SmartTOP Convertible Top Kit for Mercedes-Benz E-Class Now with Ultra Plug and Play Wiring Adapter

Aftermarket automotive electronics specialist Mods4cars has refined and upgraded the wiring adapter which is part of the SmartTOP kit for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Effective immediately, a custom made adapter using OEM connectors guarantees a perfect and secure fit as well as easier connection between the SmartTOP and the vehicle electronics.
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  SmartTOP Convertible Top Kit for Mercedes-Benz E-Class Now with ltra Pl! and Pla# $irin %dapter  Aftermarket automotive electronics specialist Mods4carshas rened and upgraded the wiring adapter which is part of the SmartTOP kit for the Mercedes-Ben !- lass#!$ective immediatel%& a custom made adapter using O!Mconnectors guarantees a perfect and secure t as well aseasier connection 'etween the SmartTOP and the vehicleelectronics# &as 'e as( N' )S%*( October +,st( .,/ --  The SmartTOP Convertible  Top Controller made by Mods4cars for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertibleis a retrot modle !hich ma es se of the top simpler# more fn and comes !ith a fe! bons featres as !ell$ To benet from these featres# all that is necessary is to connect the modle !ith the car electronics sin% the spplied cstom desi%ned pl%-and-play adapter harness$ This harness simply pl%s in bet!een some connectors at the top control bo&and the SmartTOP modle$ 'n order to ma e installation even easier and to avoid any problems# the adapter !as completely redesi%ned sin% OEM pl%s that ensre secre# ti%ht t and reverse polarity protection$ Simply connect pl% and soc et ntil they latch$ Safety levers loc the connections in place$()e al!ays !ant to ma e the installation of or prodcts as easy as possiblefor or cstomers(# says P* Mana%er Sven Torno!$ (This means for s that !e deliver !irin% adapters that se OEM connectors !ith all the necessary safety latchin% mechanisms and reverse polarity protection that t perfectly and cannot come apart accidentally$+ ,dditionally Mods4cars recently cstomdesi%ned a prodct enclosre that ma es the modle itself very slim# p to ./ smaller and thereby easier to install in ti%ht locations$ Con%rin% and pdatin% the modle is strai%ht for!ard as !ell0 , 1SB port on the modle allo!s o!ners to connect it to a PC or Mac to pro%ram the individal settin%s or pdate the modle rm!are online$ The SmartTOP Convertible Top Controller allo!s se of the top !hile drivin% at slo! speeds of p to 2. m3h 5.mph6$ Than s to the one-toch featre all it ta es is one 7ic tap on the top s!itch$ 't is no lon%er necessary to hold do!n the s!itch for the dration of the operation$ 't is also possible to open and close the top from the ori%inal factory ey fob remote p to the fll *8 ran%e$ 9o modication is necessary to the ey remote or receiver system$ The SmartTOP modle for E-Class convertibles also o:ers some neat bons  featres0 Separate control of the !indo!s from the remote# comfort one-toch close o: all !indo!s at once !ith the dedicated (all-!indo!s( s!itch$ ;azard blin ers can be activated drin% remote top operation and the top can be controlled via the door handle if the car has the <eyless =o factory option installed$ ,n e&tended mode can be activated !hich allo!s startin% orstoppin% the en%ine drin% an on%oin% top operation and the entire modle can be temporarily disabled !hile retainin% all ser con%rable settin%s$E:ective immediately the SmartTOP it for E-Class convertibles ships !ith the ne! pl%-and-play !irin% adapter at an nchan%ed retail price of >?? Eros @ ta&$ SmartTOP its are available for many other Mercedes-Benz models as !ell as for all of these poplar brands0 ,lfa# ,di# Bentley# BM)# 8errari# 8ord# 'nniti# Aa%ar# ambor%hini# Mazda# Mini# 9issan# Opel# Pe%eot# Porsche# *enalt# olvo and )$ % prod!ct demonstration can be seen here0 http033yot$be3vDh,AO? 1!rther details0 http033!!!$mods4cars$com %bo!t Mods/cars0 Mods4cars !as fonded in >..> !ith the idea to add a hi%hly demanded featre to the other!ise almost perfect Porsche Bo&ster0 Comfort One-Toch roof operation !hile drivin% at slo! speeds$ The resltin% prodct o:ered notonly that# bt also allo!ed 7ic and easy installation by Fst s!appin% ot a relay bo&# ths leavin% no traces and no permanent chan%es on the vehicle$  The rst SmartTOP roof controller !as born$ The sccess of their rst prodcts in =ermany and Erope prompted them in late >..4 to move operations to the 1S,# to be able to serve the ,merican mar et as !ell as all other En%lish spea in% contries sch as ,stralia# 1<  and Soth ,frica from one central location$ Their bsiness has %ro!n to a fll-Ged%ed international corporation !ith an oHce in as e%as and a fll line of innovative prodcts as !ell as distribtors and installation partners all over the %lobe$Bein% hi%hly specialized in the development and distribtion of aftermar et roof- and comfort controllers since >..> allo!s them to o:er an nsrpassed level of competence and prodct 7ality$ Their main %oal is optimization of each individal prodct to a ma&imm in compatibility# sability and intitiveoperation$ They pt %reatest e:ort into development and 7ality chec s of all their prodcts to achieve this %oal and meet all e&pectations of their cstomers$ The e&traordinary sccess of their prodcts is also based on the %reat commnication !ith their cstomers# !hich sally already starts for each ne! prodct drin% the development and prototypin% phase$ Press 2 Media Contact0 ,nFa ehmannMods4cars CI2. E$ 8lamin%o *d JI..as e%as# 9 ?II? - 1S,I-I.-?I.?.22lehmannKmods4cars$comhttp033!!!$mods4cars$com

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Jul 23, 2017
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