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Globalize your mobile business along the world´s largest mobile community (a non profit organization with true global reach but without a centralized commercial instinct) plus a universal go-to-market concierge. Work with the momo community to save time & money.
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  • 1. Mobile experts in 60+ countries1 Universal Go To Market Concierge sembassy | .mobile business development
  • 2. Mobile experts in 60+ countriesmobile monday is an unique opportunity to team up with the keymultiplicators in mobile in 60+ countries but requires to understand themovement´s shared core values in line with it´s decentral character.Missing a central reporting and standardized work model, it´s hard for asponsor to understand how to provide added value on each level on scale.A typical event is organized by a volunteer and without direct commercialbenefit. That written, for each chapter you need to provide a good reason,● why should a mobile monday chapter spread your brand mission?● why should an event attendee enjoy listening to your presentation?● why should an event attendee provide any/positive feedback?● why should an event attendee spread your brand mission? But you can take advantage of the momo opportunity with ..
  • 3. Universal Go To Market Conciergesembassy works in the interest of it´sclient and establishes centralizedintelligence in customer acquisitionand retention.Based on these insights, clients savetime and budget and realize fastersales because the talk to (work with)the right audience at the right timeand allocate resources effectively.
  • 4. Together: The perfect channel for your mobile businessWe can develop your mobile business on a global scale. Practically thatmeans expert advice to find and coordinate legal, technical & commercialrelationships with developers, customers, and sales partners. A selection oflocal network partners assist us on finding legal advice, office space, agencyservices. sembassy delivers the centralized service reporting.Mobile Business Planning & Centralized Services Market Research Business CoachingMobile Business Implementation | * delivered together with local specialists
  • 5. Join us !Benefits as a sembassy client Contact Now Benefits as a sembassy partner Contact NowLower Cost: Save Time & Money through less More Revenues: Access to international budgets expensive access to global reach. - access to international clients - access to international partnersMore Revenues: More Revenues through faster sales More visibility: Free to work under your brand - butMore Control: Lower risk of failure through access in line with agreed quality standards to a given infrastructureKnowing buying centers and buying patterns in the target The lion´s share of our projects goes to mobile specialistsmarket, sembassy helps clients to shape go-to-market from the mobile monday eco system. sembassy´s value toprocesses early to make them meet the requirements in the the mobile community is delivering access to internationalfield. Based on our insights, our clients talk to the right projects - meaning an additional commercial influx. Someaudience at the right time and allocate resources effectively. partners use sembassy as their business development arm.sembassy´s value to clients is simply helping them to save Some partner even copy the sembassy value proposition intime and budget by getting this job done. Of course, this their geography or industry vertical. Actually - that isincludes centralized communications and quality control perfectly fine for us - as long as it does not dilute the qualitystandards across our partner network. standards.
  • 6. Background / Social / ContactWe are in digital since 1994 - in mobile since / axel hoehnke on LinkedIn1999 and in targeting since 2002. Since 2002 / axel hoehnke on Xingwe were privileged to support some high / axelhoehnke on Quoracaliber tech companies in Digital Advertising / / axel hoehnke on TwitterMobile Services environment. / axel hoehnke on Facebook / axel hoehnke’s pins on pinterestClient Cases: / axel hoehnke on slideshare / axel hoehnke’s page at Kress Koepfe/ smaato/ atlas / Microsoft Advertising or text +49.173.952.8000/ Digital Envoy / Digital Element/ see more references on LinkedIn
  • 7. / some background - to outline why we do - what we do
  • 8. Channel surfing killed the classic funnelToday’s consumer takes a much more complex iterative path thru andbeyond purchase. The classic funnel shows an ever-narrowing array ofdecisions and choices until purchase, when in fact the channel-surfingcustomer today often is expanding the set of choices and decisions afterconsideration. Just as importantly, the new funnel treats the post-purchaseprocess with the same level of importance as the pre-purchase journey.(Graphic from McKinsey)
  • 9. 1. Market maps as starting pointA clear, fact based understanding of the marketopportunity is fundamental to the development ofany product, investment decision or business plan.2. Interviews with local expertsThe only right answer is the one that the market responds to.3. Build trust in your target marketYour potential customers and business partners care by what their peersthink. We connect you with the local authorities and demonstrate socialproof, which is still one of the most important drivers of human behavior.building-trust-in-your-target-market.
  • 10. Identifying the beachhead (bridgehead) in each marketExpect that the majority of potential customers are reluctant to deal with anewcomer. But there are customers who are prepared to take some risk ifthe value provided is substantial and difficult to get elsewhere.Creating a bridgehead (beachhead) in a new market is a way to keep tocosts under control until having reference customers. ... more about thisstrategy
  • 11. Working with localsHaving locals in your target market delivers first hand competitorscustomer feedback and industry best practices and prescribe winningmoves to guide product improvement and spur new market penetration.This lets you learn from customers of competitors and theirimplementation staff. Then identify the lure features that attract newcustomers and the keep-features needed to retain customers and learnwhat doesn’t work for competitors that you could provide and whatmessages work best.
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