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Summer of beautiful white horse

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  THE SUMMER OF BEAUTIFUL WHITE HORSE Short Answers Type Questions Q1. Who were Aram and Mourard? Ans. Aram and Mourad were cousins. Aram was nine years old. Mourad was thirteen. Both of them were fond of horse-riding. They belonged to the garoghlanian tribe of Armenians. Q2. How does the narrator describe the Garoghlanian family? Ans. Garoghlanian family had the reputation for honesty that has been maintained by its family members for hundreds of years. Every one trusted them. These people took pride in the fact that they were honest in spite of their poverty. Q3. What did the narrator see when he looked out of the window? Why couldn’t he believe his eyes?  Ans. The narrator heard a tap on the window of his room. When he looked out,he saw his cousin Mourad sitting on a beautiful white horse. He could not believe his eyes because Mourad belonged to a poor family. He could not afford to buy such a lovely horse. Surely, he had stolen it. Q4. How did Aram justify Mourad’s action of riding a stolen horse?  Ans. Aram too was very crazy about horse riding. But riding a stolen horse both delighted and frightened him. He justified Mourad’s action saying that taking out  a horse just for a joy-ride could not be called stealing until they offered to sell it. Q5. Who was the real owner of the beautiful white horse? How did Aram come to know about him? Ans. John Byro was the real owner of the white horse. He was a farmer. On a visit to Aram’s house he complained of his loss to uncle Khosrove. This assured Aram that the horse had been stolen by Mourad. Q6. In what respect did Mourad and Aram differ from each other? Ans. Mourad and Aram were cousins belonging to the Garoghlanian family. Both had a common craze for horse riding. But Aram was more honest and straightforward than his cousin. Mourad had a streak of craziness. He could tell lies’. He was boastful. Aram was simple -hearted. Q7. Why did the sight of Mourad’s horse both delight and frighten Aram?  Ans. Aram was just a young lad, truthful and honest. But he had a longing for a joyride on a horse. Naturally, he was delighted when Mourad asked him to sit on the white horse. But he was also frightened because he knew that it was a stolen horse. Q8. Who was uncle Khosrove? What were some of the notable traits of his character? Ans. Uncle Khosrove was widely known to be crazy. He was short-tempered and impatient as well. He stopped others from talking by shouting at them. His stock saying was: ‘It is no harm, pay no attention to it.’ Mourad had got that craziness  from uncle Khosrove. Q9. Mourad had a way and some sort of understanding with three creatures. Who were they? Ans. Mourad was boastful and self-confident. He was good at dealing with a wild white horse, the barking dogs and an angry farmer, like John Byro. The white horse of Byro became better tempered. The dogs at Byro’s barn did not bark.   John Byro also accepted Mourad’s lie as true.   Q10. What was Aram’s experience when he rode the white horse alone?    Ans. Aram was keen to ride the white horse alone. He leaped to the horse-back and even kicked into its muscles. It snorted and began to run. It went out of control. It leaped over seven vines. Aram fell but the horse continued running. Q11. ‘I didn’t want both of us to be liars? Who spoke these words and in  what context? Ans. These words were spoken by Mourad to Aram. Mourad indirectly admitted that he was telling a lie that he had not stolen the horse but in case they were found out by the horse owner, Aram was to tell him that they had started riding that very morning. Q12. Why did Aram rush to his cousin’s house soon after Byro was gone?   Ans. John Byro visited Aram’s house. He reported that his horse was still  untraceable. Uncle Khosrove shouted him down. But Aram overheard the conversation. He ran to Mourad’s  house to tell him about it. He asked Mourad that he would keep the horse for some time more. Q13. How did Mourad put John Byro off when the two met one morning? Ans. One morning the two cousins ran into the farmer John Byro who examined the horse thoroughly. But Mourad confidently told Byro that his horse’s name was  My Heart. Byro made no fuss because he knew about the honesty of Mourad’s  family. Q14. What change did John Byro notice in his horse after it was returned to him? Ans. John Byro was not only happy but also surprised when he got his missing horse back. He failed to understand how his horse had become stronger and better tempered than before. He thanked God for the change. Long Answer Type Questions Q1. Who stole the beautiful white horse and why? How did they use the horse and what made them return the horse to its true owner? Ans. ‘The Summer of The Beautiful Horse’ is a simple but interesting story about  stealing of a horse by two Armenian boys Mourad and Aram, and later how they returned it to its rightful owner. Mourad had a passion and love for horse riding. Due to his passion for riding and fun once, he stole a beautiful white horse. Actually, the poverty of the tribe forced them to fulfill his desire for riding by stealing the horse. His cousin Aram too loved riding and in their childish innocence, they justified that stealing a horse for a fun and riding was not the same as stealing and selling it for money. The two boys enjoyed riding the horse early every morning and hid it in the barn of the deserted vineyard. The boys belonged to the Garoghlanian family which was known for its integrity and honesty. One day when the boys met John Byro, true owner of the horse and heard his confidence in the honesty of their family, the boys became conscience  –  stricken. Soon the pride and honesty which they inherited from their tribe overpowered their childish pranks and they realized that what they did was wrong as this could bring disgrace to their family. Thus conscience-stricken, they eventually returned the horse to its rightful owner. Q2. Compare and contrast the characters of Mourad and Aram. Ans. Mourad and Aram were cousins thirteen and nine years old respectively. Both longed for a horse ride. But their family was too poor to buy a horse. Both were adventure- loving. Both knew that their family was well known for honesty and right conduct. But Mourad could not help stealing John Byro’s horse. While he had a streak of craziness, Aram was honest and simple-hearted. Mourad was more talented and bolder than Aram. He domesticated the wild horse of John Byro. He repaired the injured wing of a robin bird; he knew how to deal with a horse, a dog and a farmer. Comparatively, Aram was timid and low-lying.  Q3. Bring out some of the notable traits of Moura d’s character.  Ans. Mourad, the son of Zorab, was the 13-year old cousin of Aram. Zorab was a practical man but Mourad was most unlike him. He was considered as crazy as his uncle Khosrove. He was not so honest as his family or tribe. He did not hesitate t o steal John Byro’s horse. He was as fond of horse riding as his cousin. But he did not have the means to buy a horse. Very cleverly he hid the horse in a deserted bam and took it out at daybreak for a joy-ride. He loved adventure and singing. He had remarkable self-confidence. He said boastfully that he had a way with a horse, a dog and a farmer. He was not a thief. He returned the horse to its owner John Byro after about six weeks. Q4. The narrator’s uncle Khosrove was known to be a crazy fellow. Give  a few instances of his craziness. Ans. The narrator’s uncle Khosrove was an enormous man with a large  moustache. But he was considered crazy or capricious by the people who knew him. He was furious by nature. He was easily annoyed. He was impatient. He would not let anybody have his say. He silenced people with his roar. Once his house was on fire and his son ran to the barber’s shop to give the bad news. But  he paid no serious attention to it and repeated his words rudely. He got irritated when John spoke about his stolen horse, and walked out of the room. He was a strange character.
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