Test Clasa a VIII-A (Sem 2)

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  Name:Form:Date:TEST PAPER1. Read the text and circle the correct answer. (4 x 0! #. $ 1#.% Henry Matisse Henry Matisse has often been referred to as one of the great artistic masters of the 20th century. As one of thefounders of modern art, Henry Matisse is often compared to Pablo Picasso.Henry Matisse was able to work with a variety of artistic media. He was a painter, book illustrator, printmaker, stageand costume designer. oward the end of his life Matisse designed a total work of art that today can be found in the!hapel of osary at #enice. Matisse designed every detail and item.Matisse was a patient, and cautious man. His works often were the result of these $ualities, as well as longmeditations, and preliminary ones.%. Henry Matisse was a 2. &t is said that Henry Matisse was one of the founders ofA. PainterA. 'nowboarding(. Musician(. )yaking!. *ancer!. Modern Art*. 'hip (uilder *. Mining+. Matisse is often compared to other artists such as . Matisse was often described asA. -inslow HomerA. impulsive(. Picaso(. humorous!. ohn Pike !. patient*. embrant *. depressed !. &atch the words in col'mn A to the s'ixes in col'mn ) in order to orm no'ns. ( x 0!0#. $ 1#.% A )   *. +hich is the correct order o the ollowin, series o ad-ecties/ ( x 0! #. $ 1 #.% %. a/ a small !anadian thin lady2. a/ a beautiful blue sailing boat b/ a !anadian small thin lady b/ a blue beautiful sailing boat c/ a small thin !anadian lady c/ a sailing beautiful blue boat d/ a thin small !anadian lady d/ a blue sailing beautiful boat&nform 1ncourage *iffer  eact  Member  ence ion ment ship ation  +. a/ a s$uare wooden old table. a/ a red big plastic hat b/ an old s$uare wooden table b/ a big red plastic hat c/ a wooden old s$uare table c/ a plastic big red hat d/ an old wooden s$uare table d/ a big plastic red hat. a/ a small apanese serving bowl3. a/ a cotton dirty old tie b/ a apanese small serving bowl b/ a dirty cotton old tie c/ a small serving apanese bowl c/ an old cotton dirty tie d/ a serving small apanese bowl d/ a dirty old cotton tie 4. om#lete each sentence with the ri,ht tense o the er2 in 2rac3ets. se 1st onditional. (5x 0! #. $ !#.% %. &f you catch  the train early, you44444444444444444444444444445get/ there at dinnertime.2. &f they 44444444444444444444444444 5wake up/ before us, they  will call  us.+. &f he chan,es his 6ob, he44444444444444444444444444444 5have/ another timetable.. &f she 44444444444444444444444 5read/ the short story, she  will 2e  fascinated.. &f we s#ea3 several languages, we 44444444444444444444444 5have/ no problems in the congress.3. &f you 4444444444444444444444 5send/ the report today,&  will   receie  it tomorrow.7. &f it is fine tomorrow, we 4444444444444444444444444444 5go/ for a walk.8. &f you 444444444444444444 5do/ this in a short time, &  will wait  for you. . om#lete each sentence with the ri,ht tense o the er2 in 2rac3ets. se ! nd  onditional. (5x 0! #. $ !#.% %. &f &  wo3e up late, &444444444444444444444444444444 5miss/ the train.2. &f they 4444444444444444444444 5see/ a tiger, they  wo'ld   r'n  away.+. &f you s#ent  all your money, you444444444444444444444444444444 5not9have/ money to buy yourmother:s birthday present.. &f we 444444444444444444445arrive/ home late, we  wo'ldn6t ,o  to the cinema.. &f she isited ;ew <ork, she 444444444444444444444444444 5see/ the 1mpire 'tate (uilding.3. &f &  7777777777777777 ( have % her address, &  wo'ld send  her an invitation.7. &f he  had  enough money, he 444444444444444444444444444 5buy/ a new car.8. &f you 44444444444444444 5ask/ me, &  wo'ld   hel#  you. . om#lete each sentence with the ri,ht tense o the er2 in 2rac3ets. se 1st and !nd conditional(x 0! #. $ 1 #.% %. &f he listens  to the e=planation, he444444444444444444444444444 5understand/ it.2. &f she st'died  hard, she44444444444444444444444444445not9make/ so many mistakes.+. &f you ollow  my advice, you 44444444444444444444444444445be/ successful.. &f they  were stronger, they 4444444444444444444444444444 5win/ the competition.. &f you call me, &444444444444444444444444444 5be/ happy.3. &f they tho',ht a bit, they444444444444444444444444 5solve/ the problem. Nota: Se acorda 1 #. din oici'

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