The Disturbia Ritual by Lilith K. Duat & Maria DeLynn (Sample)

The Disturbia Ritual By Lilith K. Duat & Maria DeLynn This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the…
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The Disturbia Ritual By Lilith K. Duat & Maria DeLynn This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2015 by Lilith K. Duat & Maria DeLynn All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in Canada Digital Edition - First Printing, 2015 ASIN B0164KLJ90 Broken Wings Media | | Cover Photograph by Kyle Cong and used with permission. Facebook | Cover Make up by Sarah Mysynuk Facebook | Cover Model: Caelyx Facebook | Instagram Cover Illustration Copyright © 2015 by Broken Wings Media Cover design by Lilith K. Duat.Sweetness Corvus stood on the flat, pebbled roof of his apartment building. He ignored the skyline chiseled by buildings too short to be called skyscrapers and brushed his hands clean of the sunflower seed casings that lingered on his palms. It was dusk and the blackbirds would soon be going to nest. He liked to feed them at dusk, before they went to wherever blackbirds go for the night. They had come to expect him. The crows and the ravens would scavenge the seeds at his feet. Sometimes popcorn, sometimes rice, usually sunflowers. They would fill their craws and flap away, leaving dropped feathers, shit and photo opportunities in their wake. Tonight would be the last time for him, a last meal for them. Corvus stepped onto the ledge of the roof and looked out at the busy main street below. The fall would kill him. He inched a toe over, the crunch of gravel on the concrete lip whisked away by the breeze. The sun was gone now, the streetlights flickering on throughout the city, but below, the shadows would hide him. He wouldn’t see the world pass by as he fell. He exhaled cool night air and shook his head, stepping back onto the firm, flat, gravel-covered roof. He glanced at the remaining birds picking at the last few seeds they could find before they had to leave and roost for the night. He turned and went to the roof access door, shoving his hands in his pockets, and followed the stairs down to his apartment. Corvus took the SD card from his camera, slid it into his laptop and transferred the photos of the birds from one device to the other. He’d fiddle with them in the morning. He stripped and went to take a shower, spending most of it with the water spilling over his head. Turning the water off and toweling himself dry he grabbed and threw on a pair of boxers on his way to bed. He pulled back the blankets and dropped in. Maybe tomorrow would be better. He fell asleep within minutes, heedless to the fact he was being watched. <><><> The figure stepped out of the darkness, a clinking noise coming from her as she prowled across the balcony of the fire escape. As the moonlight from the window streamed in, it shone over her glossy, hard porcelain exterior. Silently she slipped into his apartment through the window. The carpet silenced her porcelain toes as she tip-toed towards Corvus as he lay curled beneath the blankets. She looked down at him, clicking her tongue. It would have been a shame, she thought, were he to have taken that leap tonight. Luckily she had a chance to make the move now, with him still here, alive. She wanted him breathing for what she had planned. She ran her cold, hard porcelain hand along his side, slowly pushing down the covers. She felt him shiver under her fingers, the skin goosing and twitching against her glassy hand. He shifted, turning to lay on his back, his hands going to his strong, naked stomach. His black hair carelessly fanned over his eyes and his cheeks as his head turned to his left and sank into the pillow. How precious, she thought, smiling at the sight. She climbed on top of him, tulle and velveteen skirts rustling and her corset top heaving against her chest. She traced her cool fingers against his cheek, her hollow porcelain thighs hugged him. Her skirt pooled around their hips as her warm, nude slit pressed against his length. She frowned as his boxers kept them chaste. The warmth of her womanhood was a drastic change from her cold limbs. He mumbled softly, shifting his head against the pillow. The corner of his mouth curved in a small smile and she briefly kissed the side of that quirked-up grin. She shifted her hips, rubbing herself against his still covered length. He mumbled again and his hands moved in his sleep. His rough hands went to her cold, glimmering white thighs, blue in the moonlight. A new sound passed his lips, one that wasn’t a moan. A word, a name. “...Ava…”She tilted her head, running a cold finger down his cheek. She didn't remember seeing a lover while watching him. Perhaps it was someone from long ago. She kissed him again, slipping her tongue between his lips as her hips moved. Her need for him dampened the front of his boxers. Corvus kissed back and lifted a sleepy hand to the rings and pleats of hair gathered atop her head. He sucked on her tongue as it passed between his lips. She slipped her hands between them, slipping his underwear down so his exposed cock pressed against her. He shifted, leaning his head back and rocking his hips just a little. He muttered again, “You’ve been away so long…” He touched her glassy hand and wrapped it around his developing erection. “You’re so cold. Like ice. Let me warm you up.” How sweet of him, she thought. A shame his little dream will be crushed when he awakes, but I’ll play along for now. Her hand stroked him as she kissed him again. "I've missed you,” she whispered. If he hadn't been dreaming, he might have detected the slight smirk that showed in her voice. His grip tightened and his eyelids fluttered. For a moment she could see a sliver of white between his long black lashes before his eyes closed again. “Stay with me. Don’t leave me again.” "I promise we'll never be apart again." She kissed him again, her smile disingenuous. He would belong to her soon, so it wouldn't be a lie. Corvus sighed and smiled. His fingers interlaced with hers as she stroked him and his hips moved on instinct, searching for her, to be within her, seeking her body’s welcome. She moved her hips forward, placing his cock at her entrance and removed their hands from his member, and placed his on her hip. She slowly slid down along his length, feeling every bit of him inside her and let out a moan as her hips began to rock. His hand slid down her hair, and he twisted a ringlet of it around his finger before giving it a little tug. He arched under her and was drawn deeper inside her. The muscles on his face tightened and his steady sleeping breath quickened its rhythm as they moved against each other. Her hands rested on his chest as she bounced her hips on top of him, meeting the rhythm of his thrusts. She leaned down to nip his lower lip as a moan escaped her. “Ava,” he moaned again. Once more his eyelids fluttered, but this time they opened, and he saw her. He saw her sugar skull face, painted in black, white and deep reds, her elaborate, ornate updo with wilted flowers and feathered wings and a tiny, brittle baby bird skull. Her body dainty, unnaturally thin. The moonlight made her body silver-blue and her limbs shone like chinese porcelain. Corvus froze. "Hello, sleepy head," she cooed, smirking down at him. "I was wondering when you'd finally wake up." She traced his jaw with a cool finger, her hips moving against him still. His eyes widened and he grunted. Something in his senses snapped to life and he grabbed her. He turned and pinned her to the mattress with her delicate porcelain wrists held above her head. The dainty wrists clinked together with the sound of expensive teacups each time they touched. “Who are you?” Corvus demanded. “How did you get in here?” "You left the window open," she purred out. "You should be more careful, birds might find their way in." He flicked a glance to the bird skull in her hair and then back to her eyes, staring into them with an intense but curious gaze. She wrapped her porcelain legs around his hips pushing her hips up against his, not letting his member escape her depths. He gasped and leaned his head back, his sinewy muscles tightening as he realized he was buried inside her. It had been too long since he had gotten laid and it affected him bittersweetly. She rolled her hips under him, her muscles tugging and massaging his length, gentle, teasing.Her lips brushed against neck as she moved beneath him. "You like this, I can tell. Don't fight it," she whispered as her lips brushed against his ear now. He bristled and his shoulders curled in, but his hips met her every movement. He wanted to close his eyes but her painted, sugary face demanded to be admired. A living calavera, sugar skull, soft like flesh, but corpse-cold, with sugar kisses and tattoos of flowers and weeds and cobwebs. She placed her lips to his, and he could taste her subtle, candy-like sweetness that complemented her appearance. When her eyes closed, it was like looking into empty sockets, nothing but pure darkness. He bucked his hips strong against her, and her china-doll ankles clinked together again. His sweat made her thighs glide against his skin. He had no words anymore, and he didn’t want to admit that he liked this far more than he should. Her wrists still pinned with his hand, his other hand touched her body, to see if there was any flesh instead of bone china. Her breasts were flesh, he could tell by the way they jiggled in her corset as he bucked into her. His hips touched hot skin every time they met her, her cheeks, though sunken, moved the way skin was meant to move. Her neck was long and looked soft, her collarbone a gentle carving across her chest. He traced that smooth skin around her body feeling it end as it reached her shoulders. Such strange anatomy caused Corvus pause. She used his distraction to flip and mount him. His back hit the mattress hard, the back of his head smashed against the headboard and her cold hands pressed into his shoulders as she moved like a master warrior, riding a prized steed to victory. Her mouth parted as she moaned, moving harder, risking her limbs breaking just to savor this pleasure. Corvus saw sparks in his eyes like flashbulbs and his head buzzed. He was both floating and suffocating as her body pounded atop his, demanding from it all he had inside. His consciousness bobbed precariously on an ocean of pain and pleasure and dizziness. He closed his eyes, possibly blacked out, then opened them again to stare up again at her shimmering, pale skull face. “Why?” he whispered with slurred, lazy infliction. “Why are you doing this to me?” Her lips touched his earlobe as she whispered, "because I need you.” “Why?” The question was cut off as he gasped, his body yearning for her while his mind struggled to be sensible. "You'll see soon enough," she silenced him with a kiss; she was done talking. She ground herself against him, breaking the kiss and moaning loudly as she rocked her hips harder. Her knees squeezed against his ribs and Corvus heard a soft cracking noise as a spiderweb of small cracks appeared on her knees from the pressure. He moaned, his head rolling from side to side on his pillow. “No…” He murmured. “Why? What’s happening?” Was he dreaming? Did the knock on the headboard make him delirious? He was panting, heaving, and his skin prickled and perspired. His nerves were hyper-keen and her weight on his hips was uncomfortable. Her cool fingers slipped between her thighs as she moved, toying with her clit. She let out a cry, her body shuddering as she found her release. She leaned down and kissed him again. Her hand, wet with her own juices, went to her blood red hair and pulled out a long sewing needle that had been hidden in her locks. "Soon you will know why," she leaned down to kiss him for a final time as she pierced the skin of his neck with the needle. She sat back, watching his eyelids begin to droop as he already began to feel drowsy. “Wait, what is that?” His voice cracked and his red eyes were wide as they took in the needle, following it as she placed in back in her hair. His cock softened inside her, unfulfilled as he let out a whimper with his vision attempting to focus on the darkening silver light of the moon while a buzzing filled his ears. <><><> Wind, cold and wild, was blazing across his cheeks. It smelled like burnt flesh locked in a musty,neglected attic. He felt hard ground under his feet and the hug of his leather pants around his legs. He opened his eyes and stared out into an bizzare city. A crimson sky, the colour of filthy red silk loomed oppressively far out to the horizon, past the vanishing point of the world. The black and gray city-scape was not his own. It was unfamiliar, and twisted and gnarled as arthritic fingers. There was a smog below the roof line, a cloudy, weightless sea of choking grey-green. When Corvus looked down, it was all he could see. He looked ahead of him and saw a mansion. It boasted absurdly high towers, each lined with gargoyle rain-spouts. The Bone China Ballerina stood on a gargoyle, the stinking air whipping her red up-do around her face, tendrils of hair writhing like octopus arms around a sunken pirate skull. She looked down at him from the gargoyle, across the thick, dead air that separated them. "Do you still wish to jump?" The screaming wind did nothing to muffle her voice. It was as if they were mere feet from one another. She stepped from the gargoyle’s extended neck onto its twisted horned head, her porcelain toes making a sharp clicking noise against the old stone as she did. “I want to be with my wife.” His voice was level. She smirked. "Then I will make a deal with you. You do as I tell you and I will get you the chance to see her again." “You don’t have the power to bring back the dead.” He was fairly certain of that. “So, what, you’re gonna kill me?” She laughed musically. "Not at all. But this is where the dead with unfinished business lay. When you do as I ask, I will find her for you." His brow furrowed. “The dead? Where am I?” He turned and looked around, getting a full panoramic view of the city. He looked down and saw that he was standing on his own apartment building’s roof, among the gravel and black feathers and bird shit. “How did I get here? Did I jump?” “No. I poisoned you. You'd have gone straight to hell if you had jumped, no chance of seeing your wife then." He lowered his head. “I know. It’s the only reason I didn’t do it.” He looked at her again. “Why did you poison me? Why me?”We hope you have enjoyed this preview of The Disturbia Ritual. Please consider purchasing the full novella at Broken Wings Media or adding it on GoodReads.
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