The History and Philosophy of Astronomy Lecture 14: Newton. Presentation

Volker Bromm. University of Texas at Austin. Isaac Newton: Founding Father of Physics. Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis. invented calculus. Newton: Timeline and Context. Geography of his Life. 1642: Birth in Woolsthorpe. The English Civil War. Execution of the King. The Restoration. London Coffee-House Culture. The Royal Society of London. Philosophical Transactions. first scientific journal. Newton enters Cambridge University. Newton admitted to Trinity College. Student in Cambridge. Principia Philosophiae. No vacuum, no atoms! Force by direct contact. The Great Plague. The Great Fire of London. Christopher Wren: England’s Greatest Architect. Wren: Rebuilding London. Newton during Plague Year: Annus Mirabilis. Nature of Light. Universal Gravity. Annus Mirabilis I: Calculus. Annus Mirabilis II: Optics. Annus Mirabilis III: Universal Gravity. En Route to the Principia. Newton’s Principia (1687). Basic Laws: Scholium: Absolute Space and Time, Passive stage for all motion, Law of inertia, State of rest and uniform motion are equivalent, Force = Counter-force, Gravity is universal and follows inverse-square law. Principia Book 2: Demolish Descartes. Principia Book 3: New System of the World. Halley’s Comet. Next return scheduled for 2061! The Infinite Universe: Letters to Bentley (1692-93). Journey’s End: Death in 1727. Newton: The Legend.
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  The History and Philosophyof Astronomy (Lecture 14: Newton) Instructor: Volker BrommTA: Jarrett JohnsonThe University of Texas at Austin Astronomy 350L (Fall 2006)  Isaac Newton: Founding Father of Physics ã1642 (Woolsthorpe)  –1727 (London) ã Principia  Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis  (“Mathematical Principles ofNatural Philosophy”, 1687)-universal gravity(inverse-square law)-three laws of motion ãinvented calculus(differentiation and integration)  Newton: Timeline and Context ãbuilding upon Galileo, Kepler, and Descartesãcompletes Copernican Revolution! Descartes  Newton: Geography of his Life N D
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