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Tana Jay von Isser ASU School of Social wo.. k Application Statement of Educational and Career Goals

Tana Jay von Isser ASU School of Social wo.. k Application Statement of Educational and Career Goals ~~'&:1 Resume List of Clients StrengthsQuest ~~~ Spring Experience, background and/or relationships
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Tana Jay von Isser ASU School of Social wo.. k Application Statement of Educational and Career Goals ~~'&:1 Resume List of Clients StrengthsQuest ~~~ Spring 2015 1. Experience, background and/or relationships that have influenced your selection of social work as your professional career. What has inspired me to enter social work is the fortune of being surrounded by genuinely kind hearted, smart people who show up for the whole scene; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Social work calls me because I know what it means to have people show up on my behalf. Compassion and guidance can make difficult times more manageable. Connecting needs to relevant resources can change lives. My goal is to pay forward the advocacy, support, respect, faith, and loving awareness demonstrated in my life. I will experience an unparalleled reward in being able to make a positive difference through innovative techniques in social work. My first exposure to social work came through addiction treatment programs in which my father participated. Subsequently, from the age of 3, I attended AA and related meetings with him, then later with friends who also faced substance abuse. Through these meetings, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, I observed effective methods for treating addiction and other behavioral health issues. A huge influence on my desire to enter social work came with my first multimedia job. I got so much more than expected from my role as videographer and editor of this documentary project. Sue Day, the producer and journalist, introduced me to an aspect of macro social work that has molded my aspirations. Sue has always been a great advocate for me and ever philanthropic within many communities. She demonstrated through the strategic alliance of numerous local and international non profits, that their efforts could be amplified. She termed this activity crosspollination. I witnessed the effectiveness ofthis approach and I am intrigued to learn more about this concept and its applications. I attended Kino School for 12 years. Kino emphasized emotional intelligence and interpersonal development among faculty and students. Because of these aspects, I was able to get through the devastating loss of my best friend. The educational philosophy of Kino encourages students to study their passions. Thus, multimedia arts and philosophy occupied much of my high school studies. When I became a student at The University of Arizona (U of A), it became clear that majoring in media arts did not represent all my talents. It was difficult for me to identify my academic interests through a period of feeling lost and apathetic which led to my disqualification from the U of A. During my year away from school, I lived on my own and regained stability which allowed me to mature and organize my goals. I personally verified the power of an ecological and strengths perspective framework for positive change during this time. Upon graduating from Pima Community College, I transferred back to the U of A in Fall 2011, obtaining my Bachelor's Degree concentrating in Social Behavior and Human Understanding in My engagement and performance in school increased tremendously and resulted in a 4.0 GPA for my last full semester. 2. Your understanding of the responsibilities of the social work profession and specifically the role and responsibilities that you wish to be able to assume as a professional social worker. Salient responsibilities of the social work profession include the commitment to social justice and helping to enrich, empower, and enjoy countless individuals. Social work contributes to the enhancement of humane practices and the human capacity for growth and development. The range of roles social workers play offers me many possibilities. I have interest in both the Direct Practice and Policy, Administration, and Community (PAC) concentrations within the program. Once I am more exposed to each, I will be able to determine which complements me best. Aiding the development and dissemination of social work knowledge and skills through integrative practices is essential. Incorporating my knowledge of new technologies with social work will add to the repertoire of research. Presently, I can see myself involved with the area of addiction and recovery. An example of how technology can be utilized is by combining online learning tools (memes, wikis, flash card generators, etc.) with the 12 Step program and other materials. A project I completed in my Teaching with New Technology class addressed this idea. This project was designed for high school students to heighten awareness and prevention of substance abuse. Cyber addictions and tech etiquette were included topics. It linked up resources, employed interactive design, and offered lesson plans exploring illness and therapy through information technologies. The various forms of instruction include: video lectures, transcripts, animations, virtual discussions, graphic design, and concept mapping. The URL is available in my resume. My desire is to continue researching and synthesizing ways of reaching and serving communities in need, near and far. 3. Reasons for selecting the program at ASU School of Social Work and thoughts on how the Mission Statement addresses your career goals. ASU School of Social Work's Mission aligns beautifully with my academic and professional experiences and goals to date. Cultivating more social work knowledge and skills at ASU will enable me to employ my exposure to concerns of Southwest cultures. I appreciate how ASU recognizes the diverse channels that invoke and encompass social work. The well-rounded curriculum will strengthen my knowledge of overarching infrastructures and systems in society. The interdisciplinary and international research component of ASU is a highlight that will bolster the evolution of my multimedia program proposals. The attention to minorities and historically oppressed people is an attribute of the program that draws me considerably. It is a major plus to be able to attend classes in Tucson, my hometown. In summary, my background has led me to believe that this is the optimal program for me. ..c ~~ _.._ _......_....._..._..._ 00' i YOO Tana Jay von Isser 3991 E. La Espalda Tucson,.AZ ~,_...,...._._..,... : E- ~.. WORK EXPERIENCE TJvl Freelance Multimedia Works, Tucson,.AZ 2004-Current Productions (SW related hours TBD) Documentary Film Projects (Social Work through the Arts) Video editing, graphic design, web design & development Consulting (many SW related hours) Artists' studios: organized, archived, & developed project designs General & multimedia computing lessons for various people & purposes Aided Pillai Center educational websites creation & maintenance Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR), U of A Multimedia Consultant (160+ hours) Assisted UA students, teachers, & affiliates with multimedia computer projects Offered organizational advice, tech tools, strategies, & connected resources Provided lessons on sophisticated softwares for AV editing & web/graphic design Participated in the creation of UAtv episodes & other community outreach efforts VOLUNTEER WORK Green Star Art with The Lacey Jarrell Foundation, Tucson,.AZ (111 hours) Provided multimedia services, e.g. graphic & web design Helped with event planning, executing, and documentation Developed proposals for multifaceted youth art projects Spoke on art therapies and bereavement counseling Special Events Documentary, Producer: Sue Day, Tucson,.AZ (55 hours) Explored the role of Art in various causes, exhibitions, and organizations, including: Casas de los Ninos, Global Art Project & Coexistence, Humane Society, Nature Conservancy, Therapy Riding of Tucson (TROT), Youth On Their Own, a number of colleges, hospitals, museums, & more. The Drawing Studio, Tucson,.AZ (75 hours) Performed secretarial duties, facilitated curation of shows, & more STRENGTHS Dependable, hardworking, team player, fast learner, receptive, self-governing, mindful New technologies, troubleshooting, proactive, visionary, assumes leadership roles with ease Motivational Interviewing, communication, active listening, healthful habits, patient EDUCATION The University of Arizona Alumni: Class of 2013 Bachelor of General Studies: Concentration in Social Behavior & Human Understanding Pima Community College Associates Degree with Honorable Mention 2011 Kino School & Learning Center Alumni: Class of 2006 KEY PROJECTS & COURSES Ethereal Education: Curriculum Integration with Mindfulness (40+ hours) 2013 www. u.arizona. edu/ - tjvil Project SOAR men to ring with Funds of Knowledge (Moll, Amanti, Gonzales) Youth Physical Activity & Community Sports (Combined 38 hours) 2013 among other valuable HED, LRC, & AFAS classes Loaded: An Investigation of Addiction (32+ hours) 2012 www. 12/final.html Layers (Video piece: / (40+ hours) Additional information available upon request Jl..L.s... 1 ~ : ~ (.c--o~ ' ' 1 St:rengthsQuest Results Sununa:ry StrengthsQuest is an aptitude test grounded in Positive Psychology and the Clifton StrengthsFinder, courtesy of Gallup, Inc. These are attributes of my personality that contribute to the brands of social work I wish to engage in. The following are the five most dominant themes of talent from my assessment with paraphrased descriptions from strengths insight and signature themes reports. Futu:ristic: energizes by envisioning what the future will hold and how the world might embody the vivid landscape painted in mind. The potential for positive change is key. Relato:r: finds great satisfaction in genuinely caring relationships and in providing empathic counsel when it is requested. Thrives on being in collaborative work environments. delves deeply into a wide range of subjects; easily stays engaged when the intrigue is there, yet, pursues knowledge over outcome. Very process oriented. Ideation: reduces concepts to their basic parts and generates innovations. Creativity is a driving force, and stewardship positions empower this ideation. Loves connecting the dots! Activato:r: learns best by doing and feels most productive by diving into an endeavor. Even making mistakes means growth. Action speaks louder than words is a fitting mantra.
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