personal   happiness.   is   wife   wi II   get   al ong   well   with   his   mother   in   aw.   n   5H   or   9H   f   there   s   Moon   with   Rahu   then   t   gives   good   results,   rahus   dasa   will   be   best   and   even   rahu   antardasas   n   mahadasas   of   other   planets   will   be   good   if   other   factors   don t   oppose.   f   Mars   Rahu   n   Kendra   or   trikona   t   will   give   excellent   results   n   rahus   dasa   f   Moon   Saturn   n   trikona   5,   9   only)   will   give   good   results   but   the   intensity   will   e   ess   in   da sas   antardasas.   oon   Mars   n   Kendra   r   rikona   makes   he   asas   of   moon   nd   mars   good.   Th is   s   he   pecialty   of   Cancer   Ascendant   hat   Moon   ven   with   apa   raha   ives   ood   esults   n   he   asas   ut   he   intensity   of   success   will   not   be   that   great.   Leo  Ascendant   un   and   Guru   or   Mars   are   major   planets.   Any   two   of   the   3   or   all   3   forming   relationships   with   each   other   then   it s   great   success,   the   house   where   t   forms   relationship   s   result   giving.   If   in   zH   there   is   Mer   or   any   planet   between   10   to   23.20   deg   then   during   ts   dasa   (including   Swagra hi   Budha)   the   person   s   reduced   o   Zero   n   ife   at   times   depending   on   what   stage   the   dasa   s   running   n   one s   ife.   The   intensity   of   the   ailure   will   e   ecided   y   Moons   condition   n   chart   e.g.   Moon   n   8H   hen   people   who   are   beneficial   to   you   will   die,   Moon   in   say   6H   then   his   enemies   will   bring   n   the   failure.   t   has   been   found   at   times   n   the   above   verse   that   if native   s   abroad   (away   from   his   place   of   birth)   then   results   will   be   reversed.   ative   must   be   careful   of   his   own   personality   s   hey   re   ver   onscious   of   their   wn   personality   and   can   be   self   centered.   His   success   depends   on   how   he   can   use   others   skills   (manager).   f   native   troubles   any   woman   n   his   life   then   nature   will   never   forgive   him.   f   native   oes   not   respect   traditions,   ld   mythology,   is   guru   or   even   o   ones   he   earns   from,   hat   s   o   lanet   upiter   hen   e   ill   et   estroyed   n   ife   .g.   arna   f   Mahabharata.   Over   onfidence   n   ne s   wn   nowledge   &   wn   bilities   or   Leo   Asc   natives   will   destroy   the   native s   ife   in   ong   run.   134    Virgo   Ascendant   er   Ven   or   sometimes   Saturn   with   Mer/Ven   orming   any   kind   of   relationship   then   he   becomes   a   success   in   his   dasa.   n   signs   of   Ta,   Vi   or   Cp   f   there   s   any   planet   n   o   o   10   f   the   above   planets   are   th ere   (can   be   )   e   becomes   a   success   n   fo reign   country   around   3-4   times   as   compared   o   what   he   would   have   achieved   t   n   his   birth   place.   Unknown   place   s   destiny   place   for   him   and   his   destiny   will   be   due   to   unknown   reasons   (non-traditional).   f   in   8H   n   degrees   of   27   o   30   f   there   s   any   planet   ncluding   Ura,   Plu,   Hep,   then   this   planet   brings   n   ife   ime   chievement   nd   gets   good   will   oo   ven   hough   t   will   e   hardship   filled   ife.   These   people   will   be   very   oyal,   dignified   and   gives   more   importance   to   alues   f   ife.   f   uch   ative   ettles   broad   hen   e   wi II   e   more   uccessful   n   materialistic   ife   but   with   hardship.   The   quantum   of   these   results   will   be   more   if   Sun   s   placed   n   the   12H   &   also  the   quality   of   the   Sun   (especially   check   Astakvarga   of   the   Sun).   Libra  Ascendant   oon   nd   Jupiter s   re   not   major   planets   or   is   ife,   ometimes   Saturn   with   Rahu   n   Kendra   s   he   most   uccessful   ombination   n   asas   or   Libra   Ascendant.   Sometimes   Mercury s   ole   ecomes   upportive   n   his   Ascendant.   E.g.   s   oon   e   oes   broad   e   becomes   success.   f   all   these   planets   Mer,   Ven   or   Saturn)   are   between   10   o   23.20   n   Ta,   Vi   or   Cp   then   miracle   ike   thing   happens   n   ife   but   if   there   s   a   foreign   element   nvolved   then   ts   more   success.   E.g.   f   Ven   s   laced   n   his   eg   hen   omeone   will   ie   nd   Libra   native   gets   money.   Any   religious   books   if   not   of  use   o   him   then   he   should   donate   t   o   anyone   but   not   keep   it   idle   or   in   bad   condition,   if   done   so   then   his   life   becomes   in   bad   condition.   ooks   of   knowledge   (not   story   books)   he   should   donate   it   regularly.   If   n   one s   amily   f   there   s   mall   ister   then   native   hould   always   respect   her   without   fail.   Scorpio   Ascendant   Any   lanet   eposited   etween   o   eg   of   Sc,   hen   hat   lanet   ecomes   yogakaraka   (planet   should   be   less   than   5   deg   not   above).   oon   Jupiter   Kendra   Yoga   (quadrant   to   each   other)   gives   ot   of   success,   n   this   amavasya   or   poonam   birth   gives   name   and   fame   and   good   quality   of   life.   oon,   Jupiter   or   Mars   gives   very   good   results.   oon   should   be   ahead   of Jupiter   in   the   4 t   1   from   Guru,   riority   Jup   Moon   together,   3^   priority   Jupiter   s   n   4 t ' 1   from   Moon   &   4 t   1   priority   Jup   Moon   opposition.   etween   13.20   o   26.40   if   planets   Mars,   Jup   or   Moon)   placed   n   Ar,   Le   or   Sg   then   n   this   natives   ife   arriage   r   oreign   ecomes   Trigger   oint   or   is   uccess   not   o   e   interpreted  that   marriage   life   is   success).   V   herever   Saturn   n   a   house,   that   house   becomes   very   important   for   Scorpio   Ascendant,   same   s   the   case   with   Venus   e.g.   Venus   s   n   Libra   then   Sc   Asc   will   get   a   ot   of   money   o   have   uxuries.   f   Moon   s   n   Asc   and   ifjup   n   '* 1   or   8 tl1 ,   even   though   it   becomes   Sakata   Yoga   t   does   not   give   extreme   negative   results.   These   guys   will   be   nsecure   on   account   of  their   destiny   but   they   would   have   good   destiny.   If   Venus   or   Mer   joins   the   other   houses   of   Adhi   yoga   then   this   Jupiter   gives   very   positive   results.   135  
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