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  ESL / EFL RESOURCES Introducon In this useful teaching activity, students learn and practice common responses that convey feelings. Procedure Divide the class into pairs. Give each pair a set of expression cards.Write the following statements on the board:I just proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. (That's fantastic!) My dog ran away. (Oh no!) I found some money on the oor. (Lucky you.)Go through each statement and have the students look at their expression cards and provide suitable responses. Possible answers are in brackets. After that, explain that the expressions on the cards are used in responses to convey feelings. For example, 'That's fantastic!' can be used to convey joy or happiness. 'Oh no!' can be used for sadness or sympathy, etc.Go through each expression and demonstrate it's meaning and have students practice any appropriate intonation.Then, tell the students that they are going to write a dialogue using some of the expressions.In their pairs, the students then create a dialogue which includes at least ten of the expressions from the cards. When the students have nished writing their dialogues, ask the pairs to practice reading them aloud several times until they can remember them. Pairs then perform their dialogues in front of the class and feedback is given. Afterwards, have pairs join together to make groups of four. Ask the students to shue one set of expression cards and place them face down in a pile on the desk. Students then take it in turns to pick up a card and make a statement that will elicit the response on the card. The rst student to reply using the correct expression wins and keeps the card. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins. TEACHER’S NOTES That's Fantasc!  Acvity Type Reading, writing, listening and speaking activity, pair and group work Language Focus Common responses that convey feelings  Aim To learn and practice common responses that convey feelings. Preparaon Make one copy of the worksheet for each pair of students and cut as indicated. Level Pre-intermediate Time 40 minutes © 2018 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.  ESL / EFL RESOURCES SMALL TALK That's Fantasc! That's fantastic! Lucky you. Oh no!Have a good time.I'm so pleased for you. You'll be ne. That's great.Cheer up.I'm always here for you.I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure everything will be ne. Just do your best.Oh dear! I know. No way! Good luck. I'm glad to hear it.Congratulations!That's so true.I can't believe it! © 2018 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.
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