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The History of Comfort Women in Korea

this paper explain about the timeline of comfort women issue in Korea, a protest movement called wednesday demonstration is still held until today.
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   The History Korean Comfort Women Aiesec Over Her Tears Project 2014, Seou, !e"# Korea Comfort women  were women and girls forced into a  prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan during World War II. The name "comfort women" is a translation of a Japanese name ianfu  ( 慰安婦 ).  Ianfu  is a euphemism for  shōfu  ( 娼婦 ) whose meaning is"prostitute" 1 uring World War II! the h#wa regime implemented in $orea! a prostitution systemsimilar to the one established in other parts of the %reater East &sia 'orosperityphere. $orean agents! $orean $empeitai (military police) and military au*iliaries were in+ol+ed in the procurement and organi,ation of comfort women! and made use of their ser+ices - . 'hongsong a found that "$oreans under Japanese rule became fullyacculturated as main actors in the licensed prostitution system that was transplanted intheir country by the colonial state / ". History of the issue The &llied 0orces captured "comfort women" as well as Japanese soldiers! and issued areport on them. In 122! a 3nited tates &rmy interrogator reported that "a 4comfort girl4is nothing more than a prostitute or 4professional camp follower4 attached to the Japanese&rmy for the benefit of the soldiers." The report continues! "They li+ed well becausetheir food and material was not hea+ily rationed and they had plenty of money withwhich to purchase desired articles. They were able to buy cloth! shoes! cigarettes! andcosmetics ... While in 5urma they amused themsel+es by participating in sports e+entswith both officers and men! and attended picnics! entertainments! and social dinners.They had a phonograph and in the towns they were allowed to go shopping. 2 " In outh$orea! during and after the $orean War ! separate "comfort stations" were maintained for  1 $ujio%a, &o'u%atsu (1))*+# 污辱の近現代史  : いま、克服のとき     Attainder of modern history  - (in .a"anese+# To%uma Shoten# "# /)#  慰安婦は戦地で外征軍を相手とする娼婦を指す用語  (  婉曲用語   ) だっ!   ( Ianfu  as a eu"hemism for the "rostitutes ho serve for the .a"anese e3"eitionary forces outsie .a"an+2 roo%, Tim # Coa'oration5 .a"anese A6ents an 7oca 8ites in Wartime China (Cam'ri6e, 9ass#5 Harvar :niversity Press, 200;+, ""# 1<1/, 240<4=/ Chon6<son6, Pa%# >Koo% %a maech>un Poer an "rostitution-> Seou5 ?n>6ansaran6, 1))*#  3673.. and outh $orean soldiers. The women were called "Western princesses" aswell as "comfort women" ( wianbu ).There was no discussion of the comfort women issue when the last stations were closedafter the $orean War. It did not enter into discussions when diplomatic relations betweenJapan and outh $orea were restored in 189.In 1:/ a man named $aou enda wrote a boo about the comfort women system butfocused on Japanese participants. ;is boo has been widely critici,ed as distorting thefacts by both Japanese and $orean historians. This was the first postwar mention of thecomfort women system and became an important source for 1<s acti+ism on the issue. In 1:2 a outh $orea film studio made an adult film called Chonggun Wianbu !"Women4s =olunteer 'orps"! featuring comfort women and Japanese soldiers. The first boo written by a $orean on the sub>ect of comfort women appeared in 1?1. It was a plagiarism of a 1:8 Japanese boo by the ,ainichi author $im Il@yeon. In 1?! the testimony of ei>i Aoshida was translated into $orean. ;is boo wasdebuned as fraudulent by both Japanese and $orean >ournalists! but after its publication!a number of people came forward attesting to idnapping by Japanese soldiers. In 18!Aoshida finally admitted his memoir was fictional.0ollowing multiple testimonies the $ono tatement of 1/ was issued claiming thatcoercion was in+ol+ed. ;owe+er! in -<<:! the Japanese go+ernment made a cabinetdecision! "6o e+idence was found that the Japanese army or the military officials sei,edthe women by force.  The Timeine of ComfortWomen@s History ; 1)/2 In 1/-! the first comfort station wasestablished in hanghai! 'hina. It wasthe beginning of the tragedy. 4 :#S# e"artment of War# !e"ort &o# 4)5 .a"anese Prisoners of War ?nterro6ation on Prostitution; htt"5BB%orea#"r%orea#comBor"ressBen6ishB2012B10B2*B6enera<timeine<of<the<ja"anese<miitary<comfort<omen<systemB  1)/ &fter the 6an>ing (6aning) @assacre in 1/:!the comfort women system was institutionali,ed. 1)/<1)4; &n estimated -<< thousand women from different countries of &sia were forced into military se*ual sla+ery between 1/1 and 129. 1)4; In 129! Japan surrendered and $orea reco+ered itsso+ereignty.  1)4;< 1))1 Tragically! these +ictims remained silent about their e*periences for o+er 2< years untilthe early 1<s. They were too ashamed because they had been taught by traditional$orean culture to protect their +irginity under any circumstances. Those who lost their +irginity were often stigmati,ed as impure and unworthy of marriage. While the sur+i+orswere too afraid to come forward! this horrific crime was almost lost to history. 1))1, Au6ust 0inally in 11! the comfort womenissue came to light after a former $oreancomfort woman! $im ;aun! ga+e a public testimony of her e*periences. &sthe Japanese go+ernment was maing aseries of false claims and lies about thecomfort women! she decided to becomethe first to testify in public. ;er testimony was the following. BTherewere fi+e $orean women. I was the youngest and the oldest was --. We were called byJapanese names! and my name was &io. &round /<< soldiers could tae a brea fromduty once e+ery three days. Each woman had to ser+e an a+erage of three to four soldierson regular days! and se+en to eight soldiers after battles.C ;er testimony shoced the$orean people! and the public finally started acnowledging the comfort women issue.&fter her testimony! many other +ictims started to testify. uch testimonies put enough pressure on the Japanese go+ernment to in+estigate the military comfort women system.  11! ecember $im ;aun and two other +ictims filed a lawsuit againstthe Japanese go+ernment.This lawsuit broughtinternational attention to thecomfort women issue.1-$im ;aunDs testimonywas deli+ered to &sia and &ustralia through the media. & utch sur+i+or! Jan uff FD;erne was inspired by $imDs courage! and decided to come forward to testify. JanDstestimony shoced the European people! who had percei+ed the comfort women as anissue only for &sian women. 1))2, .anuary uring the +isit of Japanese rime @inister to $orea!former Bcomfort womenC held a protest demandingan official apology. The protest has continued sincethen. We call it the BWednesday rotest.C 0or -<years from 1- to the present! this protest has beenheld e+ery Wednesday in front of the Japaneseembassy. 1))2, .uy The Japanese go+ernment released the first report onthe comfort women issue. It admitted thein+ol+ement of the Japanese military in organi,ingthe comfort stations. ;owe+er! it denied the use of coercion during recruitment! and refused to tae legalresponsibility.
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