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Sr. No. Events Page No. 1 Calendar for the Inter Collegiate Tournament Guideline for conduct of Inter Collegiate Tournament 3 A Zone and

1 Sr. No. Events Page No. 1 Calendar for the Inter Collegiate Tournament Guideline for conduct of Inter Collegiate Tournament 3 A Zone and Events 3 B Submission of Entries 4 C Team Qualify
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1 Sr. No. Events Page No. 1 Calendar for the Inter Collegiate Tournament Guideline for conduct of Inter Collegiate Tournament 3 A Zone and Events 3 B Submission of Entries 4 C Team Qualify for Inter-Zonal 4 D Rule of Eligibility 5 E Disqualification for Violation of Eligibility Rules 7 F Disciplinary Action 7 G Protest 8 H General Instruction 8 I Brief Rules of The Sports & Game 11 1 Archery 11 2 Athletics 12 3 Badminton 13 4 Ball-Badminton 13 5 Baseball 14 6 Basketball 14 7 Best Physique 14 8 Boxing 15 9 Carrom Chess Cricket (M) Cricket (W) Cross Country Races Cycling Fencing Football Gymnastic Half Marathon Handball Hockey Judo Kabaddi Kho-Kho Malkhamb Power Lifting Shooting Softball Squash Rackets Swimming, Diving, Waterpolo Table Tennis Tennis Taekwondo Tug of War Volleyball Weight Lifting Wrestling Yogasana 30 2 University Of Mumbai Calendar for the Inter-Collegiate Tournaments sr. no. Name Of The Events Last Date For Preliminary Entry Last Date For Detail Entry i.e. Name List Date Of The Tournaments 1 Tug Of War (M & W) 17/07/ /07/ /08/ Table Tennis (M & W) 17/07/ /07/ /08/ Aquatic (M & W) 03/08/ /08/ /08/ Chess (M / W)* 17/07/ /07/ /08/ Water Polo (M) 03/08/ /08/ /08/ Badminton (M & W) 17/07/ /07/ /08/ Cross Country (M & W) 21/08/ /08/ /08/ Foot Ball (M & W) 01/08/ /08/ /09/ Cycling (M & W) 04/09/ /09/ /09/ Volleyball (M* & W) 14/09/ /09/ /09/ Kabaddi (M* & W) 14/09/ /09/ /09/ Gymn.& Malkhb (M&W) 24/09/ /09/ /09/ Half Marathan (M & W) 24/09/ /09/ /10/ Basket Ball (M & W) 05/09/ /09/ /10/ Kho Kho (M* & W) 08/09/ /10/ /10/ Base Ball (M & W) 03/10/ /10/ /10/ Taekwondo (M & W) 03/10/ /10/ /10/ Squash (M & W) 07/10/ /10/ /10/ Archery (M & W) 19/10/ /10/ /10/ Boxing (M & W) 26/10/ /10/ /11/ Ball badminton (M & W) 19/10/ /10/ /11/ Athletics (M & W) 26/10/ /10/ /11/ Cricket (M* & W) 17/10/ /11/ /11/ Tennis (M & W) 04/11/ /11/ /11/ Judo (M & W) 20/11/ /11/ /11/ Weight Lifting (M & W) Power Lifting (M & W) Best Physique (M) 20/11/ /11/ /11/ / /11/ /11/ /11/ /11/ /11/ Shooting (M & W) 27/11/ /11/ /12/ Hockey (M & W) 07/11/ /11/ /12/ Fencing (M & W) 01/12/ /12/ /12/ Yoga (M & W) 01/12/ /12/ /12/ Soft Ball (M & W) 27/11/ /12/ /12/ Wrestling (M & W) 08/12/ /12/ /12/ Hand Ball (M & W) 04/12/ /12/ /01/ Carrom (M & W) 07/12/ /12/ /01/ Ascen.& Decend (M & W) 27/01/ /01/2016 Feb2nd Week. (*-Tournament will be conducted on five zone basis & the dates of Inter Zonal will be intimated after the zonal tournaments. The provisional entries and detailed entries duly completed in the prescribed proforma must reach along with Xerox copies of payment of sports contribution & consolidated entry fees on or before 5.00 p. m. on the respective stipulated dates prescribed in the sports calendar , otherwise they will not allow participating in the respective sports tournament/ competitions. 3 INTER COLLEGIATE TOURNAMENTS The University/College Education system Sports play a vital role in the Holistic development of the youth. With this knew, University of Mumbai has been organizing Inter Collegiate Sports since its establishment. Participation of students in these tournaments generates the spirit of healthy competition. It is therefore necessary that the Inter Collegiate tournaments shall be governed by Rules and Regulations and be update as a when necessary. University had frame Rules and Regulation of Inter Collegiate programme in The first addition was taken out in the year 2000; incorporating the amendments which had taken place during the intervening periods. All the Inter College competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules prescribed by the respective sports federations and adopted by associations of Indian university New Delhi, from time to time unless otherwise, the rules are modified. It is hope that the rules contained will help in smooth conduct of the competition among the participants and will induced the participants the underline the idea of play the game in the spirit of the game. Inter-Collegiate Tournaments/Competitions in the following sports shall be annually organized in the basis of One Zone & five Zones as stated below: Tournaments shall be played on knockout, league and Knockout cum league basis etc. as decided by the Sports Committee from time to time. A) ZONES AND EVENTS: i) ZONES FOR INTER-COLLEGE Inter-Collegiate Tournaments organized on five Zones basis, The College/Institution shall be grouped in to zones are as follows, (1) Colleges of Mumbai City and Central suburban up to Mulund zone one (2 Colleges on western suburban from Bandra to Bhaydar zone two (3) Colleges of Thane District & Palghar District zone three (4) Colleges of New Mumbai and Raigad District zone four (5) Colleges of Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg District five ii) EVENTS OF THE TOURNAMENTS 1) Archery (M & W) 20) Judo (M & W) 2) Athletics (M & W) 21) Kabaddi (M* & W) 3) Badminton (M &W) 22) Kho-Kho (M* & W) 4) Ball Badminton (M&W) 23) Malkhamb (M & W) 5) Baseball (M & W) 24) Power Lifting (M & W) 6) Basketball (M & W) 25) Shooting (M & W) 7) Best Physique (M) 26) Softball (M & W) 8) Boxing (M &W) 27) Squash Rackets (M & W) 9) Carrom (M & W) 28) Swimming & Diving (M&W) 10) Chess (M / W)* 29) Table Tennis (M & W) 11) Cricket (M* & W) 30) Taekwondo (M & W) 12) Cross Country (M & W) 31) Tennis (M & W) 13) Cycling (M & W) 32) Volleyball (M*& W) 14) Fencing (M & W) 33) Water Polo (M) 15) Football (M & W) 34) Weight Lifting (M & W) 16) Gymnastic (M & W) 35) Wrestling (M & W) 17) Half Marathon (M &W) 36) Yogasana (M & W) 18) Handball (M & W) 37) Ascending. & Decen.(M&W) 19) Hockey (M & W) * Tournament shall be on five Zone Bases 4 B) SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: 1. The entries and detailed entries duly completed in the prescribed proforma must reach along with Xerox copies of payment of sports contribution & consolidated entry fees on or before 5.00 p. m. on the respective stipulated dates prescribed in the sports calendar Otherwise they will lose their rights to participate in the respective sports tournament/ competitions. 2. Entries with complete information for participating in the Inter-Collegiate tournament(s)/ competition(s) will have to submit by hand delivery or by registered post to ensure its receipt. Attested copy of H.S C. passing certificate of each player. & N.O.C.from club if player is playing on contract and getting scholarship The entries sent by Fax will not be accepted. 3. To conduct inter collegiate tournaments on one zone bases, minimum entries for individual events shall be five or more from different five colleges, otherwise event will stand cancelled & selection trial will be conducted to select university team only, for which medal and merit certificates will not be awarded. 4. To conduct inter collegiate tournaments in team events on five zone basis In case, the minimum required numbers of entries in particular zone/s are not received till the last date of receiving the entries, then the entering team/s shall be merged into the nearest Zone in which more entries are received and the tournament shall be conducted. 5. Immediately on completion of the zonal tournament, the College Organizing shall communicate to the Director of Physical Education & Sports the names of the qualifying teams for Inter-Zonal Tournament. The qualifying teams should not leave their headquarters for the Inter-Zonal Tournament unless they receive intimation regarding Venue & date of tournament from the Director of Physical Education & Sports, University of Mumbai. (C) TEAM QUALIFY FOR INTER-ZONAL The minimum number of teams to be included from each zone for the Inter-Zonal Tournaments in team events where the Inter-Collegiate Tournament conducted on five Zone basis will be as under: - Zones Nos. of qualifying teams Zone I - Mumbai City 4 Zone II - Mumbai Suburban 4 Zone III - Thane & Palghar 4 Zone IV Navi Mumbai & Raigad Dist. 2 Zone V Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg Dist. 2 5 D) RULES OF ELIGIBILITY: FOR PARTICIPATION IN INTER-COLLEGIATE COMPETITIONS Only a bonafide Students who is currently officially enrolled/registered in College/institution whose status is recognized by the appropriate authority of the University of Mumbai as a bonafide student which is of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the University shall be eligible to participate in Inter- Collegiate competitions / tournaments and fulfill the following conditions 2. Students studying in open universities and distance mode are not eligible to participate in inter college and in national university games. 3. Foreign students are eligible to participate only in the inter college tournaments however; the total number of foreign players in a team should not be more than 10%. Of the team, However, for small teams, where the total number of players is less than 10 member s one foreign student can be allowed in the team. 4. All eligible students while participating in inter college tournaments/championships shall fulfill the following essential conditions, AS PER A.I.U. GUIDELINES. a. He/She should be less than 28 years of age on 1 st July of the academic year in which the sporting event/ tournament held can participate (1 st.july 1987 onwards) for Basket Ball & Foot Ball the upper age limit is 25 years. (1 st.july 1990 onwards) b. Not less than 10 years have elapsed since a student s passed the examination qualifying him/her for first admission to a degree or diploma course of university or college affiliated to a university. c. The ten years eligibility period for participation of students in competition shall be distributed as under:- i. not more than 5 years after passing 10+2 or equivalent examination while studying in under graduate course /degree. There is no restriction for students to change the course or moving from higher class to lower class within five years. ii. Not more than five years after passing Graduate or equivalent examination, while studding Post Graduate Courses /Degrees. There is no restriction for students to change the course or moving from higher class to lower class within five years after passing graduate. 5. A student who is employed on full time basis shall not be considered eligible to participate in Inter-Collegiate, National/International University Games/Championships. However, the student(s) who receive stipend, only as the case may be; towards financial assistance to support/continue studies from Public or Private Sectors can participate in Inter-Collegiate National University Games provided he/she submits 6 No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective Depts./Organization categorically stating that he/she is permitted to participate in Inter-Collegiate National/International University Games while pursuing his/her studies before his/her admission in a College / University is regularized. 6. A student shall not be allowed to represent more than one College in Inter-Collegiate Sports/Games during a single/same academic year. 7. Provisional admission to a course degree of University or College shall not make the student(s) eligible to represent the College in Inter- Collegiate Sports/Games. 8. In case of a student migrating from one College to another, his/her migration case will be considered eligible only after his/her admission in the new College is regularized and he/she is admitted as a bonafide and eligible student by the new College. EXPLANATION All the students should produce photo copy of the pass certificate of +2 examinations, Date of Birth Certificate, and in case of PG Students, the pass certificate of the Degree course, duly attested by the principal of the concern college along with their eligibility Certificate. The previous period of participation of any player from any college should necessarily be considered at the time of his / her, fresh / current participation in order to avoid any wrong claim. The academic qualification of such player will be accepted only from that particular college from which he/she participated in Inter-college Competition earlier. E) DISQUALIFICATION FOR VIOLATION OF ELIGIBILITY RULES 1. Any disqualification of a sportsperson on the grounds of ineligibility in team games result into automatic scratching of his/her team, for that academic year and the Universtiy will be penalized with Rs.10,000/- each case and the issue will be reported to the Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University. In case of individual events, the ineligible candidate be debarred from the participation in any Inter-University Tournament in future and the matter should be reported to the Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University with penalty of Rs.10,000/- per each case of ineligible candidate. 2. Those Sportspersons who are tested and found positive on the basis of samples conducted and analyzed by NADA, confirming that banned (doping) was used/consumed for enhancing their athletic performance shall be debarred from participation in National / Inter-National Games for the period as specified in the Report of National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) with a view to make sports drug free in University Sector. 7 F] DISCIPLINARY ACTION If a college /institution is found to have violated any rule/s of eligibility any time when the said sports/tournament is in progress or even after conclusion of the same, in case of one or more player/s, the name of such College/institution shall be cancelled from the said discipline and its performance (if any) shall be treated as null and void. Further the said case will be referred to the University authorities who may impose a fine not exceeding Rs. 1,000/= apart from debarring the college /institution from participating in the said discipline for the number of years as recommended thereon. The said player/s thus debarred will not be allowed to represent the University for any sports/tournaments in the said academic year in which the eligibility rules are violated. It is obligatory on the students participating in the Inter- Collegiate Sports/Tournaments organized by the University to make themselves available for the coaching camps representing the University at Inter-University Tournaments, failing which their prizes/merit certificate/s in sports won in the said academic year may be revoked and their performance at the all the competitions conducted/organized by the University in the said academic year may be considered as null and void. Such students will also be liable for appropriate disciplinary action including debarring the student/s from participating for the number of years and recovering the expenditure incurred on them by the University in addition to any other penalty as decided by the University authorities later on. G) PROTEST: - Only the participating teams representative appointed by college are allowed to lodge their protests, if any, against any matter other than the decision of the referees/umpires as under: - (i) Protest, if any, regarding the technical disputes during the proceedings of the sports/tournament shall be submitted by the Professor-in-charge or the member of the staff of the affiliated college/recognized institution/department of the University nominated by the Principal, in writing on the official letterhead to the Organizing Secretary within 2 hrs. Of the conclusion of the game together with a protest fee of Rs. 1,000/- paid in cash. (ii) Protest, relating to any other matter shall be submitted in writing to the sports in-charge of the University, through the college authority within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game together with a protest fee of Rs. 1,000/= paid in cash. (Sunday and Holidays will be excluded for calculating the period of 24 hours). Team/s leaving the playing field under protest shall be deemed to have lost the match and forfeited its right to protest. The protest received after the prescribed time limit shall not be entertained. The protest fee will be forfeited if the protest is not upheld. University decision in the matter of protest shall be final and binding on all the teams and the participants. 8 H) General Instruction: (a) Registration of Team or Individual entry: - i) The entries for participating in the Inter-Collegiate Sports and Tournaments to be held in the year will not be accepted and registered unless the participating college has paid to the University the following fees for the current year and also for the preceding years as requested in this office circulars issued from time to time. 1. Annual Sports Contribution 2. Consolidated Entry Fee 3. Fine amount if any. (b) ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (SPORTS CONTRIBUTION) The payment of annual subscription / sports contribution & Consolidated Entry Fee is mandatory to every students enrolled in affiliated colleges. Contribution will be per student 15% of Gymkhana fees vide circular No.Ø-ØhMk fn- collected from the student every year at the time of admission or as might be revised by the University from time to time shall be send by 30 th August Colleges shall clear standing in arrears by 15 th August every year; on account of annual sports contribution or dues of any; otherwise they not be allowed to participate in the Inter-Collegiate tournaments unless the arrears are cleared. (c) PAYMENT OF CONSOLIDATED ENTRY FEE: It is mandatory to all affiliated Colleges to University of Mumbai shall be pay consolidated entry fees as follows. Enrolment of students in colleges Consolidated entry fee to be during the academic year paid to the University Below 500 Students Rs. 400= to 1000 Students Rs. 600= to 1500 Students Rs. 800= to 2000 Students Rs. 1,000= to 2500 Students Rs. 1,200=00 Above 2501 Students Rs. 1,500=00 College submitted entries to participate in any Inter Collegiate tournament / competition but fails to participate will have to pay fine as Rs.500/- for Team sports and Rs.100 for Individual Sports: - i) The programme circulars, fixtures and draws of all the tournaments/competitions shall be loaded on university web site (old website) click on sports & then click on desired subheads, hard copy will not send to participating colleges by post or courier. If require then the participating college will have to send their representative to University Sports department before the commencement of the tournament/competition to collect the draws/ 9 programme. The complaints about non-receipt of circulars, draws and programme of fixtures will not be entertained if the participating institution fails to collect the same as stated herein. (D) IDENTITY CARD & INSURANCE (a) A student taking part in Inter-Collegiate/inter university tournaments must be insured under YUVA RAKSHA scheme. Proof of insurance must be submitted during the inter collegiate tournaments on demand. The Students insured under the YUVA RAKSHA scheme shall be consider & allow to participate in inter collegiate and inter university tournaments. (b) Each member of a team participating in an Inter-Collegiate Tournaments shall carry Identity Card which shall bear the following, (i) Photograph of the player & his/her signature. (ii) Attestation of the photograph under the seal by the Principal of the college. The signatures of the attesting authority must be on the photograph. (c) The player(s) not carrying Identity Cards shall not be allowed to participate in the concerned tournament. (E) ACCREDITED REPRESENTATIVE: Every college sending its Team/Individual to participate in Inter-Collegiate Tournament shall be accompanied by responsible college staff member under no circumstance shall a Team be allowed to participate in a Tournament unless accompanied by a college staff. (F) COLOURS: All the college should have their registered colour, and the college teams shall participate in Inter-Collegiate tournaments in their respective colors. In case of clash of colors between two teams it shall be decided by the spin of coin as to which team will wear the playing uniform other than of its own colour. (G) APPELLATE POWER: Appellate power rest with the Director of Physical Education and Chairman of the respective tournaments commi
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