Student Handbook BOSTON SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 1 of 19

Student Handbook BOSTON SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 1 of 19 About the School... 3 Academic Program... 5 Evaluations & Reports Student Support BSML
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Student Handbook BOSTON SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 1 of 19 About the School... 3 Academic Program... 5 Evaluations & Reports Student Support BSML Policies Speakeasy Cafe Other Resources ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 2 of 19 About the School Welcome to BSML Boston School of Modern Languages (BSML) is a private language institution that offers year-round intensive and semiintensive English language programs. The staff and teachers of Boston school of Modern Languages would like to welcome you to Boston and to our school. We are happy that you have decided to study in Boston, a city rich in history and educational opportunities, and that you have chosen our school at which to learn English and experience American life. We look forward to helping you to improve your English and to enjoy your time in Boston. This handbook has been prepared to give you an introduction to Boston School of Modern Languages and its procedures. Please read it over. We encourage you to talk to a staff member at any time if you have questions or need assistance during your stay in Boston. Our Mission BSML s mission is to provide high quality English language instruction which will enable our students to achieve personal, academic, and career success. Our Goals To maintain a diverse student population so as to offer our students the opportunity to form friendships with fellow students from all over the world. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 3 of 19 To provide a positive cross-cultural living experience by offering a comprehensive package of instruction, housing, and enjoyable activities. To support our students during their stay through frequent contact and interaction in both academic and non-academic areas. BSML Staff TITLE Director Managing Director Chief Financial Officer Director of Studies Marketing Associate Marketing Associate Student Services NAME Sandra Vasquez Liliana Ruiz Richard Mitchell Barbara Goodwin Alexander Valles Jay Savereid Bridgett Corbin ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 4 of 19 Academic Program Methodology and Philosophy All members of the BSML staff, whether administrators or instructors, believe that second language acquisition is a holistic experience. We understand that students learn best in a classroom environment that enables them to learn the rules of the language in a conversational way, and to reinforce them through constant practice. Our classes are student-centered and our teachers encourage interaction among students on topics relating to their experiences and interests. Moreover, we believe that learning continues outside the classroom, with offcampus after-school activities, and daily homework assignments. Our methodology is unique and effective, having been developed and refined for more than 90 years. Our program focuses on the fundamental skills needed to achieve proficiency in English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Listening Writing Our methodology is unique and effective. Our program focuses on the core fundamental skills needed to achieve proficiency in English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Speaking Reading ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 5 of 19 BSML Levels Our School Levels BSML s curriculum consists of 12 English skill levels from beginner to advanced. Each level lasts four weeks and consists of a combination of required fundamentals courses and specialized courses, allowing students to integrate their English language studies with their personal interests and individual needs. LEVEL DESCRIPTION 121 Elementary Two 131 Elementary Three 200 Intermediate Preparatory 211 Intermediate One 221 Intermediate Two 231 Intermediate Three 241 Intermediate Four 300 Advanced Preparatory 311 Advanced One 321 Advanced Two 331 Advanced Three 400 Advanced Four ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 6 of 19 Test Comparison Table BSML LEVEL CEFR TOEFL IELTS C C B B A A Classes & Schedule All students take the Integrated Skills fundamentals courses in the morning. To complete their schedule, students take specialized classes in the afternoon based on the skills they need to perfect. A typical day at BSML for Super Intensive English Program 30 classes per week Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday BLOCK 1 (2 classes) Super Intensive Engilsh Program 9:00 a.m. 10:40 a.m. 10:40 a.m. 10:55 a.m. 10:55 a.m. 12:35 p.m. 12:35 p.m. 1:20 p.m. 1:20 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Integrated Skills I: integrates reading, writing, listening, and speaking lessons in activities that improve the learners communicative skills. Students receive intensive classroom practice in real-life applications of the lessons. Morning Break BLOCK 2 (2 classes) Integrated Skill II: provides the continuing practice in reading, writing, listening, speaking that will enhance the learners' ability to express themselves in English in a wide variety of situations. Lunch Break: lunch included for students in homestay arranged by BSML.* BLOCK 3 (2 classes) Specialized classes include: TOEFL Speaking, TOEFL Writing, TOEFL Listening, Pronunciation, Critical Thinking, Reading, Presentations, Business Communication, Verb Tenses, Speaking, and Writing. Classes meet: - Monday through Friday After 3:00 p.m. English! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! Interesting and enjoyable seasonal trips and activities, including: museums, shopping centers, well-known restaurants, movies, beaches, whale-watching cruises, skiing, picnics, bowling, amusement parks, parties, and more All students under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult to all activities. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 7 of 19 Specialized Classes Students at Level 241 and higher are assigned to specialized courses during the afternoon. Assignments are based on the skills most needed by students. Some of the specialized courses we offer are: Grammar Review Speaking Drills Reading and Writing Listening and Speaking Critical Thinking Speaking and Grammar Accuracy Phrasal Verbs and Prepositions Pronunciation Ted Talks Dictation and Discussion Presentation Skills TOEFL Preparation IELTS Preparation Private Classes Students in group classes may request private classes (one-onone instruction) after 3:00 p.m. if they would like extra-help or personal attention in any area of English study. See a staff member for prices for one or more classes. BSML Graduation Day Graduations are held on Fridays during our lunch time. Students who are leaving receive a Certificate of Achievement. Every four weeks on the last Friday of the level, students who have been chosen for the Honor Roll receive an Honor Roll certificate. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 8 of 19 It is a great opportunity to take pictures and to say good-bye to friends who are leaving. BSML Honor Roll Students who have good weekly grades, good attendance, and who are recommended by their teachers are eligible for the Honor Roll of outstanding students. They receive a special certificate at the monthly graduation and their names are displayed at the entrance to the school. Registration for New Students Registration Day for new students is the every Monday It includes: a placement test to determine your level of English an orientation meeting with the Director of Studies a tour of Roslindale or downtown Boston Change of Enrollment BSML reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $150 each time the course or housing are changed or postponed after BSML has confirmed the initial enrollment. This also includes requests for changes once the student is at school. Enrollment changes will take effect on the following level start date. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 9 of 19 Evaluations & Reports Evaluations & Tests Students have the opportunity to check their progress through weekly testing. They are evaluated at the end of each week in their Integrated Skills classes. The scores on these tests, along with scores for homework and class performance, which includes class participation and attendance are calculated to obtain a final grade for the week. Grading System 50% 30% 20% Weekly Examina2ons Homework Classwork At the end of the level, weekly grades are averaged to obtain a final grade. Final grades are converted into numerical grades from A+ (100%) to F ( 60%). A grade of C- (70%) is required to pass to the next level. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 10 of 19 BSML Weekly Tests & Grading System GRADES DESCRIPTION Excellent Very Good Good Fair below 35 Failing Class Performance Your class performance grade includes points for your participation in class activities, your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and your motivation, cooperation, attitude, and interaction with classmates. Homework You will have homework every day and on weekends. Reviewing at home and doing your daily homework is an important part of the learning process. Please be sure to complete all your homework. You will lose points on your homework grade for days on which you do not do it. If you have been absent, show the teacher that you have done the homework, and you will not lose points. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 11 of 19 End of Month Evaluation Everyone at Boston School of Modern Languages is here to help you during your studies in the USA. If, at any time, you have concerns or needs that are not being met, please speak to one of our staff members. They will help you to solve the problem. At the end of each month, we will ask you to evaluate your experience at BSML by answering survey questions and commenting on classes, books, teachers, office staff, activities, cafeteria, etc. Your feedback will help us to maintain and improve the quality of our programs. BSML Monthly Transcripts Numerical final grades will be changed to letter final grades and recorded on a Monthly Progress Report that will be e- mailed to you after each level. Final grades are: GRADES A B C D F DESCRIPTION Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor You may also receive a plus (+) or a minus (-) after a letter grade. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 12 of 19 Student Support BSML App The BSML App is available on Google Play or App Store. Open the store and search for BSML. Download the application and login by using the details on the sent before your arrival. You will be able to see: Schedule Transcripts Personal Details BSML APP BOSTON SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES 1. Open the App Store. 2. Search Boston School of Modern Languages on the search bar. 3. Download the application and wait until you can open it. 1. Open Google Play. 2. Search Boston School of Modern Languages on the search bar. 3. Download the application and wait until you can open it. 4. Log in with your ID and your 4. Log in with your ID and your password. password. You will be able to check: Schedule Transcripts Personal Details Accommodation Attendance Other Documents Accommodation BSMLINSTAGRAM BOSTONSCHOOLOFMODERNLANGUAGES TWITTER.COM/BSML Attendance Other documents BSML Computers Room & Test Room The computer rooms are open from 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning, at break time, (10:40-10:55), lunchtime (12:35 1:20) and after group classes (3:00 5:00). BSML has wireless Internet access. There are several Wi-fi networks available. password is students. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! The 13 of 19 TOEFL Test Center BSML is an official ETS TOEFL Test Center. Please see a staff member for information and help in registering for a TOEFL Test. BSML Activities and Trips Check the activities bulletin board in the hallway for current activities. Be sure to sign up. BSML schedules after-school shopping trips and visits to places of interest in and around Boston. Longer day trips, such as skiing or beach trips, and weekend trips to New York, Washington DC, Montreal and Niagara Falls are also available. BSML Lending Library BSML has a library of books that you may take home for one week. See the Director of Studies to borrow them and for help in choosing the best material for your level and interests. Earn a Cambridge English Readers certificate by reading six short books. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 14 of 19 BSML Policies BSML Attendance & Punctuality Students are required to be present for a minimum of 85% of the class hours. Satisfactory attendance is necessary in order to pass to the next level. Missing a full day, arriving late, and leaving early are taken into account. In the United States, punctuality is important. Show consideration for others by being in class on time at 9:00, after coffee break, and after lunch. Warning Bell There is a bell at the beginning and end of each class. In addition, there are warning bells at 10:52, and 1:17 to signal to students that it is time to go to the next class. Leave of Absence Students who need to return to their home country during their English program may request a leave of absence by notifying the Director of Studies and submitting a Leave of Absence form. Satisfactory Academic Progress In order to advance to the next level, you must: Have a minimum final grade of C- (70%) Have an attendance record of 85% or higher ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 15 of 19 Smoking Smoking is not permitted inside the school building. Students may smoke outside. There is a fifteen-minute break at 10:40 a.m. and lunch is from 12:35 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. Please do not smoke during class time. Electronic Devices Please keep electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) out of sight during class time. The teachers would like your undivided attention during classes. Right to Review your Student Records Students have the right to see their academic and financial records at any time. Please speak to a member of the office staff if you need to see any records or documents. Student Safety Although BSML makes every effort is to ensure a safe environment, the ultimate responsibility for personal safety rests with each individual. Therefore, it is important for all members of the BSML student body to be aware of their surroundings and potential risks. Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits for building evacuation. In the event of an emergency. you may call ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 16 of 19 Sexual Harassment and Misconduct BSML is an institution devoted to learning in a safe and open environment. The student body itself will flourish and succeed only to the degree that the virtues of mutual respect, generosity, and concern for others are maintained. It is vitally important, therefore, that harassment and discrimination in all forms not be tolerated. BSML prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct refers to a broad spectrum of behavior encompassing sexual harassment and all forms of nonconsensual sexual activity. BSML prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, and retaliation. Students found to have participated in any form of sexual harassment and/or misconduct will be subject to immediate discipline up to and including dismissal from BSML. Students found to have participated in such behavior may also be subject to prosecution under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 17 of 19 Speakeasy Cafe The cafeteria is open during coffee break and lunchtime for students to relax, have something to eat, drink, and meet new people. For students in homestay, the cost of the food and one beverage for each lunch is included in the housing payment. Snacks and beverages are available in vending machines located in the cafeteria. Lunch Card If you are in BSML housing, you will receive a lunch card. Please bring it to the cafeteria at lunch time. A BSML staff member will punch it for you. Students who are self-housed may also purchase lunch by the week or four-week period. Sign up and pay by Friday of the week before. Four-week period: $180 Week: $50 BOSTON SCHOOL OF MODERN LANGUAGES LUNCH PLAN CARD Student: Valid: June 27-July 22 ( L ) Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Week 1 ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) Week 2 ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) Week 3 ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) Week 4 ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ( L ) ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 18 of 19 Other Resources Roslindale Public Library You may apply for a Boston Public Library card at the Roslindale branch, located on Washington Street, one block from BSML. See the Director of Studies for a letter verifying that you are a BSML student. You may take out books, videos, CDs, and use the library computers. The library also offers a free English conversation class on Thursday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday morning from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Roslindale/West Roxbury YMCA BSML has a special arrangement with the Roslindale/West Roxbury YMCA. You may become a member for $40 a month. The YMCA has a swimming pool, exercise machines, and a gymnasium. See the Director of Studies for a letter verifying that you are a BSML student, and for directions. ENGLISH! Learn it, Live it, Love it at BSML! 19 of 19
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