ANNUAL REPORT OF the M u n i c i p a l O f f i c e r * OF T H E T O W N O F DAMARISCOTTA f o r the Year Ending F E B R U A R Y 2 7, HERALD JOB PRINT. Town Officers, 1914 Moderator, CLARENCE A.
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ANNUAL REPORT OF the M u n i c i p a l O f f i c e r * OF T H E T O W N O F DAMARISCOTTA f o r the Year Ending F E B R U A R Y 2 7, HERALD JOB PRINT. Town Officers, 1914 Moderator, CLARENCE A. RICHARDS. Clerk, WALLACE W. CHADWICK. Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of the Poor, KENDALL M. DUNBAR, GEORGE A. COWAN, JOSEPH F. CHAPMAN. Treasurer, E. E. PH1LBROOIC. Collector, EMERSON HILTON. School Board, JAMES E. BARSTOW. JOSEPH F. CHAPMAN, (Term expires, 1915.) (Term expires, 1916.) CLARENCE A. RICHARDS. (Term Expires, 1917.) Auditor, E. W. NASH. Committee on Appropriations, ELDEN H. CHAPMAN, BENJ. F. McDONALD, CHAS. W. CROOKER, CLARENCE A. RICHARDS, GEORGE W. SEIDERS. 4 Constables, C.W.CROOKER, A. G. AUSTIN, A. A. PARTRIDGE, B. F. McDONALD, C. A. RICHARDS. Measurer of Wood and Bark, GEORGE W. SEIDERS. Surveyors of Lumber, WILLIAM J. KNOWLTON, FRANK H. LESSNER. Fence Viewers, A. W. BLANCHARD, A. G. AUSTIN. Sealer of Leather, E. E. PHILBROOK. File Wards, C. A. RICHARDS, E. R. CASTNER, F. W. HITCHCOCK. APPOINTED BY SELECTMEN. Road Commissioners. E. WILBUR GLIDDEN, FRANK J. HOFFSES, Hampton c. Barstow, (Sidewalks.) Board of Health, GEORGE O. KKENE, GILBERT E. GAY. (Term expires, 1915.) (Term expins ) J. M. KING, M. I).. ( 1 erin expires, ) 5 Ballot and Election Clerks. Ballot Clerks. Election Clerks. GEORGE O. KEENE, FRANK L. SMITH WICK, HAROLD O. PAGE, ROBERT W. BELKNAP. (Terms expire, May, 1916.) Sealer of Weights and Measures, WALLACE W. CHADWICK, (Term expires, April 1, ELECTED BY SCHOOL BOARD. Superintendent of Schools, PROF. HENRY K. WHITE. Truant Officer, BENJAMIN F. McDONALD. DAMARISCOTTA. The Town of Damariscotta is situated at the head of navigation 011 the Damariscotta river, about fifteen tuiles from the open sea. The Knox and Lincoln division of the Maine Central Railroad connects it with Bath on the west, 19 miles, and Rockland on the east, 30 miles. Through cars run daily to and from Boston, Mass., giving the best of mail and passenger service. A line of steamers makes two round trips daily to the mouth of Damariscotta river during the summer season and one round trip the remainder of the year, except for eight or ten weeks in mid-winter. The towns of Bristol, Boothbay and hdgecoinb, including the well-known summer resorts of Christinas Cove, Pemaquid, etc., 'are thus brought into ijuick communication with Damariscotta. Stage lines run daily -in summer, twice daily to the several villages in the town of Bristol. An excellent wafer system supplies the town with water for fire and domestic purposes, and the streets are lighted with electricity. The business portion of the main street is a bituminous-macadam roadway, with granolithic and concrete sidewalks, and buildings mainly of brick. The town has long been and is a trade center for a wide surrounding territory. Its school system includes Primary and Grammar grades, and from the latter pupils are sent, at the expense of the town, to Lincoln Academy, a fitting school for college courses. Its churches are the Baptist and Methodist. There are two national banks, a first-class, hotel, the oldest newspaper published in the county, local and long-distance telephones, and the telegraph. Assessors' Report VALUATION, Real Estate, resident $290,045 4 * non-resident 69,210 Total real estate 1359,255 Personal Estate, resident 1105,620 non-resident 36,235 Total personal estate... $141,855 Grand total, real and personal estate $501,110 Value of land $104,055 buildings 255, Personal estate 141,855 Total $501,110 DESCRIPTION OF PERSONAL ESTATE LIVE STOCK. No. Value Horses 166 $20,000 Colts Cows 130 5,200 Oxen 12 1,150 Three-years-old Two-years-old One-year-old Sheep Swine $29,029 OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY Bank Stock 13,680 Other stock 4 3. 91, Stock in trade 50;90(J Small boats 2 395 Logs and lumber 12,800 Wood and bark 350 Automobiles 4,600 Musical instruments ( 7,485 Furniture 1,300 Other property 7, ,826 Total valuation of personal property 1141,855 APPROPRIATIONS MARCH 23, Sinking fund f1, Interest Common Schools Secondary School School Text Hooks ami Supplies Repair of School Buildings State Highway, 1st class Stat.- Aid Highway, 2d class Highways and Bridges, 3d class (including si lewalks) 1, Highways, 3d class, permanent improvement, specal Snow bills, Sweeping Main Street Hydrants 1, Street Lights Fire Department Poor Public Library Memorial Day Town Clock Brown Tail Moths Current Expenses 1, For town purposes.. $8, State tax 2, County tax Overlay $12, ASSESSMENT. Assessed on resident real estate... $6, non-resident real estate 1, Total assessment o n real estate $8, Assessed on resident personal estate $2, non-resident personal estate Total assessment on personal estate.... $3, Total assessment on real and personal estate $11, Assessed on 221 polls at $3 each $12, Assessed on real estate of owners who failed to destroy brown tad moths Supplemental assessment Total commitment to Collector... $12,487 01 10 RATE OF TAXATION PER $1,000 VALUATION. For town purposes $17 00 State purposes 4 50 County purposes 1 50 Total ' $23 00 Selectmen's Report. HIGHWAYS AND BRIDGES. Fi rst Class State Highway. Mar. 23. Appropriation $ Feb. 27. Received from State Amount available $324 4T EXPENDED. Sundry bills, refunded by State, as above $ Treasurer of State, town's share joint expense of maintenance Feb. 27. Unexpended balance.. $ Second Class State Aid Highway. Mar. 23. Unexpended last year. *$ Appropriated by town Jan. 6. Received from State Amount retained by State for payment of engineer and inspector Feb. 27. Overdrawn $ $1, ft $1, *$400 from State. 12 EXPENDED. Aug. 20. Berger Mfg. Co., metal culvert., H. L. Bond Co., gravel screening M. C. R. R. Co., freight 61 Sept. 19. S. P. Wakefield, labor A. H. Linscott, «10 50 Cleveland Barstow Herbert Harrington, labor Anson Sidelinger, labor E. W. Glidden, labor with team A. H. Linscott, labor Cleveland Barstow «12 31 Herbert Harrington, labor Anson Sidelinger, labor Oct. 2. Muscongus Lumber Co bolts Chas. F. Perkins, labor S. P. Wakefield, « Austin Sleeper, « Cleveland Barstow L. O. Stetson, Anson Sidelinger, S. P. Wakefield, 5 25 L. O. Stetson, « J. F. Chapman, labor with team 62 50 S . 28. R. R. Hall, labor with team Cleveland Barstow, labor Nov. 9. R. R. Hall, labor with teams E. W. Glidden, labor with teams Mrs. James McLoon, gravel Austin Sleeper, labor John Moody, « R. R. Hall, labor with teams L. O. Stetson, labor E. \V. Glidden, labor with team C. G. Taylor, labor :4. L. G. Newell,» F. C. Erskine, Dcc. 5. Howard Morey, labor with team F. C'. Erskine, labor 4 37 C. G. Taylor, 4 38 J. T. West, 4 50 J. L. Clifford Co.,, powder, etc 9 69 M nscongns Lumber Co cement, lumber etc Anson Sidelinger, labor 8 75 \Y. H. Foster, labor with team 87 75 14 L. 0. Stetson, labor.. Alvin Piper, labor with team.... C. E. Piper, gravel... R. R. Hall, labor with team E. W. Glidden, labor with team.! W. D. Curtis, labor L. E. Newell, it F. C. Erskine, tt Howard Morey, labor with team.. A. D. Chapman, labor J. F. Chapman, labor with team H. B. Plummer, labor Frank Weaver, Cleveland Barstow N. C. Baker, labor and oil 11, Bills paid bv State... * , The report of the state highway commission referred to in article 29 of the warrant for the annual meeting is as follows: To THE MUNICIPAL OFFICERS OF THE TOWN OF DAMA- RISCOTTA, GENTLEMEN : The state highway commission do hereby recommend the location of section of road and the perma * These bills for engineer and inspector were paid direct by the state. 15 nent improvements to be made in the year 1915 on same, as herein described: Work to be located on state aid highway No. 1, said highway beginning at corner Main and streets and endiug at Bristol town line. Bristol The work will be a continuation of that proposed to be done this year, [1914] specifications of which are on file with the Department LYMAN H. NELSON, ) State PHILIP J. DEERING, [ Highway WILLIAM M. AYER. ) Commission. Third Class Mar. 23. Appropriated $1, Overdrawn last year Amount available $ EXPENDED E. WILBUR GLIDDEN, COMMISSIONER Mar. 26. D. E. Bisbee, lumber (Huston, 1013) $ 5 70 May 2. H. L. Sidelinger, labor A. W. Huston Anson Sidelinger 7 00 June 9. Anson Sidelinger W. A. Hitchcock labor (Huston 1913) W. A.Hitchcock, labor (Hall, 1913) E. W. Glidden, labor with team Penn Metal Co., metal oulverts Anson Sidelinger, labor John Storey, labor and gravel 14 10 Alvin Piper, labor with team W. J. Knowlton, labor and team July 6. Howard Morey, labor and team W. B. Dunbar, labor S. F. Barstow, J. F. Chapman, with team Ausr. O 3. A. H. Linscott. labor A. D. Chapman, labor with team Cleveland Barstow, labor 612 Sept. 5. Fred Sidelinger, labor Joseph Burnham, labor aod material Oct. 23. Berger Mfg. Co., metal culvert Dec. 4. Anson Sidelinger, labor Muscongus Lumber, Co., cement Muscongus Lumber Co., drain pipe A. A. Partridge, labor H. C. Barstow, H. B. Plummer F. K. Weaver « Howard Morey, labor with team K. W. Glidden.' 55 75 Jan. 9. S. P. Wakefield, labor Feb. 19. G. W. Hammond, «27. E. W. Glidden, labor with team 27. W. H. Foster, labor 27. Mrs. Annie Plummer, road material 27. H. L. Sidelinger, labor 27. Howard Morey, labor with team 27. Austin Sleeper, labor 27. J. L. Clifford Co., lanterns and nails Wm. Metcalf, team George Tuttle, labor on tools, etc FRANK J. HOFFSES, COMMISSIONER. Apr. 10. E. S. Arnold, labor 23. C.W. Chick, labor, 13 May 15. C. C. Waltz, labor 18. E. S. Arnold, 20. F. H. Lessuer, labor with team June 3. M. W. Bumpus, labor 8. Muscongus Lumber Co lumber 13. E. S.. Arnold, labor Emery Sidelinger,labor 17. Frank J. Hoffses, 26. N. A. Waltz, R. J. Waltz F. H. Lessner, labor with team Aug. 27. E. S. Arnold, labor Oct. 24. Wm. Willey, Frank J. Hoffses, labor Samuel Tibbetts, Jr., labor N. A. Waltz, labor and team M. W. Bumpus, labor Berlie F. Waltz, 3 50 Nov. 9. Fred J. Waltz, « B. F. Yates, 3 51 Dec. 19. R. J. Waltz, gravel, Jan. 14. J. L. Clifford Co, nails and powder 1 11 Feb. 10. E. S. Arnold, labor C. W. Chick, - 88 $ SIDEWALKS HAMPTON C. BARSTOW, COMMISSIONER 1914 Apr. 18. H. C. Barstow, labor.. $ 5 00 May 15. H. C. Barstow, June 4. H. C. Barstow, « J. B. Shattuck, lumber H. C. Barstow, labor H.C. Barstow, A. H. Linscott, July 3. H. C. Barstow, « Howard Morey, . 6 00 19 7. W. B. Dunbar, « H. C. Barstow, J. B. Shattuck, lumber A. H. Linscott, labor,. 13J00 Aug. 1. H. C. Barstow, Cleveland Barstow, labor W.J. Knowlton, lumber P. P. & D. Co. pipe for braces 3 00 Sept. 5. H. C. Barstow, labor Muscongus Lumber Co., lumber Nov. 13. A. D. Chapman, labor with team Dec. 16. H. C. Barstow, labor W. A. Hitchcock,-' J. L. Clifford Co., nails, bolts, etc W. B. Dunbar, labor Jan. 27. H. (J. Barstow, labor. 75 Feb. 24. H. C. Barstow,». 75* 25. George P. Lewis, labor \ and material SUMMARY. Amount available $ Overdrawn * $1, *The overdraft brought forward from last year was $527.69, so that it has been reduced by $ this year. 20 EXPENDED. Highways, western district, F. W. Glidden, commissioner $ Do., eastern district, Frank J. Hoffses, commissioner Sidewalks, H. C. Barstow, commissioner $1, THIRD CLASS Permanent IMPROVEMENT. FRANK J. HOFFSES, COMMISSIONER. Mar. 23. Appropriated $ EXPENDED. Sept. 16. E. S. Arnold, labor... $ Samuel tibbetts, Jr.. labor, with team Oct. 13. B. W. Hunt, labor Wm. Willey, labor F. II. Lessner, labor with team Frank J. Hoffses, labor and material Samuel Tibbetts, Jr., labor, 10 nn 28. Norris Waltz, labor with team M. W. Bumpus, labor, Berl.e F. Waltz. labor, li B. W. Hunt, labor Nov. 10. Charles Lessner. labor, 131 Dec. 10. R. A. hunt, labor R. J. Waltz, grave)... 10!-S5 Jan. 14. Frank J. Hoffses, labor and material Norris Waltz, labor SI92 72 Feb. 27. Unexpended balance, 7 28 $ SNOW BILLS. Mar. 23. Appropriated $ Overdrawn last yaar, ' Amount available... $38 00 Feb. 27 Overdrawn EXPENDED. Mar. 24. Samuel S. Oliver, labor L. O. Stetson, labor Charles Gough, labor, Lafe Lessner, labor, Anson Sidelinger, labor A. W. Huston, labor B. R. Hall, labor and April 6. L. O. Stetson, labor G. P. Lewis, labor $130 98 22 \ 8. H. C. Barstow, labor, R. A. Gough, labor R. L. Johnston, labor, J. F. Chapman, labor, with team F. E. Worthley, fcibor, 87 June 30. W. J. Knowlton, labor, 3 50 Dec. 12. Augustus Hitchcock, labor H. C. Barstow, labor, 2 00 Jan. 13. Alonzo Hay ward, la- bor H. C. Barstow, labor, 2 70 Feb. 12. Richard Gough, labor, W. H. Barstow, labor, John Storey, labor Frank Worthley, labor John Storey, labor A. W. Huston, labor, H. C. Barstow, labor Anson Sidelinger, labor W. A. Knight, labor, Harry E. Flint, labor, H. A. Day, labor Geo. P. Lewis, labor, Austin Sleeper, labor, J. F. Ware, labor Chas. F. Brewer, J. E. Jones, W. B. Dunbar, 5 80 E. W. Glidden, « Frank Weaver, « W. H. Foster, Harry E. Flint, « Frank Worthley, H. R. Osier, Warren Brown, R. L. Johnston, 74 $ The selectmen and committee on appropriations recommend that separate appropriations be made hereafter for highways and bridges, sidewalks, and winter work, so that the expenditures for each may be definitely known. SWEEPING MAIN STREET Mar. 23. Appropriation $ EXPENDED. Joseph Burnham, labor $ W. W. Keene & Son, brooms $ CLARK'S POINT ROAD Mar. 23. Unexpended balance, $3 50 EXPENDED. May 7. Howard Morey, labor 50 PERMANENT SIDEWALKS Mar. 23. Unexpended balance * Nothing expended. 24 COMMON SCHOOLS. Mar. 23. Unexpended last year. $ Appropriated Apr. 4. Received from town of Bristol, tuitions July 16. Received from State, mill tax and common school fund... 1, Feb. 20. Received from Hon. Leslie Boynton, tuition 2 00 Amount available.... $2, EXPENDED. Teachers' Wages. Grammar School. Winter Term, Mar. 28. Julia E. Barker, 2 weeks at $12 per week $24 00 Spring Term, June 27. Julia E. Barker, 13 weeks at $12 per week Sarah Louise Flye, teacher of drawing ' Fall Term. Dec. 18. Jul'a E. Barker, 14 weeks, at $12 per week Winter Term. 1915. Feb. 26. Julia E. Barker, 8 weeks, at per week V Primary School. Winter Term, May 6. Gertrude L. Dunbar, 2 weeks at $ $12 per week Spring Term, June 24. Gertrude L. Dunbar, 13 weeks, at $12 per week Fall Term. Dec. 19. Elsie Mae Dodge, 14 weeks, at $ per week Winter Term, Feb. 27. Elsie Mae Dodge, 8 weeks at $12 per week General Grant School. Winter Term, Mar. 28. Mildred H. Quill, 3 weeks at $10 per week $ Apr. 2. Helen S. Harris, 1 week 6 50 Spring Term..$ $36 50 June 26. Mildred H. Quill, 12 weeks, at $12 per week 26 Fall Term. Dec. 19. Ralph F. Reed, 14 weeks, at $10 per week Winter Term Feb. 27. Ralph F. Reed, 8 weeks, at 112 per week CONVEYANCE OF SCHOLARS. Mar. 27. C. P. Baker, winter term, , 10 weeks, at $5 per week June 17. C. P. Baker, spring term, weeks, at #5 per week Mrs. E. W. Glidden, spring term, 13 weeks, at $5.50 per week E. H. Chapman, spring term, 13 weeks, at per week De«. 18. Mrs. E. W. Glidden, fall term, 14 weeks, at $5,50 per week E. H. Chapman, fall term, 4 weeks, 3 days, at $2.50 per week C. P. Baker, fall term 14 weeks, at $5 per week $416 50 2 T 1915 Feb. 23. Feb. 25. Feb. 26. C. P. Baker, winter term, 8 weeks, at #5 per week E. H. Chapman, winter term, 7 weeks, at $2.50 per week.... Mrs. E. W. Glidden, winter term, 8 weeks, at 5.50 per week....$ $ July 16. Sept. 19. Oct Nor. 13. Dec Jan. 29. Feb. 13. Muscongus Co., wood FUEL. # V Lumber B. W. Hunt, wood... T. E. Gay & Son, coal J. J. Byard wood.... J. E. Barstow, wood.. Muscongus Lumber Co., wood... Joseph Gammans, sawing wood James E. wood Barstow, Geo. P. Lewis, sawing wood $ ji $134.65 JANITORS July 6. Joseph Gam mans, Grammar and Primary building spring term, 13 weeks, at $2.50 per week $32 50 Sept. 2. B. W. Hunt, Gen. Grant building, spring term 12 weeks at.75 per week Dec. 21. Joseph Gammans, fall term, 14 weeks at $2.50 per week B. W. Hunt, fall term, 14 weeks at.75 per week Feb. 24. B. W. Hunt, winter term, 8 weeks at $1 per week Joseph Gammans, winter term, 8 weeks, at $2.50 per week $ SUMMARY. Amount available $2, Expended. Teachers' wages $1, Conveyance of scholars 29' Fuel Janitors , Unexpended balance *55 21 $2, *Also due from town of Bristol for tuitions, $24. SECONDARY SCHOOL. Mar. 23. Appropriated $ Jan. 2. Received from State Overdrawn last year Amount available.... $ Feb. 28. Overdrawn * $ EXPENDED. April 18. Lincoln Academy, winter term, 26 scholars, $ June 30. Lincoln Academy, spring term, 24 scholars $ July 26. G. K. Gay, tuition of -30 Spencer A. Gay at Abbott School, Farmington Dec. 16. Lincoln Academy, fall term, 25 scholars *Due from State, $ $ SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS AND SUPPLIES. Mar. 23. Appropriated $ Overdrawn last year Amount available... $ Feb. 27. Overdrawn EXPENDED. Apr. 21. Flint & Stetson, broom $ D. H. Knowlton, books Ginn & Co., books D. C. Heath & Co., books 3 14 May 5. E. E. Babb & Co., books June 24. Do S. Louise Flye, drawing paper 37 July 22. Damariscotta Herald, cards 1 50 Sept. 10. Fred Harrington, chairs 2 25 31 Oct. 12. D. H. Knowlton & Co. books 12. Milton Bradley Co., books 12. E. E. Babb & Co., Nov. 17. Do books 17. Ginn & Co., books D. IT. Knowlton & Co. books 17. E. W. A. Rowles, books Dec. 1. Beckley-Cardy Co., books E. E. Babb & Co., books 24. D. H. Knowlton & Co. books Feb. 11. J. L. Clifford Co., sundries 13. W. W. Dodge & Son., chalk 20. A. L. Shaw, brooms and soap 26. Edward E. Babb & Co., books 26. Ginn & Company, books i $109 95 32 REPAIR OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS. Mar. 23. Unexpended last year $ Appropriated $ Feb. 27. Overdrawn Expended. Apr. 3. Fred J. Waltz, cleaning room and vaults, Giant Building 5 50 May 14. J. F. Ware, vaults, Grammar building H. K. White, freight and express 2 50 June 11. R. R. Hall, team for school board W. W. Keene & Son, material ai.d labor. 39 July 16. O. W. Sherman, repairing clock 1 50 Aug. 21. E. W. Merrill, repairing and painting Grant buildings Mrs. F. O. Erskine, cleaning Grammar and Primary rooms W. W. Keene & Son, paint etc., for Grant buildings $126 40 33 Sept. 12. Muscongus Lumber (Co., cement, nails, etc., for Grant buildings 3-53 Oct. 29. B. W. Hunt, labor Dec. 21. Joseph Gammans. labor Jan. 2. W. W. Keene & Son, labor and material $126 4 BROWN TAIL MOTHS. Mar. 23. Appropriated $ April 1. Assessed on real estate owners who failed to destroy nests Overdrawn last year Amount available.... $ Feb. 27. Overdrawn EXPENDED. March 24. A, H. Dodge, repairs Harry Beane, labor Joseph Dowling, labor, W. A. Hitchcock, labor $456 89 Harry E. Flint, labor, Abner H. Stetson, la- 25. bor H. C. Barstow, labor, Frank J. Hoffses, labor J. F. Ware, labor April 1. Abner H. Stetson, labor W. A. Havener, labor, Harry E. Flint, labor, Frank J. Hoffses, labor H. C. Barstow, labor, AV. A. Havener, labor, R. A. Hunt, labor May 1. Ralph Chapman, labor, A. W. Huston, labor with team W. A. Havener, labor Abner H. Stetson, labor Ralph Chapman, labor, 7 75 June 22. W. A. Hitchcock, labor Ang. 31. W. A. Havener, labor, 8 75 Dec. 2. F. A. Pitts, P. M postage SINKING FUND. Mar. 23. Appropriation $1, Overdrawn last year Amount available 30 35 EXPENDED. July 1. Refunding Bond No. 14.' $1, Feb. 27. Overdrawn INTEREST. Mar. 23. Appropriation $ Unexpended last year May 1. Interest on deposit in bank $97 30 Amount available.... $ EXPENDED. July 1. Interest on Refunding Bonds, $16,000, 6 months, per Jan. 1. Interest on Refunding Bonds, $15,000, 6 months, per $ Feb. 27. Unexpended balance HYDRANTS. $ Mar. 23. Appropriated $1, EXPENDED. July 1. Twin Village Water Co., to date $ Jan. 2. Twin Village W ater Co., to Jan CO $1,000 00 36 STREET LIGHTS Mar. 23. Unexpended last year $ Appropriated Amount available.... $ EXTENDED. April 2. Twin Village Water Co., March $32 25 May 4. do. April June 2. do. May July 1. do. June Aug. 3. do. July Sept. 3. do. August Oct. 3. do. September Nov. 5. do. October Dee. 3. do. November Jan. 2. do. December Feb. 2. do. January do February $ Unexpended balai.ce $ Under authority of the several votes of the town, 33 streetlights are now located: the rate is $12.50 jier light per year. PO
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