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  A CAJ Report JONATHAN SIMS CHRIST S AMBASSADOR TO JAPAN And the.things you have heard mesayinthepresence of manywitnesses entrusted toreliablemenwhowillalsobequalifiedtoteachothers. II Timothy 2:2 VOLUME5 FIRST QUARTER 1985 NUMBER 1 A RECORDATTENDANCE A reportin March about a Christmas program is late to be sure but worthwhile of mention as the good attendance encouraged me. Also with a helpertaking pictures the program went smoothly. The program consistedofsinging carols telling the real story of Christmas Sunday school students reading from Luke chapter two various games and a gift exchange. Previous preparationfor the programhadbeen made through handing out about nine hundred handbills. Theyoungman from Yokosuka attending our Bible college in Osakawashome over the Holidays to help in various ways. Hewas the one who took the pictures while I directed the activities in the program. The children in Sunday school had rehearsed their parts in reading Scripture and telling about _ The attendance by American standards was not much but it was the most coming to anyprogram since X havebeen here  t Yokosuka Of those who came eight ofthe children were in a Church buildingforthe first time in theirlives Four adults two infants and twenty-two who exchanged gifts were in attendance Compared with ouraverage attendance in Sunday school of eight it seemed to be quite a crowd Ichinosesan who teaches the children from preschoolto third grade had prepared just enough for therefreshment time I donated a box of tangerines The greatest num ber of visitors came as friends of the children of the husband and wife who studyEnglish in a class of mine. The other visitors came directly from handing out handbillsinfront of the elementaryschool nearby. Pray that I can make more contacts like the hus bandand wife who brought their friends children and friends of their children Scripture Reading Game. Time  A FURLOUGH  S COMING I arrived in Japan in May of 1981 tobegin my first term of service and four years havesped by. In response to a request from some in the U.S. Iam planning a trip to visit supportingcongregations, classes and familybeginning May29 and extending through the National Missionary Convention in Orlando, Florida after which on October 3, I will return to Japan,recharged for a second term of service. During my trip in the U.S. the young man fromYokosuka, who incidentally will be graduating fromOsaka Bible Seminary this Spring, will be filling the pulpitin Yoko suka. You will hear more of him later My itinerary is taking shape. I will depart from Tokyo on May 29, Wednesday at 19:05 with a brief periodofdark over the Pacific andgo through Customs inSeattle after arriving the  M of the same day 10:35. Continuing glast will lose me time so that I arrive in Norfolk at 22:36  still Wed.May 29 . Going theother direction on October 3 will seem like one long day, departing Norfolk at 7:35   Thursday and without seeing a sunset or dark of any kind willarrivein Tokyo on Friday, October 4 at 1^:50 hours. Speaking appointments are being confirmed. After a week in Chesapeake, Virginia I will be driving to be at 1st Christian, Mckeesport the   of June 9, atFirst Christian, Turtle Creek, PA that PM, later at Norwin Christian and First Christian, Big Run and with my youngest brother in Belleville Michiganon the weekend of June 30. The drive to visit my sister in Desmoines will behard as wellas thereturn from Iowa to be at Creswell Church ofChristJuly 7 followed by a week of camp. In any case additional ap pointments from July onward will be best put in my next newsletter. I will soon be able to see many of you all in person to Fellowship and relate about the work in Japan. To visit will be a wonderful way to recharge for another term in Japan. Iam always grateful for continuing prayer and support. The Lord is answer ing prayer, providing needs according to His timetable,sustaining us in our efforts. Through the power givenus from above we canbe made more effective servants. PRAYTHATALL WE SAY ANDDO CAN BRING GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. LAUREL AVENUECHURCH OF CHRIST 1126 Laurel Avenue Chesapeake, Virginia 23325 C.A.J. -JONATHAN SIMS Jesse   Ella Inge, ForwardingAgents P.O. Box 13277 Chesapeake, Virginia 23325  804 420-6028 Missions Services Assoc Box 2427 Knoxville, TN 37901 [iilliliiillilnlltuinllll Non-Profit Org, U.S. Postage P I Chesapeake, Va. Permit No.48  C.A.   REPORT JONATHAN SIMS...CHRIST S  M SS DOR TOJAPAN VOLUME5 THIRD QU RTER 1985 NUMBER3A FIRST FURLOUGHSUMMARY I have heard various conments about  furlough from missionaries who have devoted much time to work in the fields forthe sake of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. One ofthe most commonly expressed statements is that a missionary will need toget back to the field to  rest up from furlough. A furlough in any dictionary becomesasynonym with  Vacation but for a missionary a furlough -does-not seem to be a time for reiazing~or getting one^s mind off-one s work. On- thecontrary, a missionary becomes busy speaking to anumber of groupsabout the work on the field and becomes tired from traveling around from place to place. A furlough is similarto a vacation inthat it is a financial burden not fully com pensated for dollar wise,but is also achange of pacewhichcanbe appreciated. It is amazing to know that many pioneer missionaries such as Hudson Taylor in China nevertook a single  furlough, at least as wewould interpret the word  furlough. Paul did reportto the congregation which had:sent him out to the field, but never lost his zeal to work in the fields and when Paul couldn t be there in person, sent letters to keep in touch. It is my understanding from Scripture that a Christian can not goon vacation from being a Christian and also to be a Christian is no real  vacation. Theaim of this furlough whichbeganon May 29and will finish when leaving for JapanonOctober3hasbeen to visit supportingcongregations and family.Ihavebeen able to visit briefly   aunts,uncles, sisters and brothers families and with many of you who havebeen praying for me and supporting the work in Japan. I regret that Ihave not been able to visit with some othersof you as well. In heaven there will not be hindrances of distance and time schedule dif ferences to keeppeople apartas happenshereon earth. Traveling more than8,000 miles by car Ihave made stops in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina,Indiana and Ohioand willfly Eastern Airlines to Florida toattend the National Missionary Convention in Orlando. In general, this furlough has been very worthwhile. It was not pleasant to have two teeth with root canal infections to be worked on,nor to be inflicted with whiplashbecause of a careless truck driverin North Carolina. It disturbed me a little to see changes in-several congregations causedbyaweakened state ofthe economy.  nd achange ofleadership always needs getting used to. But blessings far outweigh troubles. I can notexpress howmuchI appreciatetheelders of Laurel AvenueChurch of Christ, Chesapeake, Virginia for providing agood vehicle for driving around the country. I appreciate greatly the hospitality ofthose who allowed me to stay in their homes as Iwentfrom placetoplace. I appreciatethe manyop portunities Ihad to speak to congregations, groups, campsand individualsaswell about the work in Japan. Those who are keeping me in their prayers and supporting me through finances, encouraging letters orcards,or simply through showing interest in reaching across cultural differences with the Gospelmean very much to me. The Lord has blessed me with good health during the trips from place to place. Simply to meet many wonderful people who are concerned about my well being and interested in the work in Japan encourages me to bemore diligent and helps to charge me up foradditionalservice in Japan. ANEW ENGAGEMENT On July 20, the young man preachingand teaching at Yokosuka while I am here in the U.,S. was formally engaged to a young lady from one of our congrega tions In the greater Tokyo area. Both had been in Osaka, attendingthe same con gregation,butthe Jaj^anese style  courtship did not begin until the preacher of the congregation introduced her to Kensei. After Kensei was introduced to her fam ily and they showed even a hint of tolerance and she was introduced to his family andshown tolerance, they could  date . Generally not much is done withoutfamilyapproval, but in the cases where a couple agrees to marry regardlessof lack of ap proval from one sideor both the couple finds a lot ofhardship. In Japan, a mar riage where both families approve heartily as wellas the couple themselves is re ally considered blessed. In this case the groom to be and bride   to be are both Christian and from our Churches, but his family are not Christian andIdo not know about hers which may cause pressure on their relationship.  In Japan It Is a rare blessing to find couples like Kensei and Yoshie. Too oftenChristians marry hon christiahs and end up drawn away from the Church, becausethey can t find partners of likefaith among the fewcongregationsthey mayknow about. Crossing denoiiiiiiational lines also causes problems.There simply need to be more Christians in Japan andmore opportunities for Christian young people to meet together. In speaking for myself I can onlysay that the Lord has notyetblessed me throughproviding that special helpmeet. If my Creator does bless mw by pro viding a helpmeet, AHEN. Pray thatin whatever situation Iam in singleor otherwise, that I canbe as effective as possible in reaching others with the Gospel ofJesus Christ Iam looking forward to beginning another term of service in Japan. The other day I received a letter fromYokosuka where the people are praying for my safe and speedy return. They have been thinking a lot about me as I have been traveling. Ihavebeen thinking aboutthem aswell, but am eqtially slow in get ting letters written. There is much to bedone there. Pray that there can be break throughs in reaching across cultural barriers so that many Japanese willre spond to the Gospel.I am grateful to havebeen able to visit many ofyou during this brief furlough, andI ask for continuingprayer and support as I returnto Japan onOctober 3. /s/ Jonathan Sims Christianity V«V«V VAV V«V«V»« V V V/t V«ViVAVAVA VAV«^^^ LAUREL AVENUECHURCH OF CHRIST C A J JONATHAN SIMS P O Box 13277 Chesapeake, Virginia 23325 FIELD ADDRESS Jonathan Sims 3-6 Hugo Cho, Yokosuka-Shi KanagawaKen Japan 238 FORWARDING AGENT Jesse Inge 909 Neptune Ave., Va.  804)420-6028 Beach Va.23464 Permit No. 48 Non-Profit Org. PostagePaid Chesapeake, Va. Missions Services Assoc Box 2427 Knoxville IN 37901
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