The History and Philosophy of Astronomy Lecture 15: Enlightenment: Kant, Herschel. Presentation

Volker Bromm. University of Texas at Austin. Timeline: The Enlightenment Period. Enlightenment Philosophy. Immanuel Kant. Critique of Pure Reason. Theory of the Heavens. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Political Upheaval: American Revolution. Political Upheaval: French Revolution. Economical Upheaval: Industrial Revolution. The Birth of Chemistry. Big Q: Architecture of Stellar System? Newton’s A: Static, infinite Universe! But what about “Milky Way” band of stars? But what about “nebulous patches” of stars? Hunting for Stellar Motions. Serendipity: Bradley’s Discovery of Aberration. Bradley’s Proof for Earth’s Motion. Aberration of Light. Incontrovertible proof for Earth’s revolution around Sun (Copernicus was right!) Serendipity: Bradley’s Discovery of Aberration. How are Stars distributed in infinite Space? Explaining the Milky Way! Wright Explains the Milky Way! Kant Postulates Disc-like Milky Way! Kant’s Cosmogony: Formation of disc-like systems! Kant’s Hierarchy of Worlds. The Fractal Geometry of Nature. Herschel: From Musician to Astronomer. Herschel: Greatest Telescope-builder of the Age. Herschel: Discovery of Uranus (1781). Herschel: Mapping the Milky Way. Shape of Milky Way Galaxy. Herschel: Discovery of Infrared Radiation (1800). Great Task Ahead: What are the Stars?
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  The History and Philosophyof Astronomy (Lecture 15: Enlightenment:Kant/Herschel) Instructor: Volker BrommTA: Jarrett JohnsonThe University of Texas at Austin Astronomy 350L (Fall 2006)  Timeline: The Enlightenment Period  Question:What is Enlightenment???  Enlightenment Philosophy ãImmanuel Kant (1724-1804)ã Critique of Pure Reason  (1781): -Big Q: What can we know? ã Theory of the Heavens  (1755): -“Island Universes”(galaxies)
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