Seyyed Hossein Nasr Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines

An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines CONCEPTIONS OF NATURE AND METHODS USED FOR ITS STUDY BY THE IKHW AN A L - ~ A F A ' , AL-BIRUNI, AND IBN SINA Revised Edition Seyyed Hossein N asr THAMES AND HUDSON Contents page Preface by H. A. R. Gibb xm Preface to the Revised Edition x1x Introduction xx1 List of Transliterations xxv Prologue-Islam and the Study of Nature 1 Cosmological Sciences and the Islamic Revelation 1 The Study
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  An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines  CONCEPTIONS OF NATURE AND METHODS  USED  FOR ITS STUDY  BY  THE  IKHW  AN  AL-~AFA', AL-BIRUNI,AND IBN SINA  Revised Edition  Seyyed Hossein N asr  THAMES AND  HUDSON   Contents page Preface by H. A. R. Gibb xmPreface to the Revised Edition x1x Introduction xx1 List of Transliterations xxv Prologue-Islam and the Study of Nature 1Cosmological Sciences and the Islamic Revelation 1The Study of the Cosmological Sciences in IslamicHistory 11 The Intellectual Dimensions in Islam and the Class of Seekers of Knowledge 18 PART l. THEIKHWAN AL-SAFA' 1. The Rasii'il of the Ikhwan al-Safa'-Their Identityand Content 25 The lkhwan and Philosophy 33 Identity and Significance of the Ikhwan 35 The Sources of the Rasii'il .,37 The Organization of the Rasii'il 40 2. The Principles of the Study of the Cosmos and theHierarchy of the Universe 44The Pythagorean Notion of Arithmetic and Geometry 47 The Hierarchy of Being 51 The Relation between God and the Universe 53 The Universal Intellect and Soul 55 Matter 58 Nature 60 The Spheres and the Elements 61 Time, Space, and Motion 62 The Analogy of Microcosm and Macrocosm and theGreat Chain of Being 66  viii CONTENTS  3.The IndividualCosmological Sciences Astronomy and Astrology  75  75 848487 89  TheWorld  of  Generation and Corruption  Meteorology Geology  and Geography TheThree Kingdoms  4.  The Microcosm and  ItsRelationto  the  Universe PART ll. AL-BiRUNi  96  5. The Life,Works, and  Significance  of  a!-Biriini 107 6.  The Creation  of  theWorld  and  ftsSubsequent History 116 7. The Role of  Natureand theMethods of ItsStudy 122 On Nature  and  ItsFunction 122 The Methods Used to Study Nature  125 8. The  Universe  and  ItsParts132 The Heavens132 TheSublunary Region 139 Manand the  World 1499.  The Wedding of  Heaven and Earth  in Astrology  151  Principles of  Astrology  151 AI-Biriini and His  Attitude  Toward Astrology  163  10. The  Attitude of  a!-Biruni Toward Philosophy  and Learning166TheRole of  LearninginIslam173 PART  III.  iBN  SINA  11. The Life  andWorks of IbnSiniiandHis Significance177 Ibn Sina  and  theIslamic Religion 181  12. The  Anatomy of Being197Being  and Its Polarizations 197  The  Generation  of the  Universe 202 The  Relationbetween  God and  the Universe212 13. Principles of  Natural  Philosophy 215 Form and  Matter  218 Motion 226  On Causes 229 Ibn  Sinii and  the Study of  Nature  231 
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