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  SBIOSRs    –    UPDATE   30 th   June   2008   1   SUPERVISING   STAFF   SELECTED   SERVICE   CONDITIONSBRIEF   RESUME   1. SCALES   OF   PAY   (W.E.F.   1.   11.2002)   @   JMGS-I   10000 - 470/6  – 12820  – 500/3  – 14320 -560/7 - 18240   MMGS-II   13820 - 500/1  – 14320  – 560/10  – 19920   MMGS-III   18240 - 560/5  – 21040  – 620/2  – 22280   SMGS-IV   20480 - 560/1  – 21040  – 620/5  – 24140   SMGS-V   24140  – 620/4  – 26620   TEGS-VI   26620  – 680/4  – 29340   TEGS-VII   29340 - 680/2  – 30700  – 900/1  – 31600 - 1000/1  – 32600   @ vide industry level s ettlement signed on 02.06.2005 Fitment : Fitment shall be stage -to-stage, i.e., on corresponding states from 1 st  stage onwards and the increments shall fall on the anniversary date as usual. 2. DEARNESS   ALLOWANCE   (   R -21   )  D.A. shall be payable for e very rise or fall of four points over 2288 points in thequarterly average of the All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index(General) Base 1960=100 at the following rates: - 0.18 % of „ pay ‟   upto Rs. 9650/- plus,   0.15% of „ pay ‟   Above Rs. 9650/- to Rs. 15,350/- plus,   0.09% of „ pay ‟   Above Rs. 15,350/- to Rs. 16,350/- plus,   0.04% of „ pay ‟   Above Rs. 16,350/-   On and from 1 st February 2005, DA shall be payable for every rise or fall of 4points over 2288 points in the quarterly average of the allIndia Average workingclass Consumer Price Index(General)Base 1960=100 at 0.18% of Pay 3. HOUSE   RENT   ALLOWANCE   (   R   -22)  a) Major „ A ‟ Class cities andProject Area Centres in Group -A   8.5 % of pay   b) Other places in Area I andProject Areas in Group -B   7.5% of pay   c) Other places   6.5% of pay   Centres have been re -classified as per Census of 2001 vide Circular NoCDO/IR/CIR/38 dated 02.11.2004 .Provided that if an officer produces a rent receipt, the HRA payable to him/hershall be the actual rent paid by him/her for the residential accommodation in  SBIOSRs    –    UPDATE   30 th   June   2008   2   excess over 1.75% of Pay in the first Scale of Pay in which he/she is placed witha maximum of 150% of the HRA payable as per aforesaid rates mentioned inColumn II above. NOTE:  The claims of officer employees for HRA linked to the cost of their ownershipaccommodation shall also be restricted to 150% of HRA as hitherto. 4. CITY   COMPENSATORY   ALLOWANCE(   R   -23)  1. Major „ A ‟ Class cities, Area Icentres and in the state of Goa   4% of basic pay Max.Rs.540/- p.m.   2. Places with population of 5 lacs andabove, State Capitals, Chandigarh,Pondicherry and Port Blair   3% of basic pay Max.Rs.375/- p.m.   5. Recovery   of   House/Furniture   Rent   (i) House rent recovery shall be @ 1.75% of the first stage of the scale of payin which the officer is placed or the standard rent for the accommodation,whichever is less. (ii) Furniture rent recovery shall be @ 0. 40% of the first stage of the scale ofpay in which the officer is placed. 6. Provident   Fund  10% of pay. “ Pay ” for the purpose of PF shall mean basic pay includingstagnation increments and PQA, increment component of FPA andofficiating allowance. 7. FIXED   PERSONAL   PAY   (FPP):   On a nd from 1 st Nov e mber 2004, F i xed P e rsona l P a y t og et her w it h Hous e R e ntA ll ow a nc e sha ll be at   t he fol l ow i ng r ate s a nd sha ll r e m ai n froz e n for t he e nt i r e per i od of s e rv ice . Increment   Component   DA   as   on   01.11.2002   Total   F.P.P.   payable   where   bank ‟ s   accommodation   isprovided   (A)   (B)   (C)   Rs.   Rs.   Rs.   560   23   583   620   25   645   680   28   708   1000   41   1041    SBIOSRs    –    UPDATE   30 th   June   2008   3   Note:   i)   F.P.P.   as   indicated   in   “C”   above   shall   be   payable   to   those   officer   employees   who   are   provided   with   bank ‟ s   accommodation.   ii)   F.P.P.   for   officers   eligible   for   House   Rent   Allowance   shall   be   “A”   +   “B” plus   House   Rent   Allowance   drawn   by   the   officer   employees   concernedwhen   the   last   increment   of   the   relevant   scale   of   pay   as   specified   in   sub   -regulation   (ii)   of   Regulation   4   is   earned.   iii)   The   increment   component   of   F.P.P.   shall   ran   k   for   superannuationbenefits.   8. PROFESSIONAL   QUALIFICATION   PAY(   PQP):   A.   Officers   shall   be   eligible   for   professional   qualification   pay   as   under   :   i)   Those   who   have   passed   CAIIB    –   Part   I    /    JAIIB   Rs.300/-   p.m.   one   year   after   reaching   top   of   the   scale.   ii)   Those   who   have   passed   both   parts   of   CAIIB    –   a)   Rs.300-   p.m.   one   year   after   reaching   top   of   the   scale. b)   Rs.750/-   p.m.   two   years   after   reaching   top   of   the   scale.   B.   An   Officer   employee   acquiring   JAIIB/CAIIB   (either   or   both   parts)   qualificationsafter   reaching   the   maximum   of   the   scale   of   pay,   shall   be   granted   from   the   date   ofacquiring   such   qualification   the   first   installment   of   PQP   and   the   release   ofsubsequent   installments   of   PQP   shall   be   with   reference   to   the   date   of   release   offirst   installment   of   PQP.   Provided   further   that   in   a   case   where   an   officer,   as   on   the   date   of   this   Joint   Note,has   already   acquired   any   of   the   above   said   qualifications   and   has   not   earned   anyincrement   or   PQP   on   account   of   acquiring   such   qualification/s,   he   may   be,   witheffect   from   1 st   November   2002   or   the   date   of   acquiring   such   qualification/s,whichever   is   later,   released   PQP   as   provided   herein   above.   9. CLOSING   ALLOWANCE   (Effective   from   1.4.1997)  Rs.250/- per half-year payable at the end of September & March to allofficers, other than those posted in administrative offices. (CSL   No.CDO:PER:9:98    -99    dt.6.4.98)    10. OFFICIATING   ALLOWANCE  If an officer is required to officiate in a post in higher grade/scale for acontinuous period of not less than 7 days at a time or an aggregate of 7days during a calendar month, he/she shall receive officiating allowanceequal to 6% of his/her basic pay per month, for the period he/she officiatesw.e.f. 1.11.1999). Such allowan ce will rank for P.F. and   not   for   other   purposes . Further, officiating allowance to an officer, who comes toofficiate as a consequence of review of categorization in a grade or scalehigher than the one in which he is placed, will be paid from the date ofcircularization of the revised categorization. He will not be paid officiating  SBIOSRs    –    UPDATE   30 th   June   2008   4   allowance for the period he had worked in the position between theeffective date of categorization and the date of circular.(CDO/PM/16/CIR/7/001369 dated 24.04.2002) 11. DEPUTATION   ALLOWANCE   (Effective   from   1.   06.2005)   On   and   from   1 st   June   2005,   Deputation   Allowance   shall   be   at   the   following   rates   :   a)   An   officer   deputed   to   serve   outside   the   bank    –   7.75%   of   Pay   with   amaximum   of   Rs.1,500/    -   p.m.   b)   An   officer   deputed   to   an   organiza   tion   at   the   same   place   or   to   thetraining   establishment   of   the   bank    –   4%   of   Pay   with   a   maximum   ofRs.750/-   p.m.   12. HILL   &   FUEL   ALLOWANCE   (Rule:23.x)   Place   Rate   a)   Places   with   an   altitude   of   1000   metres   and   above   but   less   than   1500   metres   and   Mercara   Town   2%   of   Pay   subject   to   a   maximum   of   Rs.400/-p.m.   b)   Places   with   an   altitude   of   1500   metres   and   above   but   less   than   3000   metres.   2.5%   of   Pay   subject   to   a   maximum   of   Rs.500   p.m.   c)   Places   with   an   altitude   of   3000   metres   and   above.   5%   of   Pay   subject   to   a   maximum   of   Rs.1150/-   p.m.   13. HALTING   ALLOWANCE   (Rule   23.ix)   Grade   /   Scales   of   Officers   Major   „ A ‟   class   cities   (Rs.)   Area   I   (Rs.)   Other   Places   (Rs.)   Officers   in   Scale   IV   &   above   600/-   550/-   500/-   Officers   in   Scale   I/II/III   550/-   500/-   400/-   Provided that in the case of officers in Scale IV and above, halting allowancepayable per diem while on outstation work at the four metros, viz. Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata and Chennai, shall be Rs.700/ -.(Centres have been re -classified as perCensus of 2001 vide Circular No CDO/IR/CIR/38 dated 02.11.2004)Major “ A ” Centres : Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Ahmedabad,Bangalore & Hyderabad.  Area-I centres : Area-I centres : Pune, Nagpur, Surat, Lucknow,Visakhapatnam, Kanpur, Patna, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Kochi, Indore, Bhopal,Vadodara, Ludhiana, Madurai, Varanasi and Agra   
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