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  A comparative analysis with New Zealand, Australia and India By Tamanna Prajapati TAXATION OF INDIVIDUALS  GEOGRAPHICAL OVERVIEW   History of Income tax  Who is liable to pay tax?  Proof required for filing tax  Income tax structure- Individual & Minor  Income you must declare  Conclusion SUMMARY   NEW ZEALAND AUSTRALIA INDIA  The Income Assessment Act of 1891 introduced New Zealand’s first income tax and the principle of progression into New Zealand’s taxation system.  The top marginal rate of income tax was reduced from 66% to 33%.  Queensland introduced income tax in 1902 by the Income Tax Act of 1902.  During the 1980s, the top marginal rate of income tax was only 21%.  Income tax was introduced in 1860, abolished in 1873 and reintroduced in 1886.  Income tax levels in India were very high during 1950-1980, in 1970-71 there were 11 tax slabs with highest tax rate being 93.5%. HISTORY OF INCOME TAX
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